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Feed your strange pet catching food, but be carefull with what it eats ! Try to make your pet growing more and more !

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It was racist to my people but it is still pretty cute.

good up to a point

the game was very creative and enjoible up to the point of lvl 4 there was a glitch on lvl 4 and 5 where radomly stuff tuned invisible then after that the game became impossible because of the lack of food..... but it sumhow reminds me of tamagotchhi XD lolol ... shame there was no sound

it was ok

I had the same problem as Routanne on lvl 4 all that kept dropping were bombs I had I believe something like 15 bombs drop and only 4 balls. pretty decent game up to that point I stopped playing so I gave it 4 stars since....well......thats what board sucked a$$

The Name...

...Was the best bit.

The game itself was incredibly easy; I never even got hit.
I really wish that it was a bit more... interesting.

Good but flawed

I really liked this game, and to be honest when I saw eat balls I was expecting to see a dirty game, haha.

Anyways on Lvl 4. I ate every last thing (That wasn't a bomb) And I was 2 away, and I ran out of time. Pretty unfair. Since I ate it all!

I then tried again and ate 3 bombs and my pet lost weight :( lol

Overall it could be addictive if you added some features.

Pet changes shapes, colour and type (Doesnt just get bigger)
-Norte it could all ready do this and I just didnt play long enough

Music. Music is always great! :) (With sound effects.

More of a story (Even a little one) Going on. I know you have a pet theme going. But I think you could add a little more...Just don't know what.

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4.15 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2009
11:27 AM EST
Action - Other