"Act" by Mjaoo & Trone

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This is a Dangerbox Music Video to the song, "Act" by Mjoaa & Trone. Like what you hear? Visit www.dangerbox.net for more beats like these. "Act" is now available to download here:
en-US/html/content/releas e/detail/157963/Act%20EP

A Blue Guy spends his life secluded from society, but a wake-up call pushes him into a lengthy stroll to the big city. Ignoring and rejecting everything around him, up until a certain point he is faced with a choice whether to act or not.

The visuals and animated soundwaves are heavily inspired by a scene from Ratatouille, in which I tried to animate the music itself, since Techno lends itself very well to digital graphics. I also tried to apply a full spectrum of color in its correct order as he travels on his long walk, as well as different colors that fit with the living beings seen throughout the video. Specifically for the people, I made eye-colors reflect their current emotions. The Blue Guy's eyes remain either blank, or just closed for most of the film until his own emotions are forcibly brought out by the choice to act or not at a critical moment.

I didn't have a long time to work on the project due to school, but it turned out as a great experiment and I'm content with the final product's look. Hope you'll enjoy both it and the song! You gotta act.


This really shows-

...how creative you really are! All the colors and non-objective shapes and colors.

I thought it got a little slow, visually, with the guy walking around - it's a long walk up hill to the climax and then it _wham_ ends. The song kind of calls for that - it just felt a little unbalanced, story wise. Visually it was stunning.

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That was really good. I love it, I wouldn't mind you making some for me haha. Well done, probably one of the best I've seen.

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frickin sweet

That was very cool and I'm glad he decided to help the lady

I enjoyed it

I song strikes me as one that I would go and make a flash about some hero trying to save something or fight some idk, "act right now". Not sure. But yeah krib, I dig the new name and the little intro thing too. good stuff.

Thanks for your work

I should mention that this song was produced by my record label. Thanks for your hard work, Chris. We are very glad to have you bring our music to animated life. This song is part of the Act EP and will be released on March 20th, 2009 exclusively through Beatport. Catch it in your itunes store, djdownload or any other popular online music store shortly afterwards. Thank you for your continued support NG.

Manager of Dangerbox Recordings -- www.dangerbox.net

NEO-C responds:

No problem, had a lotta fun working on and I'm glad you guys are pleased with how it came out :]

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Feb 17, 2009
12:21 AM EST
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