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Kitty Capers

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In this "epic adventure beyond all mental proportions" one of Sarah's cats, "Princess" has been stolen by gym teacher Nazis.......

This is a valentines day gift I made for my girlfriend. Its packed with inside jokes so don't be suspired if you don't get all of it.

But it dose have enough substance for anyone to enjoy, soooooo Enjoy. :)
Music midi file customized by Corey Acord. everything else is all done by myself in one sitting pulling an all nighter.

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Personally i loved it but...

i really dont think a lot of people get what you are trying to say here

i think i know
you made sarah and put her in a video game?

you deserve one of these lol

Originality: 4/5
Well very unoriginal lol 0/5
but I loved how you pulled the idea of a video game and put a person into it 8/5 lol
Graphics/Animation: 3.5/5
The graphics are well...
Better than I could do, but there is a lot of better stuff out there. You could use some work with your other characters make them more appealing to the viewer. I did like your main character though very well drawn i thought. Over all pretty amateur (in a good way). 2.5/5
The animation has plenty of movement and keeps the view into the movie which few people put into their animations. The animation movement itself is pretty good. I simply feel though you need more ambient movement in it (background stuff moves). 4.5/5
Overall though great.
Sound/Voice: 5/5
Amazing sound usage. I, for some reason, fell in love with it as soon as i heard it. I definitely have no 'bones-to-pick' with this.
Plot: 4.5/5
The plot is just as good as a plot should be in a video game. I thought it was pretty funny with all the stuff you put in (guy w/ a bra). I took of a little because I have seen people do this kind of stuff before. You just put it well together.
Overall: 17/20 = 8.5/10
The graphics all in all seem amateur, but the story is very well put together.

{bonus points} +.5
Because I fell in love with your sound.

Final Score:
9/10 (4.5/5)

twisted-fate773 responds:

thank you, keep up the great detailed reviews. They are verry helpful espicailly for little portal guys like myself.


I really never laugh at anything on newgrounds. I can think it's funny, but I never really just laugh.

And I really lol'ed at your movie! ;) haha, it was awesome!

10/10 5/5 :D

- Racmus

twisted-fate773 responds:

wow awesome, i had no idea this humor could translate so well. Im glad there are plenty of NG viewers like you with open minds.

Thanks for watchin.


Think you could of done alittle better on the animation itself, instead of using regular pictures as backgrounds, why not draw them out, and yeah i didnt get what your inside jokes were, lol

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2009
9:09 AM EST

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