Jump N Bump 3D (improved)

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For all people who already played our first upload:

Thanks to all of you for the great feedback! We took this very seriously and here are the improvements:

- You can now change the PERSPECTIVE (field of view) with a camera button (or directly with your mouse in the "Mouse-Mode")!!!

- Stars have shadows (when their above a platform)

- You can skip the "ohh-noooo"-scene with space (or mouse button in the "Mouse-Mode") ;)

It was a big effort but we really hope the game is now easier for you to play! Peace :)

This is the 3D version of the popular 2D arcade game Jump N Bump. Jump from platform to platform, use bumpers to jump higher or use wings to float in order to get all the stars and yourself to the target platform!

Instructions in the game, but anyway...

...There are two modes:

Classic mode:
- Arrows to move
- Space to jump
- Hold X to float
- (drag the camera button to change the perspective)

Mouse mode (de/activate with mouse symbol):
- Move mouse to change the perspective
- WASD to move
- Click mouse button to jump
- Hold space to float (!)

Have Fun!!!

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I was quite impressed by the graphics on this game. My only complaint was that it was pretty difficult. I usually had to click and then go forward. I guess it's kind of hard to do with a laptop. The sound effects are nice and cartoonish. The perspective was sometimes off.

It was hard to tell where I was going. Most of the time, I had to trust my instincts. Yep, that's what this game taught me. I'm glad to have come by it. It isn't quite good enough to really want to keep on playing a lot, though.

I m just Wondering How
I can see it 2d but its 3d
Another awesomely cool game

i love this game besides when i die the oh no! got annoying after a litte bit thats why i gave you a 3.5


would be better if u tied in with meet n fuck... j/k! good game

Nice, but...

At the moving platform stage i can't reach a star. The one paralel to the start platform. How can I reach it?

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3.56 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2009
12:31 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop