"Act" by Mjaoo & Trone

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This is a Dangerbox Music Video to the song, "Act" by Mjoaa & Trone. Like what you hear? Visit www.dangerbox.net for more beats like these. "Act" is now available to download here:
en-US/html/content/releas e/detail/157963/Act%20EP

A Blue Guy spends his life secluded from society, but a wake-up call pushes him into a lengthy stroll to the big city. Ignoring and rejecting everything around him, up until a certain point he is faced with a choice whether to act or not.

The visuals and animated soundwaves are heavily inspired by a scene from Ratatouille, in which I tried to animate the music itself, since Techno lends itself very well to digital graphics. I also tried to apply a full spectrum of color in its correct order as he travels on his long walk, as well as different colors that fit with the living beings seen throughout the video. Specifically for the people, I made eye-colors reflect their current emotions. The Blue Guy's eyes remain either blank, or just closed for most of the film until his own emotions are forcibly brought out by the choice to act or not at a critical moment.

I didn't have a long time to work on the project due to school, but it turned out as a great experiment and I'm content with the final product's look. Hope you'll enjoy both it and the song! You gotta act.


heres the thing....

only someone who understands an artiest is an artiest, then again its just how applying it looks and if it entertains you, ahhhhhhhh screw it, artiest should just all be out to say screw the world and be against the man!

Omg, Ego yelled at you, you're in trooooouble.

Egoraptor may think this is bad, but screw him xD
this was truly a great movie, i loved it.
I especially liked the colors, and the animation wasn't half-bad either.
9/10 and 5/5!

Wow - Just hang on a second...

Egoraptor.... man i thought you were cool and all i thought you were one of the best artists on newgrounds and you give another artist shit "This really shows ... how much you really don't know about color theory or composition.". Sure the backgrounds might not have been filled in but that was a desired effect im pretty sure The colours are ment to be a vivid mix and it was ment to be a techno themed song. Do you not take into account the animation. The colours are ment to be a vivid display, a mess what a guy see's in his world, the dull person among the colourful changing world . You sit here and tell chris that he needs to learn about colour when maybe he wasnt looking for the effect you wanted.

He mightve explained himself because he though that it was too wierd submitting this animation without a reason. He had to tell people that are too slow that this was what happening. The song was awesome, the animation awesome and i feel so appauled that somone of your level can come down on chris who has shown improvemnt in the last 5 years. What you said wasnt even critorcism it was just being a dick, instead of saying L2 colour why not say, Great animations chris, your work is improving and doing this on such a tight shedule mustve been hard, im glad though that you put somthing out here for the world to see, but next time why not improve on the colouring of the area. not just "... how much you really don't know about color theory or composition." Your animations chris own, egoraptor is also one of my favourite artists but i feel that he hsa wronged you. I think that this was an animation of professional level.

Wish you the best of luck

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Rrom my standpoint,

This was a good flash, but had a few problems, most likly due to the little time spent on it. The neon outlines were slightly annoying, but proved to make a nice experiment. During the interval after the guy leaves, the three circles were a good way of showing the beat but got annoying after a while. You did get your message across, and I for one, believe you are right. There are times, where, no matter what, that you must make a desicion and act on it. My score, 7/10. Keep goin kir- erm, NEO-C


It was ok. Nothing really jaw dropping. I didn't like how it was really all over the place. Where do I look? The character? The corner? The circles? There wasn't really anything that was the center of attention. Still it's an admirable effort and I'll admit it's quite different.

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Feb 17, 2009
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