Zelda Dark Sorcerers 1

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This is the first episode in the new series I'm making currently, The Seven Dark Sorcerers invade and conquer Hyrule Castle with Link and Zelda's children fighting against their armies while Link fights against Zant.

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automatic 10

link talked

For the First...

You're good at animation, although it could be better. I also have to say kudos to you for the concept of children for Link and Zelda, although there wasn't much characterization in them. Their names, for example (I know it'll be covered in the next video, but...). Truthfully, if the son fought along with Link, I couldn't tell the difference between them until they were both in the same frame.

Anyway, for the first, it looks like a good start to an interesting series. I hope to see even better animations in the next.

P.S. Yes, I also thought the females had overly-large breasts. *snicker*

Has good intentions

I feel like this one definitely had an amazing art direction, but not enough effort/skill to pull it all off. I can see you've made quite a few of these, so I hope the visuals improve, as those are the only real hindrance to this work.

It was good

I hope the quality improves with the next episodes. Now I personaly am against Link and Zelda as a couple, Zelda (and every Zelda after) is a sage so the duties of a sage would prevent her from a normal life. Can't wait to watch the rest. I have high hopes for this.

heh, bewbs.

you gave Zelda and (i would assume) Link's daughter big boobs. that gets you 5 out of your 8 rating ^_^ lol just kidding. I like the story so far, it's pretty interesting. I like the whole, Link having kids concept, and the animations aren't bad. it's good, but not quite deserving of a 10 rating.

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3.00 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2009
2:15 AM EST