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Golden and Silver

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Author Comments

A week or two ago, there was this thread on clockcrew.cc called "MAKE MOVIES WITH GOLDENCLOCK AND SILVERCLOCK" or something, so I made a movie with GoldenClock and SilverClock.

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i luv's the ffff move

well, it aws fun, and i loved hwo silver wuz french. haha, i liked the ''flying ship'' scene, and the whole idea, on shooting the MONSTAIR! (its monster) hahaha
oh, flounder will be mad 5/5

I loved it.

I like how you made me french.

Pritty funny

Me like clocks. Dem are shiny. (^-^)

haha clockmen

that was enjoyable I will hang this on my fridge

Never did like Clockmen...

I just dont see how they're good... :S Sorry.