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A struggle between Light and Darkness lasts on this land for centuries. And no one side can't defeat another one.
You can be the same hero who bring a victory to one of the rivals.
Choose the side and lead it to the victory!

Click on the map where you want to go. Click on an enemy unit to attack. Kill creeps, experience and money, buy items and destroy your enemy.

P.S.: This is my 3-rd game at all, so be lenient :-)


'twas good.

It was a good game, wasn't my favorite due to the fact that the items cost too much and that when you destroy their barracks their troops still come out....

Make the inventory 1 or 2 slots larger.

do all this and you've got a 9 to 10 star game

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i loved it if you could add a save option it would be 10/10 but other then tht i loved it


this is your third game and your asking us to be leniant yet the gameplay is awsome and aside from graphics which of course since only your third game arnt expected to be good is just awsome!

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Ive played this a while ago

but ive noticed this game is exactly the same concept of the pc game demigod, did you have a hand in making demigod?

Its and excellent game and nicely ballanced heros, only flaw is the combat is a little tedious and once you'ev maxed out your hero things are pretty much insignificant and you can easily one man army.

It was a very entertaining game.

The only things id complain about is the fact it reminds me of DoTA. And how after you get like one combined thing your start pwning, even on hard. But it's all in all a good game. Keep up the good work

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3.48 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2009
12:35 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)