ST Starfleet Database v1

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Completely working version !! finally Star Trek Starfleet Data base is done!
This contains info about several Federation ships. it took me along time to
get all the buttons working. I am very proud of this work it is beautifully put togeather
and fully functional. for a while i thought i was doomed to picture slide shows for all
,y animations but when i was inspired to do this i just ran with it and to my amazement
actually learned to use action script. this opens up the spectrum of oppertunity for me
to keep getting better. I'm planning on doing a sequel to this with either a diffrent set of ships or covering the smaller starfleet vessals. Please enjoy

one note: the music button turns the music on and off if you change scenes you have to click it twice to turn off the music just be patient :) everything works. thanks again!

Please help me out and suggest this for the Star trek collection :) thanks guys!

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Good, very helpful. WHERE IS THE U.S.S. ENTERPRISE!

KyuubiT responds:

there are 5 different enterprise in this
A, B, C, D, E
Constitution Class
Excelsior Class
Ambassador Class
Galaxy Class
Sovereign Class
in that order.


This is a Star Trek fans dream! It has alot of ship classes and is short, simple and to the point. Good Job.

KyuubiT responds:

hey im glad you liked it suggest it to the star trek collection! pass it on to your friends!!!


it's not bad

you basically detailed all the federation ships in ST:TNG, or Flashtrek: Broken Mirror. I'd have more respect if you made a similar game, taking place in the ST universe. I think that the actual database on Startrek.com or trekipedia might be better, but this is an okay slideshow. Nice graphics, some spelling typos, but who isnt guilty of tat fom tim to tiem. hehe

KyuubiT responds:

Most of this info came from my own knowlege and its spanning from ST to voyager. but its taking place on star trek as a whole ive only covered 15 out of 30 possible classes of federation star ship :) its simple because my skills are simple as of now but this was a big step in the right direction. :) thanks for the review!



It was interesting to learn about the ships eventhough I'm not a fan. I'm sure with some more Flash xp you could make a game. Good job.

KyuubiT responds:

thanks for the vote of confidence im glad you found this a learning experince it was for me too i will make them better someday firend thanks for the review ~Kyuubit~

Good Game

But what you need is more of and interaction... add something like a trivia, or a view mode were someone can view the ship from different viewpoints. As another added idea, put in links to see the ships in action... and i know there are more than just 12 starships!

P.S Add refitted versions or the Constitution, Ambassador, Excelsior, and Miranda class starships!

P.P.S and how about The Yorktown Class, the NX-01, and Defiant Class

KyuubiT responds:

all of what your saying is true and im aware of the fact that there are more classes
than whats listed here several more than you have mentione as well
new orleans class
yeager tpe
centuar type
soyuz class

:) i havent forgotten anything i just didnt have room for them this time. i plan to make this better in the future when i get better at flash im still a novice. so i think this wasnt bad for a first attempt :)


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Feb 21, 2009
2:02 PM EST
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