Gravity Ball

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Kind of like breakout or arkanoid except with gravity. Hit the bricks with the ball and remember there is gravity. You can get used to the gravity in our little pre-loader game.

use the mouse to control the paddle.
there are lots of power-ups catch them with the paddle on their way down.
Read the instructions and leave feedback
Have fun.

Oh, and if you beat it, please tell us in a review, we want to know how many people beat it. Thanks
Update: We made the ball a little bigger. We are glad that you are leaving feedback.

Update: Made the power-ups a little bigger. We also lowered the roof. Thanks for the feedback.

Wow, we got on The Games Section, cool. Thanks for your votes and such. With this much positive feedback we will probably make a Gravity Ball 2.

NOTE: If you have a 900mhz or less computer this game may run slow, please do not vote bad because of the speed of the game, we made it as smooth as we could. UPDATE!! Gravity Ball 2 runs much better, so if this doesn't run well, play 2!

Gravity Ball 2 is out! Go check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=64783



Easy 2 play,easy 2 master

My ball...

kept bouncing between the top and a grey piece and just kept bouncing there! I never got to hit it again, i even let it bounce for 35 min and still didnt come out of place... otherwise its a good game.


good fun game but it dosent come close to being as cool as archanoid, also the mouse looses control over te paddle when it drifts off the window which was kinda a pain in the ass

Not Bad

Too easy though, beat it in bout 5 minutes

Interesting concept, but kind of boring.

It's not that bad of a game, but it's a little boring to play and gets very repetitive. It is like breakout, but with a twist that makes it unique from other breakout style games.

Powerups make this game somewhat interesting to play, but the lack of variety doesn't impress me. Stellar backdrops look pretty good, other than that, the game visually lacks a lot.

I don't like this game too much, however, I will give the second one a try!

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3.50 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2002
5:54 PM EST
Skill - Other