Yoki's Story 3

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This is the third episode of Yoki's Story. This includes animation at 60 frames per seconds and blur effect so it needs a fast computer to play it. Sorry for repetitive sound effect but I have only 5 good sound effects on my computer.

Hope you will enjoy it !!!



where's #1 and 2?


When battle starts that make me mind at Naruto


This flash submission amazed me most from all I`ve seen before, such clear FPS, and such good visual graphics and animation, you must not waste skills, sir...
Positive things are that the animation is outstanding and remarkable, and I like your creativity, mixing a Yoshi with a Koopa, making a Yoki, plus adding the power of THE King Koopa, makes the sprite unique.
But, negative things are that this has lack of originality, I mean, Bowser is like Shikkaku, the Gaara`s Sand Spirit Sealed within him, and Toad was exactly like Gaara, Yoki was as same as Naruto and the King Koopa beast in Yoki is the Nine-Tailed beast. Not to be 'captain obvious' of course. And it`s not good to mix pixel art with vector art.
I just give advice, hopefully that you will take it and correct your mistakes, and I`ll be proud if you do.
I have never seen such natural skill at animating sir, I really tell you, don`t waste that gift of yours, I have an idea, but I have to tell you by PM you.
Well, I wish you good luck in your future endeavors sir.
BRAVO! Outstanding work... :D

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Player-exe responds:

Thanks, I am currently working on Yoki's Story 5 so I will try to avoid repeating theses mistakes, and I am really sorry if I was using too much ideas from Naruto. However I consider more the Koopa beast as an imaginary character made from the sad past of Yoki than a real character like Kyubi, and Bowser and Toad being like Orochimaru (Badly injured from a fight) and Kabuto (Spy and right-hand man).

As for your idea, if it sounds good and it don't cause problems with the main story, I am ready to accept it. Just PM me and I will look at it.

(Just to avoid any mistakes, Shikaku is Shikamaru's father, it's Shukaku that is the one tailed beast)


that's the best type of bowser by the way.

I know, I'm a nerd.

But that version of Bowser when he comes back to life is from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

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Feb 21, 2009
9:16 AM EST