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Clifton never does his homework. Will he pass the class?

This animation was inspired by my two friends in high school. It had been an inside joke that never got old. So I've taken the time (2 days) to make this joke come to life. It may not be funny to most of you but thanks for watching.

He never brings in his homework
He's Clifton
The kid never brings his folder in
He's Clifton
The kid that never does his homework
He's Clifton
The kid never brings his folder in
He's Clifton

aw man

Runtime 2:23

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Hell yeah q:

THAT was SOU rad! MAAAN !!!

Seriously, loved it :D the bad theme song and the "aw man" just wonderful q: you showed us the eccential !

that's the stuff!

that's an epic movie for ya right there!

luv it! so many nice details and touches, even though the art isn't great it's very well-thought-out.

the voicework is pure win! more please!

Man I had at least one of those each year

I loved this piece. Being an elementary teacher folders are how we get the homework back in one piece. In my school, I teach kindergarten and our kids have to remember 2 folders one English and the other Spanish. It always gets me how the parents do little to see that it comes in too. Last year, I had 2 little white girls who were famous for not bringing in homework. This year its not that the child does not bring in the homework this child leaves the folder and does not bring it home.

A teacher favorite in my book nice job.


The way it repeats itself and the sillyness of the concept it is a great stoner flash,though the animation wasn't that good the sound and voice quality was excellent,also the song was quite catchy.

This is a legend.

fer shuure

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3.34 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2009
6:35 PM EST
Comedy - Original