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Would you like to be prompted when one of your favorite artists submits new content?
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Poll movie? great idea

Yeahh.... i support your idea...
And you played shopping cart hero! XD

Very nice!

This is a bloody good idea, not just the idea in the video, but the idea of asking users to vote on it!

I had actually been wishing earlier that it would tell me when my favorite authors submitted something, in some form, because I have to keep cycling through the ENTIRE LIST only to find nothing new, kind of annoying and time wasting. -_-

Anyway, bravo, man, and I look forward to more ideas from you!

This is one way of getting a idea out there haha

This sounds like a good idea. Kinda like the youtube subscription thing but just with flash movies and games. I could get behind it.

it was ok

it was an alright idea, but maybee something like this on your userpage? I had a good idea, instead of overflowing the flash forum with tons of collabs, there could be a propper collab section, with set rules (no one with a BA lower that 3.5 can start one) and where you can select rules from a drop down box (like the flash submit page) you can select what version of flash from the dropdown box, and you can select the background colour, then write a little introduction, and hten it generates a collab thing, and it would be pretty much like the bbs, exept you can upload .fla files and you can only use it to talk about the collab. Also, when you submit the collab in the flash portal, there should be different options, solo, group (to replace the current collab option) and collab (you can co author everyone, but instead of coming up in a massive list there could be like tiny icons or something.)

Good idea...

But a pointless movie.
Couldn't you have just suggested this in the forums.

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Feb 20, 2009
3:52 AM EST