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Castle Clout: RoTK

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The king has returned in this awsome update to the original game 'Castle Clout'.

Now with 22 levels, 4 types of projectile, a 'build and share' level editor, updated sound effects, level select, and more........are you ready to take on the king???


Fixed bugs and added new cookie based 'level save' feature. :-D


needs a lot of polish,altho i like how you get weight upgrades and you can scroll to the castle,and the stone/wood is more realisticly destuctible

however the lack of polish/graphics makes crush the caste a better game.


..at one point, a flying head deflected my bomb, exploding it in mid-air. It was a level buzz kill, but completely great... I did, however, run into a bug. Just after completing Bonus 2, the game froze on me. I tried clicking 'Reset', and just made it worse to the point i had to refresh the page... Other than that, it was a pretty fun game. 8 / 10

Very... VERY GOOD!

I love this game, I play it over and over again.
Heres a tip for beginners:
When the rock is a bit ( a TINY bit ) past its high point, release it!
I also like the decapitation part of the game, favorited!

nice game but...

it's a nice fun game but there are a few things wrong.

it is annoying that when you get the big rock, you don't get the heavier weight to actually use it. to the previous poster, the big rock does work, but you need a heavier weight to have the power to throw it any good distance.

i do also agree that the fall and being crushed by the walls should be enough to kill everyone, not just the king. it's rather annoying having the castle fall in on itself but no one dies so you get next to no points.

all in all it's a fun game though, and i do enjoy it. if there's ever another game, i think it would be cool if the walls actually broke after enough damage instead of just looking cracked. and also maybe tweek the gravity a little. a lot of times i'm either throwing the rock completely over the castle, or i'm hitting the ground in front of the castle because it's such a perfect zone you need to hit in order to actually hit a good spot on the castle.


the big rocks dont even make it to the castle. and the levels dont work. it automatically goes to the next level if you fail. lastly, if something falls a long distance, it should break and give you points even if you dont hit it directly with the rock.

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2009
4:12 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed