Bleach captain names

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It took me some time to make this, the hiragana characters were all drawn by me, while the pic's i got off the internet(don't hate me) :) . Please comment with a higher rating than 0 :P By the way if anyone could teach me to do better with flash, it would be greatly appreciated :D. Oh and by the way, if your just going to insult me, stfu and dont say anything because i won't read it anyway, tell me how to improve it and actually help, and don't give insults coming from a guy that has 0 uploads ok? And don't you think i know it's bad when i put "badterriblefirstbleachgo tei goteihitsugaya" as tags? Updated, and yes i did not put soifon, gin, aizen and tosen on purpose. Aizen tosen and gin aren't captains anymore, and you can't spell soifon's name in hiragana for all i know there is no f :P

-------in progress-----------------
* A tracing minigame!

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I give a half a star. Why? Because of the Final Fantasy X music. Not that bleach art and Japanese writing wasn't enough, I just figured, if a guy is going to spend so much time in his description incoherently babbling about people insulting him then he deserves what he's asking for. Maybe on your first attempt at a submission you should make your description look a little more professional.

Also, you not including Soi Fon was just sheer laziness. You obviously have some sort of intelligence or else you wouldn't even make attempts at flash or have any desire to learn it, so I guess my question to you is why don't you know about an amazing service that exists called GOOGLE? And not to mention the millions of other services just like it. Heck you could probably YouTube it and get a video tutorial... Since Soi Fon is one of my favorite captains... I will not forgive this laziness. Thanks for the FFX music. If you need music for future entries hit me up. I've made no entries because I want to actually work with someone else on music for a game so let me know if you're interested.

It's not bad. :D

It's very good. It's something I haven't seen in the past, and the music is nice. You're just inaccurate with some spelling is all. :3

Kisuke Urahara, not "Kitsuke". I can also show you how to write Jushiro, Kisuke, and Saijin's first names as well as Byakuya and Mayuri's last names if you don't know how. :3

could have been more accurate

you called Kenpachi, zaraki even though he's mostly referred to as Kenpachi
note: i do know thats his last name is Zaraki so shut up haters that negatively comment to this


don't really consider it a game since you really don't do nothing but whatever whats up with the final fantasy x music man that dude that said it was naruto was way fuckin off lol pretty low quality shouldve put the song with the auocstic (thats how you spell it?) guitar now thats a sick tune but this game was sorta on the bad side don't bitch i made it as constructive as possible

Okay I suppose

Well, you got to have more than just some translated names and a good song in it... and It seemed kinda weird you didn't use bleach music for this. i mean, i love that song... but wouldn't something from bleach be better? Oh well, if you want to improve with flash there are a bunch of tutrorial things on newgrounds (and other places of course) that I thought looked helpful... even though I don't have flash.) Also, who said this was naruto music? it's from Final Fantasy X ....

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