town test for school

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A small village test for my school. Isn't the best shit but it's a start.


Some things to work on...

First off, it wasn't too bad, a bit interesting looking over a busy town. However, as PuffballsUnited pointed out, the perspective of the buildings were off and confusing. Nothing about it is an eye-sore, but do you really handle criticism that badly? Reviews are for giving advice, so here's mine: Work on your perspectives, and don't be a whiny bitch when people give you constructive criticism. I would have give this submission a 2 or 3, but the fact you're such an ass of a user, have a 0.

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I have to say

really not that great decent artwork and animation and the retarded cow will save you a blam vote from me but just barely. All in all
don't be to discourage just put forth a little more effort next time

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ScreamsfromtheCasket responds:

I like my cows.

Waaaay Off.

I rated this for what it was. A test of the top view of a town. And you failed. The perspectives of the buildings did not match. For example, the church in the corner sits right next to the hospital and yet, they're seen from nearly completely different angles. Same goes for the cars and the people. I give you a two for being able to draw the buildings and vehicles...

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Great concept!

This flash is mesmerizing is a reality show sort of way.

I won't post too many spoilers, but you were able to use a basic medium and some simple animation to tell some clever stories, all at once. I thought that was good.

You could really expand the concept, though it would probably be a mind bending sort of thing to go through and animate.

I could imagine an entire cityscape in miniature with all sorts of little stories playing out.

People would watch it over and over just to get that cheap vicarious reality TV thrill out of it.

A funeral home in town could add one more layer to one story you were already in the process of telling.

A police station and a fire department could create some amusing stories.

You could show the story of a guy who keeps going back to the same barbecue or doughnut place over and over, and what happens to him.

Or the guy that keeps letting his dog make messes on his neighbor's lawn.. (That one could end up involving the fire department, I imagine..)

You could throw in an easter egg - instead of a continuous loop, have the same thing play three or four times, and then have something completely different happen. (Godzilla?)

Anyhow, a lot of potential there.. Good job.

....I even got a laugh out of the cows.

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ScreamsfromtheCasket responds:

hahahaha !!! thanx a lot dude. Even though I know this flash doesn't have artistic skills I thank you for your comment. It would take ages! to actualy make it worthy and a lot of your sugestions will be added if I ever make a better version.


kinda crude but pretty cool

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ScreamsfromtheCasket responds:


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Feb 17, 2009
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