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you are the square. don't let the other shapes kill you. UPDATE: fixed the sound error. it's been a while, but better late than never right?

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Could use a little improvement.

Firstly,i think you should put a background on it.this will make it look alot better.secondly,the music loops over each time you die and press play.and thirdly,the idea isn't to original.i have played lots of games like this.so you should add some things like power-ups.


flsh responds:

thanks for the review, Avoidence 2 addressed many of the problems you have with this. thanks a lot!

Needed improvement

Well the idea wasn't too original.
And the design kind of sucked.
And the music was a bit monotonous.
You tired though.
And that's good.

flsh responds:

i added a lot of features in Avoidence 2. i hope you like that one better! thanks for the review.

i am sry.

your song, going to repeat, for a game over.
If u lose 3 times, the song drives you crazy

flsh responds:

i fixed the song issue and added levels in Avoidence 2. thanks for the comments.


Okay, thoughts:
I like the idea, very nice straight forward concept handled very well.
As Corky said, the Graphics were still pretty dull, and something around the background would have been nice, the shapes could have been of a better quality, turn them into something else perhaps.

I love the game itself, I just dont like the speed at which the shapes ar eon the screen straight away, maybe include them gradually so it would be alot more smoother for the player to follow the game, rther than being caught by those horrid green homing circles that catch you too easily, and sometimes you end up trapped in.
Just add the different speed sof the circles in smoothly and you'll have nicer gameplay.

Also, would it be possible to add levels in to it? so as the differculty and speed of the balls increase so does the amount of points you get each round, you get a certain ammount of points for a certain amount of time kept alive for example.

Overal, it's a tasty game, and if you make some of the improvements that a lot of people have given you to think about, then I can see this being a tremendous game!

Could be much better.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The Good Points - I thought the hit detection was rather good. There wasn't any time where I got hit when I didn't think I should have got hit. So good job on that.

The Bad Points - The graphics were kind of just plain and boring. I wouldn't have minded some nice backgrounds and better colors to make the game easier on the eyes.

~ Story/Content ~

The Good Points - The difficulty was pretty good. You almost had it perfect where it wasn't really too hard, but it wasn't too easy either. (almost)

The Bad Points - It's not very fun or exciting just to have one plain level like this where you don't have much to choose from or you don't have much content. Just the same old same old. Very unoriginal.

~ Things To Make It Better ~

Levels - I rather see a game like this with levels so you have a certain amount of points you need to gather before the level is over and you can go to the next level.

Upgrades - Both in between levels and during levels would be nice. You could have things such as:

1) Shields - Where you can take a couple of hits from the enemy before you can die. You can have these to buy between levels in a store and/or have random ones pop up during the game.

2) Invisibility - Make it so this only lasts for a certain amount of time, but while it's lasting the circles that follow you will just stop for awhile. Have this primarily pop up randomly during the level.

3) Slow Down - This can make it so the circles are slow for a small amount of time. Only have something like this during the level.

4) Invisibility - Make it so that for a short amount of time no matter what you run into you won't die.

Money system - Of course with a store you would have some sort of money system. This could be done by having random "money" pop up during the level that you could collect if you passed over it.

~ Audio ~

The Good Points - The song was a decent choice and was a good choice for a game that was fast pace with action.

The Bad Points - The only thing I can think of is how it replayed every time that you tried the game again. It would be much better if you took something like this and fixed it, which I noticed you said you did in number 2.

If you added levels and stores - You could add audio for the different levels of the game so you could have a variety of music for the players. Also, a nice relaxing song during the store so people could calm down after the stressful level.

~ Overall ~

It really does need a lot of things to make it better. Perhaps the stuff that I recommended would be too hard for you to program, but without things like this it's just your every day avoid game, which there already is 1,000's of them here. If your going to make one and want to get a good score/rating then you have to do something to make them original in some way.

I hope that my review gave you some ideas on how to make the game better in the future. Good luck and keep working.

flsh responds:

thanks a lot for the review, very constructive. i actually did a few of the things you mentioned in the next game, and i think i'll add some of the things you're talking about in the third one. i'm taking a break from this particular genre at this point, but i'm going to make a better one sometime in the future. great review, very helpful, thanks.

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2.25 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2009
7:32 PM EST
Skill - Avoid