The Fastest Snail

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Mini racing game with very fun graphics. You have to drive a Snail and break the best lap times of 15 levels to complete the game.



i wonder why i like this game? otherwise repetitive


nice game a bit weird though liked the graphics sound was crap and a bit static just weird though and the humour was good where snails were on the outside of the track going slow as and the speedo was a nice touch


No matter how many times I tried every single time I pushed up the snail warped outside the map and I couldn't play. Fix the bugs and maybe it might be a good game.


I thought the concept of the game was awesome,But the gameplay was repetitive,and that's never good,Some other racers would vamp it,Maybe customizable "snails"?And diffrent courses and obstacles,Other than those I thought the game had a great foundation and plenty of room to expand.Great Job,David!

...I dunno...

It's reeeaallly repetitive.
Sometimes this is a good thing but it's the same three courses with lesser and lesser best lap time.
There's no punishment for squishing yourself though, only restarting the lap, only a punishment not meeting the best lap time.
So if you don't meet it, just suicide or you'll have to restart.
Which you don't want to because you don't want to go through all of the same laps again.
For a game called "Fastest Snail", that implies there is a basis in which you are trying to be faster than. So having a solo romp is...kinda...startling.

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3.36 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2009
5:17 PM EST
Sports - Racing