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Defender - Reindeer Games

rated 2.56 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Fixed

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Feb 22, 2009 | 7:13 PM EST

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===== Controls =====

Single Player:

Aim = Mouse
Shoot = Left Mouse Click
Show Health = Space Bar


P1 Aim = A and S
P1 Shoot = D
P1 Show Health = W

P2 Aim = LEFT and DOWN
P2 Shoot = RIGHT
P2 Show Health = UP

Base Show Health = Space Bar

===== Objective =====

Use your turret (single player), or turrets (multiplayer) to defend your military operations base as long as you can.

===== Gameplay =====

If you can keep your accuracy above 65% in single player or 75% in multiplayer, your operations base will research upgrades for your turrets. Each research will increase the respective ability by 10%. Upgrades include:
- Faster Aiming (multiplayer only)
- Faster Reload
- Faster Moving Missiles
- Larger Missiles
- Slower Enemies
- Less Accurate Enemies

The game is over once all turrets, OR the operations base die. The operations base, however, takes much less damage from enemies than the turrets do - letting an occasional hit through isn't always that bad.

===== Scoring and Options =====

Highscores are recorded in both single and multiplayer, but only if you are playing on normal difficulty. By default, the game will launch in normal difficulty mode. If you would like to change the difficulty settings, check out the options page.

===== Author =====

Music, sounds, art, and scripting are all created and copyrighted (2009) by Jordan B. Brown and

===== Update =====

Default reload is now faster, missiles are larger, enemies are larger, aim line not displayed in single player (was causing confusion), along with other misc. fixes.

FIXED: Glitch in multiplayer that made it impossible to aim with the keyboard if your life dropped below 80% (was a typo)



Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is very fun! 10/10 up 2 hours without dying make awesomer games nice game peace


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

not really fun

this was just not enjoyable
sound glitches as in skips randomly
also the graphics don't really match
how are you supposed to hit anything
if you follow the aim point you will miss everytime, you just have to kinda guess
then you have to watch as the rocks hit your base while you wait for the slowest reload of all time

JordanBrown responds:

I'm going to fix the reload time a bit, I do agree that it is a tad too slow by default. In terms of the sound skipping, can you give an example? I haven't found any problems with that, I'd like to fix it if there is one though :S. In terms of hitting, the rockets are affected by gravity, the aim line was originally intended for multiplayer so you can see where you are aiming when using the keyboard. I'm going to remove the aiming line from single player because it seems to be more cumbersome than helpful. Thanks for the input!


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Looks good. Plays bad.

Fires WAY too slow. And what's the point of the red firing line if the shells don't follow it? They curve off in gravity. Range is too low as well.

JordanBrown responds:

I'll lower the default reload time to help a bit. About the aiming line, that is mainly helpful in multiplayer when aiming with the keyboard, I never thought about disabling it in single player - it'll probably be better if I do, thanks! As for range, it starts that way because as your base "researches" upgrades, your missiles gain speed - if they started will full range, increasing the speed wouldn't have much effect.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's okay

I do like the graphics, all dark looking. The gameplay wasn't so great. First off, you rate of fire is way too low/slow. Hitting the... rocks, or asteroids were way too hard, lining it up like that was just, mostly luck. Maybe an upgrading system could make this better, maybe some music. I do like the addition of two player though. Overall, not bad.

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JordanBrown responds:

Thanks for the feedback :).

About the upgrading system, there is one in place - if you keep your accuracy above 65%, your base "researches" upgrades that increase stats like reload time, missile speed/size, etc. Would it be better if I made obtaining upgrades easier? I do have to say that I don't find hitting is too hard (could be because I made the game though...), I'll just up the size of the bombs/missiles a bit.

Thanks again!