"Act" by Mjaoo & Trone

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This is a Dangerbox Music Video to the song, "Act" by Mjoaa & Trone. Like what you hear? Visit www.dangerbox.net for more beats like these. "Act" is now available to download here:
en-US/html/content/releas e/detail/157963/Act%20EP

A Blue Guy spends his life secluded from society, but a wake-up call pushes him into a lengthy stroll to the big city. Ignoring and rejecting everything around him, up until a certain point he is faced with a choice whether to act or not.

The visuals and animated soundwaves are heavily inspired by a scene from Ratatouille, in which I tried to animate the music itself, since Techno lends itself very well to digital graphics. I also tried to apply a full spectrum of color in its correct order as he travels on his long walk, as well as different colors that fit with the living beings seen throughout the video. Specifically for the people, I made eye-colors reflect their current emotions. The Blue Guy's eyes remain either blank, or just closed for most of the film until his own emotions are forcibly brought out by the choice to act or not at a critical moment.

I didn't have a long time to work on the project due to school, but it turned out as a great experiment and I'm content with the final product's look. Hope you'll enjoy both it and the song! You gotta act.


About the flash and Egoraptor's review~

First off I'd like to explain my opinion and such on Egoraptor's review. I agree the neon and black background are just used to please the crowd. But most of Chris's submissions seem to mirror the same coloring style and animation style. (Obviously this is my opinion.) Yes, both of your skills are changing and heading in different directions, and I am a fan to both of you. But if I had to guess, Chris is trying out something new since alot of his other videos don't seems to follow this style....Always nice to try something new right?

Egoraptor has also "complimented" on the screen focus of the video. Personally it seems to give me a nice focusing area. And whats wrong with no focus? Sometimes it gives you the chance to look around at the animation instead your eyes trying to fix on one point. This is a matter of a opinion aswell. As for the summary of the video that Chris had left, its nice to have if people enjoyed the video but didn't understand it. That way they can go back and see it AND this time understand it without being clueless the whole time, and everytime they watch it. (Most people I'm sure read the summary after the video...)

I'd also like to point a certain part of the Author comments out.

"I didn't have a long time to work on the project due to school, but it turned out as a great experiment and I'm content with the final product's look."

According to this, Chris was busy with school and I'm sure that cut out alot of editing time and some tune ups. And I have a certain part of that for Egoraptor HIMSELF to read.

"but it turned out as a great experiment"

As I had said before Chris may have been trying a new style. And in Egoraptor's review. "Also you really shouldn't have to explain your forced symbolism, the video should speak for itself." This seems to show that Egoraptor did read the Author comments and apparently missed a small, yet important detail. I'm sure Chris never ment for this to compare to his other work.
Enough of that, time for MY review.

I'm a fan of some techno but the song seems to be way repetitive. Such as when the man is walking. The animation was smooth but the frames wern't done enough...You could have added way more if you had the time. The sync of music and video was a little off, but that's probably just lag. I'm not used to watching flashes like this but it seems to have some good "Re-watch" value. I find myself coming back maybe once a week to see it again. You can see that rush that you put in it and the lack of overall work do to time and busyness of your personal life. But in the time you spent I'd have to say it pretty good.

I'd like to add a personal note to Chris. Although I'm sure some people enjoyed it, and you may have enjoyed making it. But from fan to artist. It seemed to not connect with me very well. This kind of project from your style takes awhile to do and you having to rush it made things alot worse. Its good none the less and I'm happy to see Chris trying to change things up abit and try new things. It may end up as useful later on...

One more thing for Egoraptor. Read.The.Fine.Print. (I had to do this.) Chris even said that it was an experiment and it was RUSHED no less.

Overall rating of "Act": 6/10

I hope you both have a nice day and play nice.

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U GOT DISSED BY EGORAPTER DAMN!!!!!!!! and da n***a gave u a 5/10 r u gonna take that hell i wont! thats right boy go get em

This really shows...

... how much you really don't know about color theory or composition.

The whole thing is muddy and cluttered. I can't tell where I'm supposed to be looking at any given time. I imagine you figured it'd be an easy way out to use neon colors over a black background but when you do something that stylistic you really need to know what you're doing in order for it to look anywhere near appealing.

Also you really shouldn't have to explain your forced symbolism, the video should speak for itself. People aren't going to think you're clever or original because of your efforts, just pretentious. True symbolism applied correctly should work automatically.

You should do some studying!

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Got bored halfway through

good flash. I would have had more things going on during the long part while he was walking, cause the music did not really keep me interested. Not gonna knock points off cause of the music though, it's not yours.

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Great vid

Lol... was that pink girl gettin mugged by a ninja turtle?

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