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(platform scrolling).

Description of the game: it is necessary to collect all stars, avoiding meeting
the bad-mannered rats and red, falling frogs. Meetings with the last ones spoil Collector's mood and reduce his chances to collect all stars. To improve the mood "eat" the power capsules.

Control: arrows «left»/«right» - movements;
arrow «up» - jump;
key «Space» - magic words transforming bad-behaved rats into birds;
key «Ctrl» - a magic umbrella protecting from red, falling frogs.

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It's a beautifull game, but fon't have many things to do and to catch star you have to put the center of the player to catch !

Gameplay falls short of visual quality.

I adore the look to this flash -- very clean and appealing. The colors are great. For some reason, I am reminded of clowns and carnivals, but this is far less creepy.

If this were a picture and nothing else, I would have thoroughly enjoyed it, but unfortunately the gameplay detracts from the quality of the flash. It gets old fast. At some points it was a little laggy. I do like the way you introduced the controls and features of the game, however. Instead of telling, you SHOWED it to us.

Like somebody else said... The visuals deserve a more fulfilling and fun playing experience to go along with it. Good job though. :)

Enthralling Background, Surreal Visuals

If "surreal" was what you were going for, you absolutely nailed it.

It's beautiful and vaguely disturbing at the same time - I found myself playing just to see what came by next.

That said, the gameplay itself became a bit monotonous. I think it might work better as a game if you included some puzzle elements - which you could do while sticking with the whacked out, surreal theme.

Unique look.

Unfortunately the graphics are all that is interesting about this game. The gameplay is ultra-simple and boring, plus the animation is very laggy. The somehow original art (I am not sure if I like it, but it is different and therefore a positive point) would have deserverd a better game!

What a nice little game :)

Really nice. I enjoyed it.

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2009
4:29 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other