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Marco the Magnificent

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A short animation about.... well not even I know what it's about. It's intended to be cute and sweet with a little twist of that special something else.
Special thanks to Marcorocco for the inspiration for the character and adorable voice as well as Stephen Charlton for helping with some of the coding.
Comments and criticisms are most welcome. Enjoy!

Just to clear some things up:
Yes, it is a short animation but so what?
Yes, it is meant to be lighthearted (and "pointless")
Yes, it is supposed to be funny and cute

No, Marco does not have down syndrome
No, it doesn't have a plot but why should it?
No, Marco is not retarded.

Why does it have to make sense? Can't it just be open to interpretation or the viewers' perception? Take it for what it is, a short and simple animated short.

Thanks for all comments and criticism, all feedback has been noted for future submissions. Animations need not only an artist, but an audience as well. So I thank you all for watching!



SCAREY. xD The animation was good though. It kind of made me laugh.

Not bad

Good animation and all, just too short and..didn't really make any sense.

interesting indeed

very cool
liked the art and also the way the words
moved about the screen very nice on the timing of it

good job


this was a quite curious short, but it still made me laugh. your animation is simplistic and humorous, and gets the point across without going too far. the whole flower thing made me think of hallucinogens, but i have no idea what you had in mind doing that. this kid Marco sounds like an intriguing (or slow) fellow.


It was so short that I can't even right a review!

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3.61 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2009
8:39 AM EST