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Hey everyone, this is my first ever game submitted to newgrounds and my second ever flash to be submitted. Im proud of this game because i only used a little help from other sources and about 90% of it was all my code. This is a calm game of collecting different coloured balls in a basket and trying to beat your previous score, its a very addictive game but enjoy!

This is the official game.


Good work.

Nice work for a first. My top score was about 1580 after about 3 or 4 shots. Nice game. Would have been a great came with better graphics or maybe even just a different theme.

You dont need good graphics for it to be a good game. Maybe if you gave it a pen and paper theme it'd be cool. Pretty simple and little graphics work needed. You just need a theme.

Keep up the good work, Be great to see more. I think you should work on improving this game further.


-Cheers Brando

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Lordsalem responds:

Thanks alot Dj-Brand0, my first 10 review :). I know what you mean with the graphics, it needs those little details in like some grass sticking out and stuff. ut for my first game i wanted to keep it nice and simple :). Iam working on a new project and i will send you the link when i submit it.
Thanks for the review.

it's good for a first

it's a good first game. I would suggest having the balls of higher point values fall faster than those with lower point values, and having a way of losing points either by catching things that lower your score or by having a penalty for missing certain balls.

I would worry more about game mechanics than the visual audio stuff, at the moment. Just keep tweaking it and adding things, and once you get the game to play how you want it to play, then work on that aesthetic stuff, and resubmit it.

If you want me to help you out with some of it, I would be more than happy to collab with you. Anyways, can't wait to see you crank out some more stuff ^^

Lordsalem responds:

Thanks alot mate, ill take that all into account and collab sounds good. I just need to practice a bit more though ive only been doing actionscript for about 4weeks.


The colour scheme/point scheme makes no sense so you don't remember it.
You don't need to remember it though, just collect the balls.
Because there is no way to lose apparently, there is no point in different point values of the balls because there is no visible time limit.
...So there is no point in "beating your score" if you can't lose.
Also, there are no boundaries on the sides of the screens.
...Okay. After playing some more...
The purple balls all fall from the same column...as do all of the other colours.
Just leave your basket under the yellow column.
....That defeats the purpose of the game, then.

Lordsalem responds:

Yeah, i made this game to really test what i knew in actionscript and uploaded it for feedback, but ok thanks for the review. Cant wait till you actually bring out a game.


this game was not aesthetically pleasing. The hit test on the basket was kind of messed up in my opinion. It was a nice try and keep up the good work, I'm sure your will be pumping out addicting games worth consideration in no time.

Lordsalem responds:


Its Alright

its alright . but it would be nice if you improved grpahics , added some modes or something, and add some sound effects and better music. good try

Lordsalem responds:

Yeah i do need to improve on graphics but thats something no tutorial can teach its down to me practicing to get the best result. I will take the rest into account but the thing is, is there really any need for sound effect when theres music playing? Thanks for the review.

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2.59 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2009
10:01 AM EST
Skill - Collect