Solar System 1

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A solar system display- will have HUD and music in the future- for video game, hints on making loading screens (slightly off topic) will be much appreciated.


Liked it

I enjoyed this. The background was great and the planets looked excellent too. Some audio would have been nice, and maybe more too it than just a loop. I see a lot of potential here for something great. I liked this, but I also hope that the sequel will bring something more to the table.

~ Z

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Chrisguy1 responds:

Thanks, I have added music now (Realization (EC)) which improves the feel of it twofold, also adding a couple more planets and a planet selection capability.

Frame Rate

Its really nice. The frame rate is a bit slow. It make it seem like sit lagging.

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Chrisguy1 responds:

Ok- thanks for that, seeing as I'm just starting the project really good to know. =)


This is good...but shouldn't it be for like Desktops or something?

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I'm not sure why you put this here.

It's just a loop of a moon circling a planet. All though it is well drawn I fail to see where the entertainment value of it comes from and why you would post it on here. If you wanted help or to show it off. Perhaps post it to youtube and spread the word around the forums. I recommend only posting completed projects.

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Nice Idea

Looks okay. Good Work. Try binding the little moon on a circle/ellipse-path to make its circumnavigation more smoothier.

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Feb 17, 2009
12:35 AM EST