Ancient Warrior

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In Massive battles there would be
Ancient Warriors Who would take on hundreds of enemies with out a single wound. You can now play as one chosing what weapons and stats and talents and bonuses to bring into battle. Chose from Many many perks and classes and weapons and survive and kill as many as you can in a frantic epic last stand.

Use WASD or Arrow keys and the mouse to attack and fend of massive hordes of unique enemies with different behaviors. Fight for the ultimate title,score and Rank!

Dont tell me you move too slow! choose something other then juggernaut as it makes you exremely slow.

There are over 100 different titles and 30 different enemy weapons. The game took 2 months to create working maybe 2 hours each day. It may have seemed long because it took me 2 months to get a sponsor! Anyways i hope you enjoy it!

((The music is from DavidOrr and its called -Orr- Four Brave Champions. I Asked him personally to use this and he said i could. Thank you again David))


Im deeply sorry to you gamers! The hacker thing was a huge mistake on my part! ive now fixed it and you need a pretty impossible score to be a hacker. Sorry again.

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i also used the king/healty thing but i let myself die earlier so i got Heroic God beast of seven Thunderes of the Universe wow what a title i have


But...I played it a bit, at max difficulty, and stood about 250 time slaying around 570 enemies, with a total of near 26000 points. The game told me "you hacker, you fail"... while I merely took king, runner, hard back, healthy. Perhaps a bit more challenge would do.



Nice game!

I liked this game a lot and i hope you make more in the future!
there was one problem though, like the guy 2 spaces below me I found an almost invincible combination. Vampire with hard back and healthy and the bow. you run around and dodge all the melee attackers.
and then when I felt like I would never die i just gave up, then when I looked at my score and rank it said I was a hacker and didn't let me submit my score!
I had a score of almost 24,000!!!
Oh well, it was a good game.

Not bad

You're at a liability if you don't take switfness, since enemy archers are good shots. Plus, enemy archers like to hang out outside the wall and shoot you, so you have to run around in circles to try to lure them in. Sort of like playing Boxman, you can run around the enemy to get them to clump up in the middle, then plow into them for multi-kills. Some like "continuous waves" of enemies, but I personally am goal/project oriented. I found the continuous wave scenario to just be frustrating. No matter how hard you fight, there's always more enemies; you don't make any progress, and you don't get better. So, ultimately, what's the point? Sill, nice concept.