Mr. Egg's Adventures

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Author Comments

Hello NG!

Meet Mr. Egg in this funny game or animation or whatever


PS: If you zoom in the computer room with the right click button you can see what's written on the computers

Sorry for grammar mistakes

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Needs some work.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Good Points - Some decent drawings here. While the eggs themselves are rather simple you did a good job with their clothing and other drawing on the eggs. Some of the backgrounds were done decently.

Bad Points - While the eggs were done decent they really did need more animation. Things like when the eggs would talk it would just show text. Instead you should add some voices, which would get rid of the text and you would be then be able to animate the mouth. I think that would have made the submission much better in itself. A lot of the background was way too simple. It just needed to go into a little bit more detail.

~ Story/Content ~

Good Points - A decent idea for a game. It's sort of an original idea with the eggs instead of normal people.

Bad Points - I think you needed to add more interactivity to the game. You only had a few spots where you could choose what to do. I think in any future submissions you should add several more spots where you can do things. I also hated when you picked the wrong choice and it sent you back way too far. I guess it wasn't too bad though as you could click rather fast if you wanted to get by the scenes. It wasn't really too original of an idea in terms of the content of the game because there are a lot of point and click games like this that are done much better. It's also lacking things like humor or action. Either one of those would have greatly added to the submission.

~ Audio ~

Good Points - The parts that you used audio sounded pretty good.

Bad Points - I think you could have added a little more sound effects to the submission. Such as when the eggs are on the computer in the background you could hear some ambient typing/chattering between the people. Voices were the biggest thing here. If you would have added voices, animated the mouths, and got rid of the text when someone was talking then the score of the submission would be much better in my opinion.

~ Overall ~

Keep working and improving by adding more animation and this might turn out to be an interesting series. Keep working hard.

~ Review Request Club ~

GokUC responds:

Thank you for your review

PS: I don't speak english very well so I can't add voices to the movie

It's OK

It was alright, however, it seemed to me to be more of a movie with options then a game. Maybe add voiceover? :P


Pretty cool.

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2009
9:18 PM EST
Gadgets - Other