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*Pop-Up is recommended*
I've worked hard on the level design and on the engine on this game. I really hope you enjoy the levels and appreciate the effort I've put into this.

25 Unique bike twisting levels, go upside down, collect the photos and reach the exit.

This is probably the first thing I'm really proud of since the NG London meet in back in '07 and it's been really fun meeting all the people of Newgrounds and I hope with this game I'm giving a little more back to the community.

Edit: The help link for the level editor isn't up yet but will be up later today. Thanks for you patience.


One of the best bike games I've played

I'm not always a fan of these type of games, but I found this to be a great take on the concept. The photography feature was something I haven't seen before in a Flash game, gave it a kind of Tony Hawks feel, very cool.

Physics were pretty much dead one and made the gameplay feel smooth and intuitive. Felt great doing triple flips and such, too bad there was no point bonus for this, maybe something to expand on next time.

Graphics were great in parts, the menus all looked highly polished and the background was pretty nice. The levels themselves were a bit samey looking, could have used some environmental features like plants. Bike was alright, would look amazing if it was 3D though.

Music was fitting, liked the music player, felt like something right out of a console game. Few more SFX here and there wouldn't have gone amiss, like when you thud on the floor or walls. The recorded voiced were a nice touch.

I think you've done a great job of taking a somewhat overdone concept and making it feel fresh and new, whilst still quite a lot of room for improvements in a sequel. Great work!

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This is like..really cool!? great game! Nice music


Just, Damn... COOL!!!

Nice game

I really enjoyed playing this game, I think that your design of both the character and bike was nicely done and professional, and the controls are smooth and responsive. Also the ability to quickly turn around is nice, and something I don't see too often in games of this genre, so keep up the good work.

While this Game has been done

It has that little something that other games of this type lack. I found the game had a simple challenge to it that others lack as well as features that make the whole experience more intuitive. Rather than make the player traverse a simple terrain maze you gave us a task as well, and that's what gives this game sha-zazz. I did find some issues that make this game more of "good start" rather than a polished final game. I would add some sort of "medium" for the player to fall into other than empty air. Mud, spikes, crocodile infested water, you know that sort of thing. Varied backgrounds would have been nice and some greenery in the foreground like dune grass or shrubs would have given the game a satisfying real world feel. Your physics were exemplary and you even made the game make use of proper take off angle as a puzzle element in some of the games. Setting up the proper angle of the bike really pays off and a bad start will come back to bite you in the ass later on down the course. Verry well done. With some spit and polish, perhaps some different modes, this game could make front page with out too much trouble.

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3.79 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2009
11:36 PM EST
Sports - Racing