Err, a monster?

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I added sound, i hope you like it.


Needs more

Well, it's a basic little frame-by frame piece, that really could use a little more work along the lines of exposition of the plot, of which there was very little here.

I think that you've got the talent to take this a lot further, but it really is a case of putting in more time to get the work properly finished, before you submit. The your mum joke probably wasn't called for, nor was it particularly funny. With a little work on things like sound effects, you'd have a much better piece for relatively little effort. After that, expanding the piece a little, to perhaps 30 seconds or even a minute would really help your cause.

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A very short short. If it was any shorter there would be no flash at all. XD

Anyway, the graphics are very simple, but also very effective. They give this flash a very comical and funny look, which is a big plus in my opinion.

I also like the song you added to the flash. It fits very well, even though there doesn't seem to be a whole lot it could fit to. It just... fits. ^^

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So kewt! =3

Flashes like this are a rare breed on NG. It's just too kewt!

The graphics are very simple, and not very detailed, which is one of the main reasons it's so cute. The animations are really smooth, and the colours used are very soft, easy on the eyes.

There's not much story to it, and it's very short, which sucks. I'd love to see a somewhat longer version of this, even though the shortness adds to the kewtness, I suppose. I'd still like to see it a few seconds longer, or this turned into a series of short shorts. That could absolutely work out, as long as you keep this easy, sweet feel.

The audio was also very soothing, and added to the sweetness. It's a simple loop that really doesn't feel repetitive, at least not till you've had it on in the background for a while. Which I did, as I reviewed the piece.

Other than that there's not much to say. It's original, and sweet, and the audio is spot on, but it's very short, and leaves the viewer somewhat in the dark, not knowing what this was all about.

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The Green Monster is Your Mom

Hey there ZeroGravity. Thank you for letting me watch your short flash, I enjoyed it.

Very creative, very original. You were creating something new and original that I haven't seen before, well done. The origins were something from a different planet, for reals. I like your style of art, the simplicity of the animation, etc. very cool. Big ups for creativity.

The soul of your animation was not conveyed so much, however. It wasn't very efficient that the green monster was labelled as 'your mom'. I ultimately recognised that this was an attempt to be funny for funny's sake. But then, I realised that perhaps you see your own mum as a monster, a big green monster that eats you alive. I gave you benefit of doubt for that, points. Overall, not too much soul here.

I was quite entertained, but not rolling on the floor laughing. It was quite a nice short and sweet animation, and made me smile, but no rib-buster. You could have improved it by adding in more jokes, again length was a problem here. But it was funny, by all means, you can take that to the bank.

I thought this was very professional indeed. The drawings were great, sound was perfect. The only drawback was that it didn't have a replay button, so that I had to refresh it in order to have a 2nd look (which I prefer to, since it was so short). A replay button would be much-loved, but the play button was simple and professional, nothing too much was shabby or out of line. Well done.

I give this a low score because I felt it was too short to begin with. I would like to see a longer submission, definitely. In my opinion. Short is sweet, but too short is just not enough. More substance would definitely be much accepted. Thank you for letting me watch your flash, it was great.

- Creativity/Originality 10/10
- Soul 5/10
- Entertainment 7/10
- Professionalism 8/10
- Reviewer's Tilt 2/10





<------------your mum


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2.85 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2009
8:22 PM EST