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The Eternal Battle ( )

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A struggle between Light and Darkness lasts on this land for centuries. And no one side can't defeat another one.
You can be the same hero who bring a victory to one of the rivals.
Choose the side and lead it to the victory!

Click on the map where you want to go. Click on an enemy unit to attack. Kill creeps, experience and money, buy items and destroy your enemy.

P.S.: This is my 3-rd game at all, so be lenient :-)


Not really much depth.

I appreciate that this game must have taken alot of skill to make, but the actual game play is kinda tedious as you simple click and watch the animations.

great game needs improving

the game should be like campaign with diffrent levels and upgrades more you progress more upgrades
more heroes
hero spells or attacks
tower upgrades
troop upgrades
self upgrades
building upgrades
achievments e.g finish this mission in 2 mins

Awesome Game

But I really didn't like using the mouse to move around. Maybe next time use the WSAD keys instead. It was just really annoying trying to get the cursor to change into the sword so I could attack the enemy infantry and not just move around.


Not that good..You schould add some more classes/Races and like a weapon change and some spells

Linear but fun

Well, perhaps not linear. as there are 3 paths for both forces to converge. My only frustration with the game are the hoardes of upgraded enemies coming in increasingly large swarms that you yourself cannot send out. I can understand it being a very expensive permanent upgrade, but not altogether completely unavailable.

Now onto the good!

The customization of items, and ability to upgrade the hero is remarkable, the freedom to expand towers to reinforce your troops is also an added bonus. Overall the game was magnificently done.

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Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2009
12:35 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)