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Leave Your Brain Behind

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1198 frame by frame goodness 14 FPS. I am satisfied with it. Enjoy!

*Edit* Wow front page! Thanks =D

Note: Some people do not think the music matches the animation, they are correct, I am attempting to fix this, the audio is behind by a few seconds but overall it isn't a major problem since it is just the music.

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cool man, just found this today. These kinds of things are what make NG special, I think. I think the intro to my song fit quite nicely, however when the beat kicked in you'd expect some kind of climax. Very nice flash tho man, thx for using my song... can't believe I missed this =/

KidneyThief responds:

Hey man thanks for the review, sorry for the late response but school had me tied up. I see what you mean about the lack in climax, always room for improvement! I always use NG music in my work and never really popular songs. A: because I want my work to stand out and B: because it helps to get good audio artists work out there.

Very impressive

This was very impressive, i like that it was all black and white but you should think about adding just abit of color here and there

Black and white flashes are notbad, but while its black and white, you Should add some color even if just a drop of red or blue here and there, like say a blood drop so that the Black and White reflects more it would be a nice, and would standout abit better, and improving on your Black and White animation.

great flash


KidneyThief responds:

Thanks for the review! I love black and white, but I know what you mean about the color. I think I may start experimenting with it. Great review thanks a bunch!

Absolutely seamless!

I think this movie was extremely creative and original
I can't even think of how much work you put into making this
and the music was beautifully orchestrated to fit the scenes
I salute you. two thumbs up.
and keep making films, we wanna see more

KidneyThief responds:

Thanks for the review!

Hey buddy how's it going?

Ok, here we go.
I took 3 stars off simply because the audio did not match too well. Reading your note there however it seems to be that it is simply a small error in the editing process.

As for the trip:
To think that some people need to pay for this kind of thing. Yes you truly know how to go with the flow of your mind. I can honestly say that this kind of thing doesn't require too much planning but that's what makes it so interesting. When you watch something like this you can say one of two things.
1.This guy has an "interesting" mind
2.This guy likes studying insane artists and found inspiration and decided to create something as a sort of tribute to dimensions outside of those that of which we are accustomed to in everyday life.

What I can say more than anything is that it's better than anything I can do. The most I can do is use pixel tools to make a face do a talking loop. Well, continue your studies in flash and continue to improve on your talent and work on being angry at freaks like me^.^

I must leave this here as is, for I have school tomorrow and I must go to bed so that I may have the energy to humiliate my already depressed teachers.

KidneyThief responds:

Haha! Thanks for the review. The audio is off a second or so for some reason after I submit it. Good luck with your teacher hunting!

Wicked effects

That was quite the trip and i'm pretty impressed on how smooth it all looked also great song you picked out cause it went very well with it,overall nice work. =)

KidneyThief responds:

Thank you very much.