Madness- Ultimate Drive 2

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5 / 5

This was pretty good.


well i agre with LLL, but i too think that the kickback on the guns is... erm kinda wierd, or too little, but else awsome... u should learn to mask too, its pretty useful

really good 10/10 5/5

wow keep up the good work , this is much more than the first one , but it has to be more longer :p.

Well, it's a little bit....

Ok what you don't want to do, is animate like the person right below me. Animating like him as in the collisions are too slow and cause too much devastation, the entire movie looks like it is in slow motion, and the characters are insanely stiff. It looks better than what he makes, much better, but you just need to work out some of these kinks. More speed in places, a more free body, and less awkward movements.
But yeah they were alright. Oh one last thing, be sure to take people's advice, you don't want to end up like the person below me who hasn't improved in two years because he can't take criticism.
Good luck.

Rockyusa responds:

Ok. Thanks for the tips (although i have no need for them right now).
I already know about 7 and how you hate him.
Anyways, i am getting better already. This is NOTHING compared to what i can do. So thanks for the tips anyways!


This was actually pretty good. Much better than I was expecting