Maze of DEATH V

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Player 1: Move with I,J,K,L
Player 2: Move with W,A,S,D
Main Menu: Use the arrow keys, SHIFT to select.


The Swamp Witch has gone crazy. She has become unstoppable. She is now... missing... And so are many people who have descended into the Fortress of DEATH, to help those people, only to be in the same situation. Ironic, isn't it?

It is time for a new generation to step up, and end the Witch's reign of death. She keeps going deeper into the Dungeon, and as you descend deeper, it gets darker. The Witch also drains your life, as well as your sanity. Is there anyway to stop her?!

Maze of DEATH V is finally out!! Fans of the ongoing series will be able to discover the next part of the epic storyline... But this one is much different than the others... In this one, you move and walk around, instead of avoiding the walls. It may be easier, but it's even darker, dangerous, and deadly than EVER BEFORE. Find a buddy and explore the Dungeon together, in an all new TWO PLAYER co-op mode... Can you both get out alive?


Note: You may want to turn the brightness and contrast of your computer down. Otherwise, it is really bright(and not so fun).

This took about 4 days total, about 4 hours to make. The mazes in this one are much more thought out, and look much better. Their very confusing in the dark, to say the least.

Most people will wonder why you're circles, and that this one doesn't have to do with the storyline, and it may not seem like it, but it does... Maze of DEATH VI will be like this, but with obvious improvements and changes. This was more of an experiment. And yes the icon sucks. The .gif thing was giving me serious problems, so I drew the "V" in Paint...

So enjoy the newest installment to the Maze of DEATH series, which was compressed from over 5 MB to little over 1 MB! I even went above and beyond and included an EASTER EGG... try to find it!!

Audio by punk7890!

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lol scarreddddddd mmmmmmmee

but right when u start playing press tab thats a glitch my freind

Emby responds:

One the first frame there is a movieclip to click, maybe you selected that?


I don't get how to make it work...i pressed play and it just has the title, nothing's happening...i like your other games though so i'll give it a ten

Emby responds:

Read the instructions... Hit Shift to select on the main menu.

Dude just stop

Yo u make shitty flashes, it sucks theres not point about it and clearly no effort in this work ( if we can even say its a work ) I wouldn't even whipe my ass with it. Maybe if you had talent you'd have good scores. but no sorry.

Emby responds:

I don't care what you think, you're just saying that to make yourself feel better. Not my fault all your friends left you and your family hates you.

Pretty cool.

I liked this.it was basic graphics wise,but in simple little games like this you dont really need beutiful graphics.i liked how you threw in the two player mode,and i liked the light effects on it too.overall,this was a fun little game.


Emby responds:

Someone who actually noticed the two player game... I'm also glad you noticed that it doesn't need good graphics, etc. Glad you liked it!


great game but how did i know it was going 2 b another screamer let me cheak o the other games u made in a row. but other wise good

Emby responds:

Hey... technically it WASN'T a screamer... The screamer was in the easter egg, so technically it has nothing to do with the game... But either way glad you liked.

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2.96 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2009
3:40 PM EST
Adventure - Other