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Feb 22, 2009 | 3:28 AM EST

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Author Comments

This was a project for uni in which we were supposed to create an idea for an exhibition to go in the Design Museum in London. The only guidelines were that it had to be about the typeface Helvetica (I know, exciting stuff right? =P ). If you have ever been to the Design Museum, you'll know there is a large glass show case outside the front of the building. My idea was for a type 'mirror', which would reflect people walking past, and generate a type based image of them, which they could then collect a copy of inside the museum (and hopefully stick around for other exhibits).

The animation is a bit crude, as I left it to the last minute and completed it within about 2 hours, from conception & planning to finish.

To see a more detailed example of a 'typefaced' person, check out the poster I created for the event:

http://cheeseycom.deviant 402072

(note: remove any spaces in the address, I'm not sure what newgrounds is doing to them but it doesn't post properly)



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great Job

It may be short, but it has a great concept. As said before, could have had some sound or music, but that couldn't be help due to your deadline. But overall, I'm amazed now at what you can do with the roman alphabet. So maybe in a future have one a bit longer, some more detail, and add a soundtrack, and it'll be the best. Though as said, it's at least great the way it is. 9/10 5/5

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


however I would like to see an interactive version, though nearly impossible, of it. So I could upload a picture and then it would transfer it to text based. But I know that is nigh on impossible. Ok afrter my ideas I would liek to criticize. 1 it had no music, it let it down (Even if you had little time a simple track would have been ok). 2 it was very short. however 3 it was a great concept and you enjoy making concepts I can tell by looking at your other games/movies (as you can tell).
3/5 6/10


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Cheeseycom responds:

Hehe I'd like to see a real one too.. but that would be waaaay beyond my capabilities. Perhaps someday, in the far future..
You make some good points in your criticism. If I'd had more time, I think I might have added some kind of soundtrack, but I really couldn't stop to add frills. I had a lot of deadlines at the time.
I think you're right, I do enjoy concepts.. not so keen on making the actual products though. Maybe I should do a collab with someone who's a little more hard working than me, and just needs a muse ^^


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ummmmmm, I don't mean to sound to stupid, but.....

what the hell was that supposed to be about?
That person looked nothing like me, and all I did was click a button.
in other words, REALLLY BORING.

Cheeseycom responds:

Umm.. You didn't mean to sound stupid.. but you kinda did.
Did you really think this was interactive? It's not.
It's just a short demo I did for a project. It's just an idea, it's not meant to be particularly entertaining, just slightly intellectually interesting.
I explained what it was for in the authors comments.. try reading, it'll make you smarter.. hopefully enough to tell a movie apart from an interactive flash.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

At first.

I thought it was awfully simple. I dont know how to express it, but I wouldn't really want to take that print home. It just seemed that matching letters to the shapes darker than some arbitrary threshold in the reflection wouldn't that difficult, programming-wise, nor is the outcome all that graphically interesting.
But then I thought about the execution and the limitations. Given the constraints, it's interesting to see where your mind went with it. It's creative and playful. And the physical execution would in fact take hours upon hours. You'd need some kinda light sensitive medium (maybe just a camera behind the glass, if there were an outline showing where to stand). It'd need face recognition unless it used typeface to emulate every shadow. You might have to have the threshold change over time as the day progressed and shade was thrown across the window. Finally, you'd need to integrate an LCD into the window. Making all of that and giving it the same simple transparent feel as the current window would be....hard. So mad props.

Oh and the animation is frickin awesome for 2 hours of work. WTF!

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Cheeseycom responds:

First of all, thank you for your response =]
Secondly, i acknowledge that it was simple and perhaps didn't communicate the full scope of the idea. The guy shown didn't generate a very appealing image, but it was all I could come up with at the time. I envisioned this project as generating much more complex images, based on more than just the light/dark differences in an image. The idea (not really shown here) would have involved external cameras and projectors designed to display images on glass. I've seen it done, but the execution would have been extremely difficult.

Something I forgot to mention is that the intention of the project was to generate interest for the typeface Helvetica in the general public, not an easy thing to do. I was given free range to do whatever I wanted though, so I ran with it =]


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice work

I would suggest the addition of sound though, but be sure to choose something mellow and fitting, but not too elevatory, I think you did a great job of this and although, you self describe the animation as crude I would disagree, although, the drawing quality is simple, it's effective form a design standpoint, which is what's important here, and drawings aside, the animation itself has rather high quality, so don't knock yourself too much, you did a fine job of it.

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Cheeseycom responds:

You're absolutely right, some sort of sound would definitely have made it more interesting. Unfortunately I left this project far too late and hunting for appropriate sounds/music wasn't really an option.
Thank you for your positive review =]