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Something Intergalactica

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Author Comments

Had a reading break last week, decided to put it to use, and so I present the first thing I've ever published to the web -

Something Intergalactica
Play as the legendary space-traveller Zirconius and fight the endless onslaught of Vipers in this fast-paced arcade-style action game.

Hope you guys enjoy!


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Good game, needs polish

First, change the gun so as to be effective; say, like the enemy guns...at the moment we're comparing muskets to M-14s in effectiveness.
Also, either go all the way with the slide (no air, no friction; we're in space) or remove it; as it is, turning the ship and firing the engine results in an instant reversal of direction, however if reality were in place, this would be the equivalent of sticking and engine on each side of the space-craft and firing both at the same time.

This is a great, if slightly underrated, game that comes close to simulating reality; close enough that people expect reality, but far enough away that they are disapointed. To improve it to a great game (no longer mediocre) either move it closer to reality, or move it away from reality, I would be overjoyed to see a sequel to this game.


this game blows chunks all over the place.. the control over your ship is horrible, why the fuck would the engine stall almost all the fucking time, and whats the point of shooting forward if your enemies are ALWAYS behind you.. seriously this game is useless i give it a 3 for being a time killer


I found this game fairly entertaining despite the fact that i had absolutely NO idea what was going on at any point whatsoever.

Not bad

I did like it, but I didn't like the control. The turning was bad, your ship slided all over, and your gun was horrendously bad. It didn't even shoot rapid fire, just a burst of shots. This made it very hard to kill enemy ships. Everything else works, I like how it looks, is setup, graphics, etc. And, it has somewhat of a backstory. So yeah, it was pretty good, but needs some slight improvements.


it was fun but i seemed to get most of my point from enemy suicide which i didnt quite understand or i killed them by bashing into them i dont think i managed to shoot anything i dont even know if i was shooting but it was fun and the music was annoying as hell XD

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2009
7:11 PM EST