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Hotel Escape 2

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Hey guys,

I've finally made Hotel Escape 2, the second in the Hotel Escape Trilogy. This game is a huge improvement on the first, (I hope!), and I hope you enjoy it.

Use the mouse to navigate and obtain items, and the spacebar to open the inventory.

Let me know what you think!


it looks awesome, but it keeps reverting to start menu. not cool. bad programming maybe?

Stupid Game

I Hate it,when im pressing start,and it changing back to menu...


Got through without having to look at the walkthrough, though it took me some 300 clicks to do so. Sort of educating and fun at the same time. I liked it! One thing I do have to point out though is the final part with the Chinese. %u751F%u6D3B actually means "lifestyle" or "way of life". The Chinese characters you're probably looking for would be %u751F%u5B58, meaning survive. %u751F(live),%u6B7B(die) would've also been sufficient. The final step is probably a no-brainer for Chinese people :D!

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Math classes

If I learned one thing, it was the fibonacci serie XD I didn't even use the glass to know what to do ! :P PROUUUUD! Checked the walktrough only because I couldn't open the secret door...

Nice Game!

It was a good game, could have been a little better with the story, as i found it a little cheesy. Great graphics, good taste in music choice. Continue doing what you do, and thats how you improve. Great work. Very smooth, fast load times. I just love escape games. Especially this one. I agree also, that the secret door is far to complicated to open. Easy to find, but opening it to get inside, is another story. As i stated before, good work, continue making more!

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3.48 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2009
10:34 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click