Sky Invasion

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November AD 2569. Earth Alliance Federation has their colony bases spreaded all around the continents on Earth. Centuries passed by since the the colonization to Mars, now it is time to go home to the Earth as Mars is slowly dying. But EAF doesn't allow us to go home. There's only one answer to get back our right on Earth : INVASION.

control: see in game instructions

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really nice, especially the last level. as a very cautious player i never really attacked with a large force, only one or two ships at a time (the ones that cost 450 and 500, forgot their names) while upgrading everything to max level. then i saved up some money untill i had like 10.000 and attacked - well, more like tried to attack - with full force. unfortunately the enemy died before i even had a chance to fully launch the final attack. last level was where i finally could attack with full force and even had to actually care for not dieing while attacking, especially in the second phase.
@Siruss: had the same thing multiple times, but you just have to refresh the page and then you can continue normally untill it happens again. fortunately it seems to only happen at the start of the level and in the research menu, so none of your progress will be lost. ;)

Good, but glitchy and tedious.

It was fun, but then I ran into a glitch that continued to reset the map...and made it impossible to finish a level.

Got a little tedious as well.

could be better

this game is great but it could be better if you could control the units a bit cause i tend to want them to stay on guard sometimes im giving it a 9

u have done better

sorry mahn but this is def not ure best work i prefered the epic war series
this was way to easy and the player dosnt realy have to do anything

Pretty good

This game is a great improvement from Kingdom of Wind. The graphs are much better.

Still, there are some issue in the mechanics. One is that upgrades don't show up on the units stats pre-build screen. Also, some of the upgrades are lame, such as HP only increasing by +1 after upgrading, I'm not sure if this was consistently so, as some ships did increase stats by a percentage by upgrading. Also, some of the upgrade stats are missing in the research panel.

The XP gain works out pretty well if you play the game properly. However, calculation of it based on units killed isn't the best way to do it. XP gain should be given primarily for the completion of a level.

Regarding gameplay, it's too easy. Also, while the movement of ships is fancy, I found it distracting sometimes. I think the KoW movements were bettter, since it's easier to follow the battle that way. It'd be nice to be able to command ships to attack or retreat, like in Epic War 3, though this wasn't necessary becuase the game wasn't that hard. As for the ships, a lot of the higher level ones sucked. I mainly just spammed battlecruisers because they can get to the enemy the fastest and were very cost effective.

In response to one other review, yes something does happen at the end! The enemy base flies off and attacks you air to air.

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3.53 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2009
9:45 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense