A Bird and a Burger

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This is my first submission to the flash portal, but not my first flash. I have made many flashes but never get round to finishing them, any how this took 4 months to make, runs at 12fps (is that to low?) and is hopefully a good quality flash! I hope you all enjoy it as much as i did making it!


Pretty darn fun.

It looks like you made a few things into buttons instead of graphics. The burger on the loading screen, and the fountain in the end during the credits.

I tried clicking them thinking it was a little easter egg, but nothing happened.

Nice Job anywho.

PIED3 responds:

Yeah i did make them buttons by mistake, but their IS actually an Easter egg on the loading screen, try looking again =) Thanks!

Meaty Ham"bird"er.

I welcome you to the Newgrounds Flash Portal - thanks for your first submission.

Your flash is a somewhat generic chase of a bird who has stolen a man's burger from his hands outside McDonalds. The length itself {for a very first submission} is above average and there are a number of individual aspects in which I found myself amused.
Firstly it wasn't that predictable. You built up the fresh idea of the rooftops and the obstacles which added some creditable depth. The beginning however was too long; I did not look forward to the long stare at the McDonalds sign before the action began although I respect you may have been trying to build up the atmosphere. It could still be longer, but your flash isn't too short and that is praiseworthy.

The graphics were not very amateur, although the man was drawn out of proportion. He was not realistic looking, largely because of his almost stick like body and undersized head; however the environmental details are nice. The backgrounds are creative and you must have made some reasonable amount of effort to draw the apartments and shops. The animation was not particularly choppy so well done for making it smooth frame by frame. There are a number of details too such as clouds, bricks in walls and black dots on the bird's wings. These are all nice touches and there is not much more you could have added without making it look cluttered.

The music was odd but I don't imply a negative connotation. I found the energetic piece rather humorous and the quality of the audio was decent. If you're trying to make it funny and lively without being too serious then the choice of music suits it well. I really recommend you consider adding sound effects through; silent films are okay but you can really bring the flash to life with a brilliant composition of sounds that spice up the experience. Feel free to experiment with sounds {you can use Freecoder to steal off YouTube - search Google for Freecoder} or make your own using a microphone.

This flash is very good for a first submission and quite good for the standard of Newgrounds. I have watched this a few times because there's enough in it to make me forget what has happened. What you need to do is expand on your ideas and develop a style of work and become persistent in making it long and entertaining. We really enjoy watching submissions where the author has made considerable effort to piece together something spectacular. You're not at this level yet but there is some promise. Make the drawings of the characters neater while continuing to add the details that you've shown you are capable of creating, and I'll be happy to watch and review your work in the future - send me a PM if you wish.


* * * * * * {6 - 10} *Decent*

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PIED3 responds:

Thankyou very much for the long review! Ill take the things you said into account for my next flash, thanks!

That was amazing

Wish that it was a bit better drawn, but you are so good at animation its insane!

PIED3 responds:

Yeah i need to practice my drawing <_<

gee wizz. all that for a burger.

i don't even get burgers and that sort of thing never happens to me. i gotta' get burgers more often!
anyway, that was really funny and real nice for your 1st finished flash. i haven't even made one yet so you're better than me! i mean, you do have room to improve and all but i liked your animation about a guy who just wants to eat his dang burger. you should finish more of your flashes an submit them! great job!!!

PIED3 responds:

Thankyou, look forward to more flashes in the future!


for a first flash it's got good animating good graphic's for a first flash and it's a good movie so 10/10 from me

PIED3 responds:


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3.72 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2009
12:21 PM EST
Comedy - Original