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The College Years 20

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Episode 20: Mr. Weiss Goes to Washington

The Season Finale!!

I originally planned on making this one a much bigger project, but I have just finished animating 6 in a row and really just wanted to have this season finished while I was still on a animating buzz. So this, like most, is semi based on a true story. We did go to DC to see our team play and a friend of a friend who was a sport fanatic and went absolutely crazy. And he did scream out "Jew-dub" (since it was at George Washington University which I believe has a high Jew population) during the national anthem. And we were in the very back surrounded by friends and family of the other team. I decided to leave his real name out since he's not really racist, just stupid.

Also about the speech I gave, don't give it much weight. I really made it up on the spot. When I originally wrote it over a year ago Bush was president and things were very different, so a lot I had was now very irrelevant.

I hope you enjoy.

The final five episodes will probably premiere around March (hopefully)

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Oh yeah, this was made right before Barack Obama was becoming President. Well, all things look dated eventually. At least the ones that try to be topical. The animation was alright. I just find this and the series to be okay. It's really nothing noteworthy.

It needs to have more going on. I guess like most comedies here, it's serviceable. I just don't find the characters distinguishable. Why does everyone hate Jews? I thought everyone hated Christians.

how have you not improved over 5 years?

Sorry, what?

Absolutely terrible. I don't know why this flash receives the acclaim that it does; it certainly doesn't deserve it. Speech was bland, predictable and uninteresting, and the work on the whole seemed shoddy. Spend some more time on your next flash, and for god's sake learn some new animating techniques.

RandomFilms responds:

... I receive "acclaim"? I wouldn't call a handful of people who say they liked it acclaimed. And to write a review because of that just seems pointless.


Some people just don't know good work when they see it.
This was original... How many college punk series are there out there?
I haven't found many... And this was made before a lot of the ones I did find.
I gave you a seven stars because I was a little bland, but it still kept my attention. You should have had the radio on in the car, or some other music to during the show. You know like how in Family Guy, at the start of a new scene, It shows their house and that music plays; try something like that, but be clever about it.

RandomFilms responds:

Yeah I know, I just hate searching for the right music. Because I can listen to a 100 songs on the audio portal and not find one I think fits.

What is this shit?

This is fucking terrible. What the hell? Why are you people on this guys dick? This shit is bland, unoriginal and absolute bullshit.

RandomFilms responds:

Thank you for well thought out review, I appreciate your input. I only wish more people on the internet had your ability to expression their views and opinions in a comprehensive critique such as this.