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¥¥¥¥ Kill ki1o ¥¥¥¥

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It's super!!!!

You get to kill many ki1o's !!!!

why not have a go!!!!
rite a reviwe

VOTE FIFEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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literally just a mosquito swatter clone with nothing interesting about it whatsoever.

I fived this was pretty good art and skillset was great


Pros: Everything

Cons: Using a baboon and a clock in the game would have made for a much more satisfying product.

Overall: Your art and skills are amazing, unquestionable, and unmistakable. I'd say myself that if you used a babboon and a cloxck more often in your animations, you would come up with even more creative, colorful products.

Imagine the audience you would generate, with this animation, if it had a baboon and a clock. The possibilities are endless. You would , at the least get a much higher rating.

Professor Cunthor

Professor Cunthor

Found it very addicting...

Just killed about 500 of them O.o. Then I felt that I must stop it and... well I managed to do that :D. Very addicting, but simple. If this would have something else to kill, and better graph, it would be awesome. Also you could use a record list or something and the "Ki1os" could kill if they come too close? Just wondering :P

(( Lol ))

Lol this was cute, the old tutorial used to kill a killo haha, i remember all the hate from him for his anti-clock hehe, anyways it was a simple yet fun game, you should add some color in the backround though.

Add some backround color or base.

Entertaining but simole and fun game.