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I wanted to do something different than Tipping Point, so I chose a more simple puzzle game. In Block Drop, you control a gem that jumps around different 3D block formations. Your goal is to remove all of the blocks by jumping off each one leaving only the checkered block behind. The game starts off easy, but very soon becomes challenging because each successive level has bigger and bigger block formations.

Block Drop has a very relaxing atmosphere created by ever-changing sky images and ambient music. All of music in Block Drop is dynamically generated on the fly, so you'll never hear the same music twice.

In addition to the music, all of the block formations are also randomly generated so no two games of Block Drop will ever be the same. Because the levels are dynamically generated, the game can go on "forever" or until the block formations get so big that they crash your computer.

I hope you enjoy playing Block Drop as much as I enjoyed making it.



You can now play Block Drop on the iPhone or iPod Touch by following the link below:
http://BlockDrop.com/c/Bl ockDropPhone/

You can also download the free version of Block Drop and play the first 10 levels:
http://BlockDrop.com/c/Bl ockDropLiteiPhone/


This is a great game! I don't know how I didn't come across it before. What really make this great was how good the graphics were. I fully appreciated how beautiful they were. The music was nice and soft as well. It's just a wonderful game.

I was surprised at how good I got at it. It's the kind of game you really get used to. I can usually determine where what is by my perception. And if I don't, I'll just try the level again! A truly unique game.

Amazingly simple = amazing.

Such a simple concept, yet such complex stages! I LOVE IT!

Currently at 28 and will keep playing for awhile, saving my password

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Its Ok ,I Guess!!

I Got Bored At Level 18 .. My Password Was M8P1I .. But Its Good


the game is great, I liked the music, the graphics, very relaxing and addicting
the only problem that I could spot is that it is not much of a challenge, entertaining but not challenging, the levels dont get much more complicated over the time
just one question: how many levels does it have? I'm up to 53

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Keeps you Thinking

I got to level 36 and I am writing down the level code, cause I want to keep going. Awesome idea. Will it ever end? You all ready told us that it probably won't.

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Feb 16, 2009
7:39 PM EST
Puzzles - Other