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The Space Game

February 16, 2009 –
April 22, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Quoting a jayisgames.com review of TSG: You, playing the part of a heavily armed mining company, must set up shop in the midst of the 'roids and extract their mineralistic goodness. That's it. Game over.

HOLD ON THERE ARE SPACE PIRATES. Hundreds and hundreds of them, actually. It seems that the best asteroid belts lie within pirate territory, and they love nothing more than to crack open space miners' skulls and feast on their space brains. Expect them to send unbelievably huge swarms of space ships to accomplish that space goal, which results in some space gigantic and space exciting space battles. Space.


pealjam23 that doesnt work either.......

:( that makes me sad... i hope it works soon

This game is truly awesome, I wonder if the problem is related to the CC's site revamp.

Game can be found at the creators site here:

http://old.casualcollective.com/#game s/TSG_Missions


I DONT SEE ANYTHING.....this makes me feel sad an unfuzzy inside

is broken. D:

I liked the gameplay well enough, but it started to get boring after a while. I would have to wait about 2 and a half minutes before any enemies would show up. Besides that, I liked the upgrades you could apply, as well as the ability to make my base look like a spider web. 9 :D


try it on another site, though... you won't be disappointed. I know Kongregate's version is working, and CasualCollective should also have it running fine.

broken on newgrounds, but gold elsewhere.

Right now it's a broken link on Newgrounds, and that's all that matters.

WOW,this game is awesome! search it in google and you will change your opinion from 1 to 10.

to all who voted less than five because it "didn't work", you are hypercritical. you should try googleing it, play the game, then voted. but no your lazy. simple as that.

This is a pretty good game. My only problem with it is that the mother ship level is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. You dont get enough resources for it and you have to either be extremely lucky or have so many missle launchers that you can instantly kill them before they obliterate your base. But in any case, the games awesome, and just because it doesnt work on this site doesnt mean its bad. Dumbasses.

this is trash.

Obviously the game worked before, read the previous reviews. So move on and do not leave a review instead of being douches and downvoting an old game which hasn't been tended to by the author for a long while. Leaving a 10 to sort of make up for the last 3 zeros.

simple dosent work

it says it cant find url i mean wtf thats dumb

If it doesn't work here than it doesn't deserve to get a good score. THIS is the game. An url to another site shouldn't make this game have such high regards. I give it a 0 for not working, simple

even though it does not play on here iv played the game on its site and it is very addicting.

Alright, The game doesn't work...But since people have rated this high, I'm not gonna be a jerk, I mean, People don't care putting a zero I mean holy molly...

and for those in wich it not work here is a link

http://www.kongregate.com/games/Casua lCollective/the-space-game

If the game doesn't work, it gets a zero, regardless of whether it might happen to work somewhere else or not. If my makes a slot machine and sells it to a company and it doesn't even start up, we can't say, well it works at your competitor's place, so pay us the full amount. I have played this game before and I know it's good stuff, but when it stops working, it stops being fun. Simple as that fellas.

If anyone actually goes to another site and plays it then they will see it is really a good game that obviously had a lot of work go in to it and it really does not deserve to be ridiculed because of an internal error.
I think you have a really deep game that has alot of good points to it.

You fricking idiots, if it doesn't work, go it a different site and play it instead of giving it a 0.

wont start so i just will give a no star cause it dont work =P sounds like cool game though

guys i think ur looking @ a different game this one rocks man

The only thing that saved this from getting a zero is that i have played it on a different site and its pretty awesome...but it doesnt work here so 1 for you!!!

what the hel dude D:

the finest games of all time. The only problem is that there are loads
go to the b
box for the game

Will not work. I tried reloading about 50 times and I still get the same message:
[10] Setup has failed: Loader bypassed

So I can't play. F**k

Im Sorry, but this game wont even load for me, i refreshed 5 times and didnt load each one, id put on what you should fix... but it wouldnt even get to the f*cking menu, you REALLY need to fix that... and judging on past reviews, i see that its not my computar... try making a fixed virsion then lets see what the game is like... Fix It, im sorry but this is just terrible... and if it does load and takes more than 5 minutes, noones going to wait that long FIX IT!!!

I have played this before it is a great game but it WONT LOAD!!!!!!!!!

Game would not load. Waited forever. I would rather play something else.

This is a great game but you need to go to bubblebox.com for this thats how i got it

I really like this game, but now, every site i go to to play it, it always says that the loader has failed. It's a really nice game though shame we can't play it

sounds pretty epic but it wont load

the game wouldn't load also please help :( i like to play this game :) please look what is the problem

it didn't load but it sounds cool

well it could it wont load.well i i will rate it soon if and or when i get to play it.but well nice game?

I have played this game before and I beleive it deserves a 10 out of 10.

I seem to encounter a problem every time I try to play this, I've refreshed, deleted cookies, even went so far as to virus scan my computer, but nothing seems to work, this game wont load. I'm fairly sure I cant be the only one encountering this. Any Ideas on what may be wrong?

I Whant to play this game soooooooooo bad a freind told me about it and it sound so good vote ten on it or else!!!!!!!!!!!

Played the game before and loved it overall.

its cuz all you assses keep voting zeros on it! so shut the cluck up and vote 10!


i rated 5 because i know how good the game


it refuses to load anything

Well, When this was uploaded here it is possible to become corrupted , or not to be uploaded the whole thing, see?
So google the game name and taa-daa, It works.

It dont load, i played it before though....?

Played it, put it on my favorites, went back and it doesnt work? WTF?!

This was once an amazing game. I saw it in the games list and was very excited to play it again and conquer the depths of space. But to my disappointment, it was not working....so FRACK YOU for ruining my day.

Excellent game, though.

The only thing i can do is change the music, but theres no music? Was that all?

I normally wait a day or 2 when I encounter a game that doesn't load but when you look at the comments going back a month or more for the same issue you wonder about the authors capabilities.

oh well gotta fix that load eh?

how the f$%#$ did this not get blammed i thinck it would have been a good game but fix the stupid $#$% man just fix it

i know the load is broke,but i think it would of been a good game,guys with 0's the heck down hell fix t

Oh it does is the loadin bar which says 100% but nothing happeds wtf. Its needs to be fix.

i played the game before,next day,loader bypass. what the **** is that sopose to mean!!!?!!?

doesnt work just loads

iam not an ass so here have a 10/10 and to the asses who gave this zeros calm down

its not loading. the loading bar says 100% but its not doing anything. fix it so i can actually have an impression whether the game is good or not

http://www.casualcollective.com/#game s/The_Space_Game go there if u want to play this game, casual collective is the maker of the game, 100% will work

i just love to watch the game load again and again and again.
then i got bored and wrote this review. opps i forgot to say IT'S! BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh and boo this game sucks..... well loads

If it's not loading, then don't hurt the score by giving it a zero. Just don't vote at all and I'm sure it will get fixed soon enough. Thanks.

the game cant even load , y is the score so high :s

Game's broken dude :(

Sorry for the low score but I can't load it at all. You should probably fix that.

Something seems to be wrong with the loader, could you fix or point out what the issue might be. After reading the reviews from other users it seems to be an awesome game, so i rated it a 7 so it didn't hurt the score to much, but please either fix or share a solution to this problem so i can play this (supposedly) awesome game of yours.

I would have given a higher rating if i could play this game. it reaches 100% but nothing happens.

game isn't starting when it reaches the 100% mark..
but i know this game is fun =]

the game says hes 100% but then it doesnt work

Game wont even load right. Gets to 100% and then it sits there.

when i load the game it freezes my screen sometimes

I Wrote a review on this for E-on magazine - issue 17. It's a very good game! excellent job!

ienjoyed his game a lot. i want more

That the dang thing would start! I LOVE this game!

i played this game awhile ago and now i can't play it, the play/start button dosn't show up. why is that?

it ROCKS but sometimes it dose'nt let me on

i play this game all the time and when i come back for more it dies.

I played this game all the time on this site when it first came out, but it is not loading anymore.

Yeah, dont talk shit about computers when we probably have better ones then you

I played this here when it first came out, and it was an incredible game. It's not working for me now, which is strange.

I love this game although it wont load on new grounds.But it will load on casual collective.Here is the adress go there play the game and come back to write a review thats what I did.And no this isnt spam because im advertising a working link to the creaters website.

http://www.casualcollective.com/#game s/The_Space_Game

.. which has nothing to do with:

Browser: tried it on firefox and explorer, didn't work;
File size: I was able to play it elsewhere (really you would have thought 17 kb was too much!!)

To everyone who is having trouble loading this game I have a hint for you-

Look at the FILE SIZE of the game, its slightly above the awards it has won and below the programmer info, you can see why you can't play it- its totally beefy and the pure amount of game that is in here is way too much for your computers to handle, come back later when you get a REAL computer kiddies.

same as the people below me. but i like the sequel

just like the people below me, but im not stupid enough to vote 0 on a game i didnt even played (so im gonna vote 9 =~ average score)

Ive heard great things about this game and wanted to try it but it wont play... It says 100% loaded but then wont do anything...

I have tried using chrome firefox and ie and none worked so it isnt a browser issue

please fix I cant wait to play

the wont load on fire fox!!! fix plz

I can't seem to play the game, and I'm using Firefox. You should fix it.

It loads to 100% and then does nothing. I am using firefox.


a must play for everybody

veyr fun game....

has diefferent settings for begignginer and ''veteran'''

something i find fun to do is to build a mini base far away from my main one... it includes a maxed out solar station, and energy sotere, minerals if possible, and missle and lser turret, and a repair station.... yeah...jealous much?

this is a damn good R.T.S. simple for beginners with plenty to challenge the veterans of R.T.S. games.

Very addicting, just wish it didn't lag.

It's another point of view on DTD. I rely like it. Waiting for sequel =).

Every once in awhile there are games that really exceed the expectations one might have of free flash games, this is one of them. Thank you for posting this, and keep up the great work.

you just lost it

Great game man keep it up!

Quite possibly one of the best games I've seen in a long while. You guys are epic.

In Space.

I would LOVE to see this as an Iphone app

and on the mothership level, try shifting your base to the left. then make whatever

lol @ the guy below me saying "jeanious"
Yeah you guys are pretty fab in jeans, I'm sure
but really, this was a fun game, one of my top 5 flash games tbh.

people that come up with this stuff are frikkin' jeaniouses!
the gameplay is so good that it doesn't matter that in graphical aspects it's a bit less refined, it will keep you playing for hours altho it is kind of weird to know yourselve doing things like this :)
the sounds can get a tad annoying after a while but the speakers can always be muted... what this game needs (if there will be a sequel) is better sounds and MOAR weapons... maybee a bit more buildings altogether and yes, a save option is crucial!

I give you ten Stars in space. Now for the sequil I'd like to see recycling of space pyrat wrekages. For a third resource how bout commit chasing for rocket fuel, shielding and or tap water. I second the save option recomendation. Space

Awesome game! but it needs a saving option sooo bad!!

kept me up till 2:45 am.

This game was great, i wwere totally on it for hours...If you make a second one, try to add more turrets, energies sources, and maybe an another ressource to mine.
Keep up the good work.

nuff said

This is an excelent game, enjoyed it and found myself wanting more!!!
Could do with a mid game save facility, and would like a few more weapons, but an excelent game all the same!

strangely addictive.... what at first sight i thought would not interest me strangely beckoned me to keep playing, ending up in 6-7 hour of consecutive gameplay.

well done!

like i said above, its awsome!!!

I learned a loophole to the game! ;]

For offense you only need Grade 2 Missle Launchers and the most basic turrets. When enemies approach switch to "Slow" and mass up the basic turrets on the side they're approaching. Then recycle them all after the attack. It gives you the full 100 mineral refund for a basic turret. With this technique you don't waste minerals upgrading turrets that are too far to help for a wave. This makes the game very easy if you're quick on building and recycling the cheap turrets. Works on every mission.

Be sure to turn off your missles when Ring Ships approach!! :P

I give it a 7 because the thing is that when u have the thing protects the miners, it cost power to do it so i give it a 7

i give this a 3, because it's a complete rip-off from the indie game "harvest: massive encounter"
if you don't believe me, check it out on youtube
harvest: massive encounter is a great addictive game, your credit should be given to them

I cant give it starts cause i couldnt play it.. I tried but, at 100% load it brings me to the astroied and the and the lighted lines with the grean star boxs.. doesnt go any further then that... I have the flash 10 btw..

good game. this however, deserves another award!

Very addictive, fast paced defence/building game. I can't criticise!


Mining and defending never gets old, especially when it involves upgrades and combat. Awesome submission!

one of the best tower defence games ive played in a long time thank you
(make more!)

one flaw the gme didnt save after u quit it.

when i first started to play this game...it would save where i last left off...i was at the last lvl for a few days......i have to start all over again every time i play :/

Great game !

when you x out of the game and go back into it you have to start all over >_< that really pissed me off, so i just quit

i just kept playing it >< had to beat all the lvls... and i did

Excellent entertainment kept me busy for half an hour oh and sedyen if they repair your energy links it keeps valuable systems online like turrets and miners and sometimes the repair stations.


I can't get past level 4

This game was a thrill to play, but in order to make it playable for a longer time and maybe a chance of actually winning a survival mode there a couple changes/additions that could be made. I didn't have time to read other posts so some of these ideas could be repeats. I think you should get minerals from killing pirates, that would make a mined belt worth protecting. Also the A.I. cou;d use some work. The pirates seem very adept at seeking out your mining feilds, and yet your stupid repair drones try to repair the energy links rather than repair key structures. I think that with better A.I. and some kind of return for killing hordes of pirates that I could easily have played this game for twice as long rather than watch all my hard work be demolished after several hours of carfully building. Thank you for this game, it was great!

This game has a unique flow to it that makes it more fun than most of the tower defense games I've played recently. With some experience I was able to last for just over 30 minutes in the "No Hope" survival mode (and if I had left my base the way it was, probably longer, but I recycled all and made a "battlestation" in the corner of the map). The base looks like a living "nervous system" which is a cool effect.

Tips: Upgrades are only recycled for half; only upgrade the first few solars. Build lazers in mass but don't upgrade, it loses effectiveness vs. some ships (ring ship shields). THEL upgrades can't be fully recycled, but missile launchers level 1 can, so use them to kill motherships then recycle them (lazers can kill all other ships). Keep repair units around all battle nodes to prevent losses. Swarmers are by far the hardest to defend against without losing units. For a challenge, mine the entire field then remake your base somewhere else on the map and see if you can make an invincible fortress.

I love this game, new favorite game, nice work.

I signed up for a Newgrounds account so that I could favorite this and not have to go searching for it. Good job.

Very Fun and addictive, with some graphic upgrades (perhaps to 3d) and expanded options this could be made into a game I'd be willing to pay some cash to play! Keep it up!

Really great game, but, WTH where those motherships? You need some kind of superheroe to beat that... The diffuculty curve was like hitting a wall.

This game is everything I ever wanted in a space game. Battles, micro management, upgrades, it has it all, exept one thing. No difficulty control, once you get to the mother ships, unless you slow down or stop time, you have almost no chance to build and upgrade fast enough, and even then it's hard, but a really awsome game none the less, keep this up and you will be on the top of my favs list.

so amizingly fun and awesome. if this was on the xbox 360 community games id buy it

This offers a lot of enjoyment for RTS strategy nuts. A few key points would make it much more enjoyable: offer larger asteroid belts (with smaller asteroids if you want to retain the total resources-per level limit) so that location becomes a greater tactical element, allow the player to construct offensive forces to take the fight to the enemy, and definitely add some background music with a volume control. Even with these "RTS essentials" missing, I think The Space Game is excellent.

It's a great game and very addicting. A save feature would be cool, and more weapon upgrades/building types, in the sequel (if there is one)

I forgot time and almost made my girlfriend kick ma ass O_O.

Marvellous Game!
Pretty easy to understand, but quite hard to master.
If I could save my game, I would give 10/10

My only problem with the game is the lack of options. There should be many more variables added, like rocks never being depleted, more cash in the start, different weapons, specific targeting for each weapon, etc.

Otherwise, the game is overall pretty fun.

Nice! that last level is really hard! Great job!

this is a awesome fast paces game with lots to do the only ways i can see it getting better is if u added a few more wepons or a freebuild mode wold be cool.

This game is just great!
The idea is rather seldom and implemented very well. the graphics are awesome!
the sound could need some improvements.
its a bit imba imo, but thats nothing to mock about, as it's more than just playable, i played it all through.
10/10 for just great work!

I have become addicted to this game. i play it every chance i get(which is often because i work at a book store)! Please make downloadable and a sequel!

It's so vast and very fun.....it's makes me feel so isolated

Awesome game, man. Wicked addicting. Only thing I have to say is add more weapons, maybe a few different types of miners, and more upgrades, thats the one thing I didn't like the most. But nothing to take away from the game. Awesome job, jeep it up.

Too addictive, I keep coming back for more. Can you please make a sequel featuring some more upgrades?

awesome game man! much buildings,enemies,weapons. :D


so addictive...

One of the most addictive game I have played, I have absolutely no clue how you got this game size so small.

This is an excellent start, but its still incomplete. For the sequel try adding multiple factions and the ability to create your own fighters. Then this game will truly be epic.

I enjoy every single second of this game.
The only thing that bothers me, is that the game turns really hard from 18:00 minutes on... But overal its awesome :]

It's way too hard! There should be a mode with infinite money and you could like pick which kind of enemies you fight, then with increasing waves. Like and infinite survival mode, or something like that.It would give people a chance to explore what each building does to the max and enjoy the game more.

why not add a wave mode NO no taht one but when you chose when the next one is and therse a TON like 400k worth of minerals around you

really good job, this is a flash version of harvest massive encounter reeally, and you did it justice too...

keep it up, a few more wepons and upgrades would have been nice mainly for the miner, lvl1 did 80 per min then lvl 2 did 200. maybe a few more upgrades to eaither increase the amount mined or make it harder to achive full mining ability.

but probably the best flash defence game ive played for a whil.

Besides really liking this game for the way my computer handles it, the perfect interface and the fact that it is absolute genius - The part I liked best about it was that the game has a very good way of not making it too hard. I often had myself restarting a stage because I just started off wrong, but even when 100's of enemies at a time came at me, I could still beat them off. But on the other hand, one minor mistake could kill me. I like

i really liked it, but i think that you should not only defend, but build some ships as well, just because i couldnt stand the way they had ships and i didnt....=( but you really got talent and u really gotta make another 1! make a few defence ships, and it would be awesome to watch little red ships vs. little blue ships or something...

This game was absolutely awesome. Spent a few hours playing it and was still entertained =p

I had to look on youtube how to win the last stage.... And realised that I wasn't being aggresive enough. Also, my computer is a bit weak, and I'm impressed how well this game ran for me.

As for bioweapon... You think Spore's space stage is original itself?

It's a rip-off of Spore's space stage, but a good rip-off at that.
Good thing im hooked to Spore or i woulda blammed this for "no originality."

4/5, 8/10.

nice game, i liked playing it, only there is something missing, or not.
i think it gets to repetitive after a while, i didn't want to complete all the missions becauze i got bored after a few.
but nice game, maybe add a little extra ''something'' to keep guys playing.

This games totally innovate 2D space shooter strategy games into something more fun. This games totally need good strategy to make it through. Not just by random placement of turret and everything else.

The bad thing i found is the lack variety of enemy. It is more better to add bigger enemy and more challenging enemy and maybe more variety of weapon.

After i play this games, i talk to myself, '' This world need more original games like this ''. Thank you for your fun games.

I loved this game even though I only got to lv.6 lol.... Anyhow I loved the music and the idea it kinda in a way remind of Starcraft (A little bit( the whole space aspect. Was very challenging and wished it had a little more objective and more things you can buy. All in all this is one game I would definitely recommend to all my friends which I have done already and would like to see something like it again in the future. Thanks for bringing this game to NewGrounds!


I was honestly impressed. The game looks good, it plays good, and just feels good when controlling.

I know a lot of people are asking for something bigger. I honestly would be hesitant about arbitrarily making the game more complicated. It is a wonderful balance right now of economy balance, base design, defense, upgrades and so on. Preserving a good balance is a non-trivial task; I would love for that to stay if there are any more incarnations of this game

The only things that I think could make this better would be smooth scrolling from the keyboard (minor) and probably selecting by type so you can apply upgrades all at once.

As an add on, a way to generate maps/missions yourself could be very cool to do, though i realize that a good editor again isn't easy to do

Over all, excellent work.

Just plain fun! In a world of defense game clones, this one brings some originality to the table. A good 6-8 hours of fun, or maybe i just suck at it. Excellent flash title, just excellent.

Reminds me of sins or homeworld, and thats a good thing. The asteroids running out of minerals got me every time, but fun neither the less. maybe for survival there should be infinite minerals from 1 asteroid and then make it gay ass hard.

i was lost in this game for two hours thax keep up the great work

I love this kinda game... very much like classic Age of Empires, in space. The later levels take some thinking and planning... lots of fun!

Time Well Waisted!

At the mother ship level none of the missle launchers fire after a short period of firing time it bugs me but all of the other levels are good.

I had a LOT of fun with this one. Just can't beat the special challenge missions though.

What can I say.. I love everything about this game. I am a fan of RTS space games so that helps for sure. I just really like everything from the music atmosphere to the art style and the attention to detail of the little lasers and electrical signals pulsing around the grid.

I found the tutorials and multiple mission modes to be great amusement too. Provided a ton of replayability. I beat the main story mode, 3/4 mining modes (still can't quite beat hard mode) and beat 3/4 survival modes.

I guess my only complaint is that the game does start to bog down on later levels but you at least provide an Options screen that lets me turn down the space background and the electrical activity so that was very smart and helpful. I do have a good computer too so that isn't the reason. :)

Anyway, rock on!

I figured that this would be just another avreage retarded game designed for that one laugh that you would get out of it but after I started playing it I realised that I had been playing for 2 hours. I cougradulate you on you unmeasurable success. 10/10

This kept me entertained for a good few hours.
Once I finished it I played it again and told my friends about it
now thats all we do

One of the best "Expand your power" games Ive played in awhile, have been playing it non stop since it came out.

Simplicity merged with exellence.

This is positevly orgasmic. Adding a secondary objective to mine minerals is genius. This is a well thought-out, neatly polished game that deserves to have a 5/5 score.

all i have to say i like the challenge. ^^

But with out the fighters on your side, but I love it its cool well builded and awesome controls I like it alot saids I, if only some one would make a star wars empier at war or something close to it or star track, what ever make it your own, but still really good job dude.

I loved it and and am still playing! Most games can only be played so many times but this one continues to excite me. The only advise i have is to add combat ships similar to the repair ships that already exist! Please make another!

An amazing game all around; graphics are great and it fun as hell!

This is pretty addicting and a great time waster it is really worth playing

a sequal :D

good job, it's both addicting, and its fun which is a plus, coz most addicting games are stupid and you hate yourself when you play them...Im a amazed at this game, its the next AoE/Civilization game. I really want you to put like units in next time, like say a system where you can build moving miners, rather then stationary ones, even tho its still cool.

You really should try expanding this into something much bigger, there's certainly room for it.

This is very good game. Let me start off by saying that. It had been awhile sence I played a decent strategy game of anysort. The Graphics were great (exspecialy for a RTS), it supplied one with many different modes, and things were upgrade able. The only problems/expectations/improvements I could suggest is that you could make more buildings, enemies, and space objects. And maybe you could expand the size in which one could research improvements. Annnd I sort of want something more of a goal than what was presented. Maybe protection.. a group of ships, the abilty to mine a planet and place defences on it (or a chunk of a planet). I dunno..

Great game all things said. I, personally, really enjoyed it.

Just absolutely amazing. This is my favorite game I've played this year.
The only part that disappointed me was the lack of missions. It ended to fast ;_;

I'm really looking forward to a second one.

How about you fix your browser and play the game before reviewing it, okay?

Anyways.. this game was completely epic. 5/5 10/10

very fun game. great job!

Maybe what you meen is the game Harvest Massive Encounter, its look very much like that game, altho thats a full game you buy...
but this game is absulute avesome jsut easy enouhg to beat, and hard enough to make your fight for victory, like that lvl with all the motherships, it took me several attemps beacause i thought i should defend all sides of me, when i discovered that all wawes come from the same side i could put all defence there and suvied, altho half of my base was destryed i won...
its has also a great replay value because you can com back and the one of the survival lvl's, and there are many different ways to buid up...
and i also want to warn peple that big laser use a enorme ammount of power so don't build alot of them without many more power buildings...
so i give 10 stars for this.....
good work

Very good BEST type of game i played in a while


I think I know what game your thinking of Spore during the space exploration piece of the game. Am I right? Or wrong?

Other than that, great game but gets boring after a bit

this game is frighteningly similar to another game that i have played.

still good though. but only a 7 because it is not really original.

This is like one of those games that I always play and love, only to find out it's only the first two levels of a full game you have to pay for, only it's not, it's entirely free.

I'm not very good at this game, but that doesn't mean it's not awesome.

I really like these kind of games. You know that the Nintendo Dsi is coming out this year?
You should go to Nintendo and make a DS version of this game! It would be easy to control the things with the stylus pen. :D

Very nice work on this game, thanks alot!

10/10 and 5/5! You deserve them! _Veikko :3_

i want to see some more games like this

I have never seen a game like this ever before; it contains amazing gameplay and the graphics and sound are great. The interface is easy to manage and I hope a second one comes out!

Add a few more levels and units and I would actually *buy* this game. You have a great thing going here, and I hope to see a sequel in the near future.

Fantastic work.

I must say, that is one of the more addicting games that i have played. There were so many dynamics and variables to keep track of, making it incredibly complex.
complexity = good in an RTS

This game required me to graduate from watching battles to just "assuming" that i was winning and all was working so i could tend to the ever-demanding mining stations. (which is the key to winning the last level). The quick keys were a plus too.

Graphics were about as amazing as they can be for a 2d space rts.

really, man, 10/10. This game seemed very professional.

I actually took the time to beat all the single player missions on this one - when a flash game interests me enough to make me sink that much time into it, I call it a good one.

Graphics: 7
> Simple design, but clean. Would have liked a little more visible difference between levels of the same type, especially pulses.

Sound: 7
> The main loop is catchy, and I applaud the way it seamlessly gets more 'exciting' when under attack. Otherwise, the laser/missile sound effects are nothing to write home about.

Interface: 7
> I personally am not the type to navigate the map using WASD, and I often ran into awkwardness trying to click/unclick so I could drag the map around. I occasionally had to click a few times to select what I wanted to build - that may be just the slowdown, which I got a LOT of in later stages. I'd suggest adding a 'toggle build menu' key so that it could always be up if you wanted it. I also was a bit irked by the inability to choose what enemy the defenses or repair droids target, but perhaps that is by design.

Gameplay: 8
> VERY addictive - I definitely got into the swing of mining those odd little green meteors and then putting up defenses. My primary gripe is that the game's scaling is not terribly complicated - it always goes fighter/missile ship/exploder/ring ship/swarmer/mothership. A little variation would be nice, or better yet, mixed groups. I also miss some form of 'high score' memory within the game itself, even if you don't upload it - something as simple as "show last mission's stats", or even better overlaying your 'best' graph/stats against the current ones on a mission repeat would be excellent. Finally, I felt a bit let down after the final mission - a part of me expected something unlockable or otherwise to reward the effort beyond the standard mission end screen.

Overall: 9
> This is one of those games where the whole is greater than the sum of its otherwise okay but not amazing parts. Despite the minor fixes I list below, I thoroughly enjoyed this game and spent a fair chunk of time mastering it. Well done.

Issues Observed:
A) THEL/Mothership laser sound does not end if you restart while it is active, especially on mission 6. The only way to kill the sound (which continues even in the menus) is to fully restart the game. Quite annoying.
B) Noticable slowdown at higher levels - not a whole lot to be done about this one.
C) Recycle value of an upgraded repair station is 0 - probably an oversight. It had full drones and life, just no value.
D) Occasionally unable to add power links to severed objects, even when placing the link almost on top of them - I'm not sure what was preventing the object from linking back to the power grid.


yeah it was that good...this started as a quick time killer then after my base became huge it became somthing....more....awsome game with the PERFECT balance of difficulty, the game gives you just enough time to mount an defense and gives you just enough time to pray it works :) , also i love how you summurize your difficulty levels...(and yes i know i cant spell) ...extreme...like when you call all the pirates pansies and give them your exact location...oh its on.....!!!!!!

good game and good job

I love this game, I play it so much... in the dark, with the sound up.... It encompasses me, and I love it.

OMG i spent 3 hours of my life playing this game

well all i got to say is time well spent :)

... but Starcraft comes to mind when i play this. very fun game highly time consuming even on fast. and just the right difficuty.
Pirates: All you base are belong to us.
Me: BULLS***!!!!!

We've had lots of RTS games in the past, but this one takes the cake! It definitely relies on your management skills and foresight, unlike most similar games where you just build a thousand units of the same kind and watch the slaughter. I have rarely been addicted to a flash game like this. Good job!

This game has to be my favorite on newgrounds. Its so addicting and fun and I just can't get enough of it. =)

you should keep making games like this 1 jest better :p make it soon too and this game roooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkksssssssssss im new....

Original, smart, challenging defense game

Definately worth playing again

Sweet game thanks!

friggen great and very original idea with and awesome system of power manage ment looking forward to more gamesfrom you

Amazing, i even signed up for the Casual Collective website so i could play the other game modes. Great, make a sequel!

wow this is great and in depth but
well... any games last longer with a level maker and also i noticed that the meteorites were mostly tightly packed how about some times the player needs to venture out a bit? and how about turret conecters? you put them between the same type turretts and it increases their range rate of fire and power but takes up more power and if one is damaged they are all damgaged?

Excellent game. Loved it, played it for hours, then got bored. There seems to be alot of potential here, but this game makes the same mistake that the original Warcraft does: Reproduce the same scenario on every map, with very, very few exceptions, with the only difference between mission 1 and mission 10 being difficulty in the form of more advanced enemies.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, it's just that it needs MORE. More variety in missions, like others are saying about assaulting enemy bases, or just something that requires you to move around farther than that the next asteroid.

I play this for long time.
Good game more balance and fun+challenge.

Now 4000word left...

I have some tip&walkthough

About our unit

-ALL thing you can build you CAN recycle in FULL COST.
(Expect upgrade unit.)

-M.mine They can dig/suck any asteroid.
More M.mine more power dig/sucking.
1M.Mine use45marterial(Next I call M) 80M per minute.
1M.Mine[Upgrade](Next I call[+]) use 45+100M=145M 200M per minute
3M.Mine use 45+45+45=135M 245M per minute
WHAT the different?
M.Mine[+]use 1En same M.Mine you can SAVE Energy per Dig and very effect
for more link asteroid.(If you can link more than1asteroil.Mine[+] can supreme Dig effect.)


M.Mine can Recycle for Full Cost you guy can use this tip for dig mine field
from FAR position.
(If pirate come Recycle them all look like Hit&Alway-->Dig & Alway.lol)


B.Laser low-cost/range/Hp/etc...
BUT Good Atk30 it's powerful by itself.
And can Recycle Full cost.
Good in number.

Pulser yup half Atk(14Atk) but rapid shot
They r powerful in number.
Yes this gun can rape pirate victim as fast as per upgrade.

THEL loooooong range and suck your EN dry fast!!(Atk1 per sec?)
Good to shoot down anything can move from far position.
And they can killing Mother ship before they do anything.
More THEL More killing power and MORE SUCKING EN(Watch out for EN first.)
*No EN THEL=junk.

Missile.L(Next I call ML) Another long range weapon very deadly Atk(450Atk)
But they use 5M per shot.(Who's care if you dig more than shot?)
Missile.L can kill mother ship in 3or4 shot.
*No material Missile.L=Junk.

OK THEL and ML can kill mother ship what is better?
I think ML good but ML very waste material for small victim if not in group.
THEL can fix for number effect mulit shot on same target.

*Use weapon and tactic as you wish as your style.



OK I will talk about Mother ship only.

Because all of you Hate her right?
THEL and ML can kill her.

But one problem she not come in my range bitch!!

-Easy way to kill if Mother ship try to shot something on your base.
You built EN.relay from your base to mother ship and built B.laser next to her.
(Be careful MUST not have any Mother ship Atk fighter.)


I have Full-DEF-system but she come another side.
-Arrr...crap this is nightmare right?
OK clam down and Make new DEF line from MS-Atk-Fighter.
And try to built new THEL or ML in DEF line.
Or built something cheep to buy you time she will destroy anything in her face.
Before she going to rape you in your base.
If you have a lot of B.laser recycle them to get material back and built one in new position.


PREW~~All I know I think I can talk...
Next can you put some story line for this game?
And last Thank you for awesome game!!Love it!!

Have a nice play~!! THANK YOU!!

I love these games and this one is a favorite, if you had a larger variety it would add so much more awesomness to this game enemies bases upgrades and such. As MrMaverick says, if we could build a base and attack a pirate base that would be awesome.

this is the best online strategy game that I saw in my life ... i have nothing more to say.. perfect

hmm. good need s more work though, its a bit hard, and yes i do suck at stuff.

This game is sweet! However, I do feel that after you play it for a while it does lose a small amount of its novelty. I believe that all this game requires to make it great is variety!

Larger variety of units to build/upgrade.
Larger variety of enemies.
Larger variety of missions (instead of just mining a certain amount of mineral or surviving a given length of time. Maybe you could attack a pirate base?!)

However, as it stands now this is still an awesome game which is very addiciting and a great time killer!

Great work!

or even more wait... can it get even better then awesome?

this game was fantastic...
purely fantastic...

I haven't beaten all of it yet,
but it's one of those games I can set down,
and come back and still love it without getting bored...


On first impressions this game might lead you to believe it was another copy of by-gone space sims. Not having played any I still think I can say that this is quite unique. I think it was refreshing to see someone put so much effort into creating such a marvelous game.

I honestly was not expecting the calibre of this game, be it in flash. I was instantly drawn by the unique layout of the game. I must admit also that I am quite fond of space games. This certainly will hold some creedence being one of the best space-sim-flash game.

The level system was also quite amazing to see. I was expecting a non-stop action sim. But this, with tower defence-like qualites, made an interesting change. I must admit I have a very short attention span, but this is the 3rd time I will be playing it.

Good work!

This is a very good game. It can fit a high amount of enemies and items on a screen without drastically lowering frame rate and making it lag. I'd add a few more weapons but other than that i cant complain. Good job

this game was extremely awesome. i got no lag from it, it was fun, i couldnt get tired of it. i didnt think it be this great.

the only thing that needs to be fixed is a no sound option.
(maybe there was, but i just couldnt see it)

hope you make a sequel for this.

This game is good, but if you've played Harvest: Massive Encounter then it will seem familiar
Very familiar.
The game is almost exactly the same, with the only differences being how energy is stored, how towers are upgraded, and the life and repair system for towers. Other than that there is no difference between this and harvest. Don't get me wrong, I like that game, but change more than aliens to space pirates and from on a planet to outer space.

It kept me occupied for quite a few hours, because it's fun.

The mothership lvl keeps whuppin my butt but the game is simply awesome. 10/10

Its a great game up till the second defend level with the mother ships, they aren't really all that hard but if you don't have just the right set up of wepons...your screwed, otherwise its a really great game 9/10

Enuf said.

A great idea that is almost perfectly executed. If the ships had more details, it would have looked even better. And I'd have prefer if the shortcut keys for structures were place on the left side of the keyboard, like the WASD region. The WASD can then be used as shortcut keys while only the mouse is used for screen movement.


If you cant get past the mothership level, try this out. build around 8 solar stations, all maxed out. build 4 energy storages around them. after that you should have around, 12k minerals left. with that, build 4 max level THELS around the stations ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCREEN. the motherships come from the right side. then build 4 level 1 or 2 pulsers around them. maybe one or two missile launchers (if you are going to build missile launchers, dont use up all your minerals). Repair stations aren't really needed, but if you want to build one do it. i got past the level without them, but i guess they would help a bit. i only lost 1 pulser and 1 THEL.

it took me about 2hours to survive the last mission!

but i got owned on the mother ship mission badly. It'd be easier if you could mine in that one (but obviously reduce the starting amount of minerals). I thought it was a really great game. Killed a lot of time for me. Kinda reminds me a lot of EvE online, only... RTS style i guess? Too bad you can't create your own units so you don't have to build towers at every edge of your base to defend.

Overall i loved it! Great stuff.

Great game, I loved everything about it! There's one thing that could improve it a whole lot, and that's if you let me save my game mid level. The 20 minute timer is actually a LOT longer in regular mode, so on the last level, if I get overrun with a few minutes left, I'm SOL. So that would help, but again, awesome, awesome game.

This real time strategy game is awesome. A lot like a TD, although you cannot anticipate where the enemy will go. Although it's difficult at the beginning you get use to it and it becomes more fun. I found that the number hotkeys were too difficult to remember, as a compensation I suggest you use letter keys instead. Recommended.


This is absolute greatness, well done. :) Simplicity meets good gameplay, wonderful...

this game is awesome. if you make a sequal, make it with more weapons and more enemies .

wow, man that is one of the coolest games on NG, [bow down]
it requires skill and strategy thinking to try to go trough it :D
w00t, al my 5 (or 10) belong to this, great job

This will be one of the best games ever, here on newgrounds!!! I (don`t find the right word) it!!!! Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What i love best about this game is how you made it so everything has a weakness, I love the missiles but i can't just make 10 missiles and expect to live.

the best game i've seen so far on newgrounds. i absolutly love the game.

this game would never work out if i never folowed the tetoal lol i tryed it one time without folowing instructions and hell...not a clue of what to do lol very good game loved the graphics..pretty advanced looking stuff eh.

Is very good, an interesting take on a defense game, nice graphics style, easy to follow tutorial, and overall fun game play make this a good game. Worth your time!

this game is addicting and so much fun, keep it up

one of the best

it gets hard when you get to level 6 but i cant get pass the mother ships thats hardstuff but i love challenging games 15/10

I wish there were a few more levels buildings etc;
Keep rolling with this cuase this is great!

This game is totally amazing! I love the mining feature to build weapons like your own little community of repair stations and weapons... THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!

So amazing i made an account just to post this!!! ;)

I only thought of one thing that you could add. The Energy Connector coukd have a limit so people would have to build more and you could take off the 6 conectin limit then too.

But level 3 is faaaar too hard, just get [ast like 10 ships and sudenly there's 40 comming from the other opposite side, beat them just in time to be slaughtered by the 50 odd ships from below

and new.

All three things that make a great game i picked up on what to do quickly and it was not too easy as well.

Well done i am not a guy to be easily pleased. I can't think of anything wrong with the game,

i looked at my clock and it was 22:00. after two levels it was 22:30. O_o its to adictive but lasers are too strong.

tootaly loved this

You have to love this, seriously.

umm.....the game wont start for me :\ anyone know why and what i can do?
please reply^^ from what ive heard its a very good game and it bugs me that i cant play it also it wont let me post this coz its to short :\ so if you dont mind ill say random stuff

I was late for work this morning because I was stuck playing this game. Ten minutes later I arrived at work and wanted to continue playing - but sadly, I had an estimate.
It's my lunch break.
I'm home.

I love to hate you. And hate to love you.

Keep up the great work!
I love the music, the graphics, the strategy! <3 <3

I've never realized what power that acronym held until I played this game. I got sucked in, and addicted right after the tutorial, and as soon as I saw those waves of ships coming in later on in the game "OMFG!" was all I could spit out in time before this game handed me my head on a platter.
This is one of the few games on Newgrounds that I will always come back to play. Honestly I think this should get a publishers check, a nice face lift, some multiplayer options and this should be on Xbox Live.

Great Job! Play this game, its one of the best strategy games on the internet let alone ever!

I usually beat every video game I play, and once I've beaten a game completely, I don't return to play it again. But I was surprised to find myself returning to play this game even after I'd already beaten it.

For anyone having trouble,
I found the "Mining modes" to be fun yet too easy, except for the "Madness" level, which killed me every time, until I realized some things:

Basic lasers are far superior to level 1 and level 2 pulsers, (and maybe even level 3) for these reasons:
Basic lasers are 100% RECYCLABLE and therefore essentially MOBILE. You spend 100 minerals on them, and get BACK 100 minerals when you recycle. With level 1 and 2 pulsers, you spend 200m and get back 150m. With level 2, you spend 350m and can only get back 225m when you recycle the laser. Because of this, I would never recycle my pulsers unless I absolutely had to, and they would be sitting around doing nothing while waves of ships come from another direction.
But with basic lasers, I can constantly recycle and build new ones where they are needed, only defending the side of my base that NEEDS to be defended. When a new wave is on the "horizon," I simply pause the game, recycle all the unnecessary basic lasers, place a whole bunch of new ones where they are needed, then un-pause the game. This strategy works AMAZINGLY WELL and it allowed me to beat the "madness" Mining Mode.
(It only doesn't work against mother ships. Use missiles for those. Missiles are also a MUST-HAVE once the waves get larger.)

The upgrade cost of 100m is definitely worth it, and almost all of your miners should be fully upgraded. (except for the ones next to the smallest size asteroids, of course.) Don't build new miners until the ones you have are upgraded! A very simple rule of thumb, but it sure does get those minerals flowing!

Hey I'd give you 50 stars if I could. This is by far the best space strategy game I've played on Newgrounds so far. Keep it up and hope you make more of these great games.

Man i have a lot of fun with this game ! Congrats :D

best strategy game on NG

You have my support.

i only have 2 gripes, which for me is very very little.

First off, "tactical high energy lazer" is crap. it bearly does any damage for the amount of energey that it uses, missles are 1000 times better for long distance.

The other problem is you have some options of the game locked unless you are a member of your group, your desision obviously, however i wouldnt lock certain aspects of a game to people like that, you can still advertize that there are tons more games just as good or even better than this one open to members of your group, then people who are interested can be like "oh i'll go check that out!"

Other than that this game is great.

I like it. Pretty fun but could use some work.

that Reminds me Harvest ... i like it

Fun time passer, I must admit, but the small jokes are hilarious. "Mine 40000 minerals, after you called the pirates a 'Bunch of pansies' and gave them your exact location...OH IT'S ON!" Hilarious XD

I Really Enjoyed Playing This Game (:
its fun

there shud be more variety in things like ya defensive towers etc and the enemys maybe could have looked better (:

but overall 9/10 !

:) not a bad game at all!

really good game, but after mission 4 I was wishing for there to be more variety in the mining equipment and defense towers

I lasted exactly 7 minutes on no hope... Is it a coincidence that 7 is a lucky number? Whose to say. =)

over the top game, no matter if it looks like any other game or not. But on the other hand, if u want any bonuses u wud have to buy them on the CasualCollective site...there is a sandbox mode and some other stuff....but just for cash...and thats lame, so i just give it a 5, for the programmers didnt make (or put it together?) this game for fun, but for makin money.

I couldn't stop playing this game until I realized how late it was! Very good game, very detailed, great graphics, music, and gameplay; I'll be coming back for more later!

Thats the score i got on the hardest difficulty in survival XD
God i love this game rofl Xd

tho, ill rate you 9 bc i know u just got me addicted to something, and that aint good lol

anyway, when it gets to the point where u think u can build a permanent and invincible base at survival's last difficulty, you know youve been microing as if you were playing SC... lol

anyway AWESOME :D

i give it a ten out of ten just a fun good grapics just over all great game good job to whom ever made the game


I can't understand why anyone wouldn't have given this a perfect score. This is one of the best put together flash games I have ever played.

Great freaking game! Tip for the tougher levels: when you recycle the basic mining unit you receive a full (as in 100% refund), so you can up your production level with no penalty (plus provide lots of extra targets for the AI).

i really liked the game keep up the good work!

this game is pimpin

as far as i know this is fairly original and new i like this style definetly make it more expansive like starcraft and warcraft. if u wanna survive u have to find more than 1 base and defend it. make this an epic game go ahead i dare you >=P all in all i like it perfect marks

oh ya well i was the 7025fth to rate it BOOYA this brought me back to flash trek broken mirror wud be awesom tho to have bugger mine feilds and an easier way to kill mother ships plus u can make ur own fighters the auto matically engage the other stuff

dis is an awsum game, and i was the 7000th person to rate it :D

Addicted to this....nice concept and it plays very well...if theres a part 2...ill be on that all day...hahaha good stuff man

omg best game ever *tear*

One of the most well-designed single-player strategy games around. I've always liked games that take a more elegant, minimalistic gameplay and graphics design. And your game is now part of the epitome for that design philosophy.

This game rules! Fav'ed!

But we spaceneed a spacesandbox mode. Where you can spacemake spaceenemies apear when ever you want etc etc Space

this was like the most intense complex mind tingiling defense game ever! You cant just rely on placing random tower to defeat you enemy, in fact my strategy is to build a few THELs at my base scramble my pulsers

The best (flash) defensive strategy I ever seen. Very impressive.

Great game, CasualCollective. Kept me playing for hours. I loved this because it involved real strategy and it was fast paced.

Pretty fun. I'd like to see it expanded.

This game is really very good. My name is also TSG, by the way ;)

Best flas stratagy game ever!

I think it deserves a 10 for gameplay but a 9 overall.

One of the biggest mistakes to make is to give players access to everything at first. It was very overwhelming and I almost didnt proceed on playing.

You gotta ease things on the players.

i didnt understand but good concept

worthy of a 10 in my book.. amazing game, no complaints!

im gonna go play it some more :]

No way i can stop Playing this game!! It could use more though Hopelly a Sequel Maby? (im hoping for that.)

Personally I love these types of games and i think this game was really cool! The sounds were cool and the game play as said Awesome!

i never really liked rts games and this reminds of a similar space game

good game i hope to see a sequal. it would be cool to chose to be miners or pirates or have your own fighters to help defending but other than that its fun, addicting and hard

All the features of this game are virtually flawless. It's fun and addictive, and that's pretty much all you can ask for.

Just to report one glitch:
-If you upgrade a repair station, it has no recycle value

I don't think it deserves to be the best game on NG. But it is definately a great game. It needs something to make it really pop. I has all the makings of a great game, good graphics, cool music an interesting game play. I think you need better ranged weapons and ships of your own to make this game even better.

If you ever have any spare hours, this in the game to play! One of the best games on newgrounds!

but just right diffculty. well i was hoping for more stuff to be added to the gameplay. Than this, The audio sounds nice but no sound affect when you hit an enemy.

a little confusing at first.. but its real good.. i just wish the lightwaves/energy could go farther

Liked it very much. The only complain I have is, that the THELs use a bit much energy. I mean you don't need them that often but it's annoying because you would have to build like 10 full solar stations and those energy savers upgrade them and you wouldn't have enough energy for 4 full upgraded THELs and your whole base is turned off.
Anyway... GREAT game! If you don't play it you miss something!

srry cant give u 10/10 because of 1 typo :P on turn all missles on/off u spelt safe as save :P other than that, great game, great concept

It's fun


Great! But a Fking hate the purple ships with lasers!

Great game, very fun to play. Only complaint I have is that often, I'd completely run out of energy, of course also meaning I couldn't build a new solar station to provide more. Not sure about the Energy bars that the lasers have, but it didn't seem very obvious how much energy each weapon used.

One idea that may be good to implement is a structure similar to the repair dock that launches AI fighters for your side. You could also incorporate that into the solar station.

And perhaps a level 2 or higher energy relay with increased HP. Those things crumple like paper cups.

All said though, quite a fun game. 5/5, 9/10

i would buy this for the Xbox arcade

Kinda Hard especially when I tried survival
honetsly,8 Motherships,47 Fighters,20 Missle Ships,17 Exploders within 30 seconds of each other?

I've played this game for maybe two hours, total, yet it made enough of an impression on me that it was part of one of my dreams last night. Usually, only top-tier professional titles do that, so, yeah. Good game. Weird review, I know.

Too Easy To Lose Energy

First off, amazing game.

To beat the mothership level just build about 4 solar thingummyjigs, several rocket doo-dahs and upgrade them like wotsit. Sorted!

I played and played for hours and hours... till I came to the last level. One question: How the hell is it possible to kill 3 motherships and then 74 fighters? I restarted it several times without success.

Good graphics, perfect balance (except the last level), awesome upgrades.
Overall 5/5, 9.99/10.00
Can't really find anything to improve.

Good game, and very addicting (didn't get to finish cuz i didnt have enough time :( ). The only improvement which could be made is when you use the arrow keys to look around the map. It drifts a little, so if you could fix it it would not 99.9% but 100%

This game was addictive and entertaining from the moment I began to play. The Space Game is also surprisingly simple. Make moar!

As a side note: have decided that THELs are worthless compared to Missiles, which are easily affordable.


I absolutely loved this game! It was very addicting and I have found myself playing it for hours without end. It was good because it had both easy and challenging parts. Also the graphics were very simple but not bad so it was easy to tell what was what and it didn't move very slowly on my computer.

It is very but the mother ship level was very hard for me

The game was very good, very entertaining, well done! However i'm frustrated as the last level is extremely difficult possibly add medium beginner and hard modes because i can't beat the last level its too hard i got to a minute left then died ;__; theres just to many pirates so ye easier last level lool
Great game though i really enjoyed it! 8/10

Quite fun with when it comes to space expansion. If you were to inmagine you were in space and building all this, it's like a dream come true! Well Done Collective!

You don't saw it,but there would be 16 mb,not 16 kb...
Game is ok

I'll be playing through the entirety of it at leisure, but I've played all but the last mission and it's been a nice balance of challenging enemies and fast-paced mining; the survival and mining modes offer a lot of replay, as well. Definitely one of the better, more enthralling games I've played on Newgrounds.

On an offnote to counter certain other reviews, it was easy to pick up and play, too. The only thing I didn't figure out right away was that construction could sap energy pretty quickly, but that was mostly because I didn't pay attention at first, and didn't notice until I had nothing built.

Thanks for an enjoyable game I'll be coming back to again and again. Here's hoping for a sequel, or something even better!

This game is a really good game however after playing it a while you get easely bored. i would suggest making more species that you can play as or making unlockable buildings or ships. anyway 9/10

Very nicely done! It mixes a Resource Miner and a Defender Game perfectly!
It's kinda like Red Alert, but in space, but nothing like it. well, anyhow 10/10

Friggin great. Idk why, but when i turned off fire fox and went back on, it lost all my progress. kinda disappointing

This game really hooked me. The graphics were sweet and simple, the music is a bit scary though :))

For level 6: 5 missile launchers, one thel, one energy store, everything fully upgraded. This leaves around 3000 minerals to be used when the missiles start launching.

Never Boring and who doesn't love a good Strategy Game!?

great game but does any1 hav any hint on lvl 6?? (mission mode)

despite he fact i never completed it i never actually got bored quite fun if u ask me

one of the best flash strategy games I have ever seen: well balanced good graphics and a lot of missions but... I want a skirmish! i want to build ships and fight vs another player, either CPU or human!

I don't realy like gestion games but this is just great !!!
The unrealistic graphics makes the game look good (not the fact that it makes the game not violent but ya see...)
The gameplay is easy to learn (if you're more than 5 years old)
In other words... good game.

first off, this game is alot of fun, i really enjoyed it... the only thing that bugged me was the music.

if you are going to make a sequel i expect more upgrades and many more buildings or whatever they are.

*hoepelepoepske, by what ive understood from you, holland is in a huge problem if your one of it's smartest.

fun. hard at times. All i ever wanted in a space game (yes i set the bar low SO!)

Its easy to understand, challenging and fun at the same time

dude this game is really simple i picked up and started playing this game without the training and im 12 going for a d average

I'm smart i do the highest level on school in my country (holland) but i really dont get this. even the training is hard to get,and it's all so damn boring. boring game get's a 3 because that must have takenn a lot of sleepless night since it's a solo project.

omg so so aweasome its so addictive is the gonna be a number two any time soon? also great garphics aweasome game play but pritty short i want more more!! plz make another one vote 5 everyone best game ever

this game does need more things but over all it was great.note:put the sniper or whater they are call d bhind the mushin gun!it works well:unnote

You should sell it or spread the word on systems like the Wii.
Im serious, this game is That spreadable. Slight changes with the balancing is needed, but it has Immence potential.

I'll dream about the game in my sleep.

Nice Job!!

Very good, but sandbox mode only available at another site? and you have to pay for it? thats BS, aside from that, its a great game, good concept, although the mining satellites should have the option to be upgraded more than once.

good job

you need to make this online, awsome. Some things that need to be changed, (for the second one)

1. graphics of the ships need to be better, actually all graphics (exept the meteors and background, they are ok)

2. more upgrades (possibly 4-10 for each thing you make)

3. you should beable to have fighters or maby you compete against other players making ships and mining like you do (have color as a signal of whos ship is whos)

4. A better scenario for campaign, better objectives for example.

All in all I could see this becoming a EVEN BETTER game with my suggestions and others suggestions.

There aren't many glitches that I could see if any and It seemed the right level of hardness for me. Beatable and well built.

this game is awsome

This is very challenging. Ioved this game. hope to see the space game 2.

great game loved it even though it should have had more content but still a great game none the less

Perfectingly addicting. Like Command and conquer mixed with Space Tycoon

awseome. Keep on the good work CC's

That was so good. I love the game and i got every joke in there haha. Great job. I might have to go pull out my N64 and play it again.

Awesome game, but can I ask you if it's inspired by the game "Harvest"? It seems very similar to it.

First, your tools.

Energy conduit blue thing. Learn to use these to quickly extend your empire. Try building them around asteroids. They can also in a pinch serve as a barrier against enemies, giving your guns more time to resist an attack.

Mining. These give you goodies. You should try to encircle asteroids and get as many mining them as possible because you can recycle them, and fully regain the resources. The more you use, the faster you can reclaim the resources, and the faster you get resources. When they run out of power they stop working, so make sure you have around one fully upgraded solar thing for every thousand minerals per minute. Will stand up to enemy fire for a short term, but back sure that for a heavy assault you have a repair station on hand to keep their health up.

Basic laser. Will effectively stop enemies. To stop any level of assault other than mothership, build a line of power conduits in front of your mines, and stick as many of these as you can on the line. It does about the same amount of damage as a level 2 pulser, and is very cost effective, but its health is low, so it should always have a repair base or two behind it in the later levels.

Pulser. They have three benefits. Firstly, they are essential for stopping heavy missile assaults from the green ships- the range on the basic is just too low. Second, they have more health than basic, and will stand up to a bit more fire. Third, the level three pulser will destroy mothership's fighter ships in seconds, allowing your thal laser to aim for the mothership. The level 1 pulser is weaker than the normal laser, so don't buy it to strengthen your defences.

Thal laser. Not much damage, won't hurt anything fast, takes a lot of money and energy to run. Don't buy it to fight off enemies, it's not cost effective. Its main benefit is to fight enemy mother ships. You have to upgrade it to level 2 to do this, which costs 500+800+1300 minerals, quite a bit. And this will need either a load of energy conduit defense, or one or two repair bots to survive, which is why a level 3 one is more effective. It will also need a level 2-3 pulser next to it to defeat fighters if it is low level, if there is more than one ship. Try to build them near your core, where they can see a lot of use.

Repair station. Build them near any fights, don't upgrade. They'll enable you to recycle your tools with no loss giving you a bit more money, and can be recycled themselves at no loss. They'll also distract enemies, and give your guns a bit longer to fire.

Solar Station. At the start, upgrade twice. Then start building mines. Once you reach around 1200mpm, or 1000 for the early levels, build a second one and fully upgrade that. This should ensure you have sufficient energy to expand to 2000. Around then, fighters will attack. Build a standard basic laser defense around where they're gonna hit (work out what direction they're going and spam lasers around there.) This should be your main power supplier. Energy storage tends to run out if you rely on them. In a mid game, I normally have four or five up and running, on the final levels, eight (fully upgraded). Always build in excess. Power is essential.

Energy store. You need one around the time carriers attack, and should upgrade it later. With eight solar stations, you won't be short on power.

Missiles. Incredibly powerful, can destroy motherships in seconds. I don't use them.

For the final level, use slow mode and pause and quickly expand to gather as many resources as you can. Whenever you see a new enemy pause, and build guns. The white ones need lots of guns and repair stations. Expand to get every mineral you can with lots and lots of mines per asteroid. If a carrier attacks your mineral gathers far away from the centre, recycle them all, and build them up again later. Near your centre, build thals and pulsers. Around seven minutes, began to reel it all in, and defend your central power stations. I won with no losses this way.

This is fun!!!! I love everything about it!!! I needn't say more.

This has to be one of the best games on Newgrounds


The game is solid and incredibly addictive, I only have a few niggles -

1: Upgrading is a bad move?

With mining drones especially, if you upgrade them, then you're losing M50 every one when the asteroid is mined out.
If you leave them unupgraded, you can put two more of them in for fewer minerals than the upgrade, and you get 100% of your investment back on each.

With energy storage, upgrading it is always a bad move because then it gives nothing when recycled.
With instant recycling this also makes it ridiculously easy to expand and contract - Motherships show up? Pause and recycle everything that's at risk, and go branch out the other side, all it takes is the time for things to get rebuilt, and all those motherships will end up trundling through the two THEL batteries waiting for them near the centre of your base.

Maybe recycling could take time and energy deconstructing the module (and take longer for the higher HP upgraded stuff), but give full value?

2: Power transmission.

The energy storage and the solar station have no limit to the number of attached slots. This means that if you use them instead of the little m20 nodes, you can put easily seven or eight mining modules around an asteroid, and all the unupgraded solar stations will not only provide part of the power needed to run the extras and get back the extra minerals spent incredibly quickly, they serve as a convenient place to situate emergency basic laser turrets when under attack, virtually paying for themselves with the amount you save on not having to put down extra nodes. They're also a lot less likely to get destroyed, meaning your lasers are more likely to keep functioning.
And when you recycle everything, you've lost nothing, so long as you remember to put a level 1 repair module nearby, and then recycle THAT when you're done as well....

Still, all things considered a great game, and since I doubt I could win without these sneaky tricks being available, who am I to complain?

I think it is a great game i also think it would be nice to have an enemy base where you can build your own ships and attack them.

Fairly simple but extremely addictive and quite fun.

There are hard to find games i can sit and play for more then 10 minutes but this i have been playing for 12 hours now this is the best game i ever have played even better then gta iv and left 4 dead and counter strike you are the number one:) and fezzeo is right you should be able create own maps.

Very nice game...but its fuckin impossible...u get attacked from every side and dont get enough energy and mineral to defend yourself...it would be funnier if there where a sandbox mode or such thinks...but its impossible but awesome game though

Love it it's addictive it's fun it makes you think some times simply awesome. The best strategy/ defensive game i've played in "mini games" like this

really fun nd everythinq i liked dat style nd everythinq i never knew wut da little red arrows were tho?

Quite fun and professionally made you did quite a nice job on the preloader as well looked like liquid in a vial.

Most good. Stubbornly enjoyable and as satisfying as that first cut into a fresh piece of construction paper. Spot on sir

This is an awesome game, I'd just like to suggest a few things for a sequel (if you do one).

Could there be a function to turn of the THEL's? they drain ridiculous amounts of energy and are not always needed.

Also a 'scenario editor' where the gamer can choose how they want the game to go (I realize how difficult coding for this can get though).

I did have more idea's while I was playing, but ive forgotten about them since so they wernt that important...

Awesome game though!! love it!


A very addicting game, I liked the system where you transport your energy, and how the towers reacts. Upgrades YAY!

Does this game really take only 16.7kb and it's so good!?
Well made man(or girl)!

The best stratagy game I've played on NewGrounds...

This game is great, the best flash RTS I've ever played, but there are problems

First off the numbers of enemy ships doesn't make sense, first you have five enemy fighters then, BOOM, There's fifty missle ships all at once followed by a squadron of mother ships coming at you at all angels. I don't mind long odds but that's the Alamo.

Also I found that the constant wave one right on top of the other, or in some cases overlapping, detracts from the game. There needs to be SOME time for players to lick their wounds. I get that you want a frantic game play but I would apreciate a minute save up and build a few new miner bases or energy collectory at the center of the system

Lastly, It would be nice to have the ablity to build your own fighters for defense, maybe for space game 2

well i see some there was alot of effort put into this game casualcollective mkay i especialy like the graphics mkay and your layout for the game mkay

overall its a really nice game mkay i look forward to your future works mkay


One cannot, but be in awe after the simplicity and deep creativity of this submission. This submission was created and done with almost professional skill and it brought upon great fun. It was entertaining, deep and easy to learn. But not only that, it keeps you playing on and on even after you've beaten the main mode, just because of it's replayability. Nice work on this one. I'm surprised it only got weekly 4th.

This is a very well made and fun defense/strategy game, I enjoyed it very much. maybe if you made a sequel add the ability to create electric walls and maybe even the ability to send out your own fighters to attack other mining colonies?

One of the best flash defend and expand games I have EVER PLAYED. It might even be one of the best defense games I've played.


Wow great job

this is realy fun dude LOL

wow i never thaught any game could be that adictive it realy is awasome
i have nothing bad to say about it exept realy hard when its hard

Very good game. extremely fun

so simple, so challenging, WOW!

i hate those yellow ring thingies. i can never kill them! >.<

This game is definetly one of the best strategy games in the Flash world. It needs more reviews.

cool:the ten year old

This flash validates its medium as something more than just naruto fansubs

I really loved this game and its concept. The energy lines that showed you when and what was using energy, amazing idea. Only thing is wish this game had was the ability to create some sort of fighter (not that you can send out and attack) but a fighter that patrols your bases and structures. Other than that, great job!

This game is incredibly fun and fairly original. I think the pros are all too apparent, so I will comment on some shortcomings.

- Asteroids that have been mined, in spite of losing their green look, can still add clutter and a bit of confusion to the screen. When one of my miners went red, i'd usually check to see if it had energy - if it did, I knew all adjacent asteroids were out rather than having to squint and see if there was a smidgen of green left.

- When you get quick enough to get your economy roaring, it becomes rather tedious to build a (i.e.) laser, then have to sift through and upgrade each one. If you had the economy, it'd be nice to be able to build the upgraded variations through a better build menu. I've never really used the first laser.

- Shortcuts aren't really apparent until you look them up, when they could be easily integrated into the UI. Slapping the corresponding number to each structure, for instance, would be a great way to simplify the learning curve.

- The depth starts to shallow out once the player figures out how to do everything. It isn't that the 3 counters for enemies aren't enough, but maybe that the player has very little they can physically do during a battle but manage their resources. Because, unlike energy, minerals are finite, it may be interesting to allow the player to choose (with a long downtime period) when to unleach a horde of missiles or the like. Perhaps sheilds, or a better need for Solar Stations would also add to depth.

Great game!

Very original.

not enough units or unlockables
neat concept tho
one of the better flash games ive played

Lots of fun, great job on it.

its a fun, addicting game, but not my kinda game, hence the 9.

I Love those games and u did a really well one its not good as starcraft but for flash one of the best games.
make it possible to build ships include new weapons and make a mp and pawow its a nice game i would pay for.

Will be brief, because I'm traumatised by concentrating on this game XD

Intensely playable, great fun, great concept. The graphics are pretty flawless, and the game runs very well. Only reservation is the difficulty of the final mission, but hey i suppose it's meant to be too tough for most.

wow great game reminds me of warcraft =D

This is a very well made game that is fun and challenging!

ive been playing this game for 3 days. its too bad the last mission is impossible. please add a sandbox mode!

this game is incredible!

Fun and challenging gameplay. Good job.

Still can't beat the last mission though :(

great game! the graphics, controls, and gameplay are perfect.


Add more and make a sandbox feature...Seriously...This game will be EPIC!

Mining and defending, making this game simple and addictive. By the way, how'd you manage to compress it to 16.7Kb??


The only real problem is there aren't many rescources, just energy and minerals, perhaps if you added more, like the need for workers, so you would have to housing areas, it could add a new challange to the game

Best flash ever!

Put in a sandbox-mode and i will love you :3

You're in NG 1st place =D
Grats ^^ Well deserved.
Best flash game ever :P

I really liked it! It's an amazing game, the sound efects are excellent, and the gameplay, intuitive.

Good job!

this was the hardest level


Might very well be one of the best games on newgrounds

ive been looking around for a game like this, and here it is! top of my faves

It was about 2 hours of fun but i think if you make a next one us should put more weapons in there.

its good

What an amazing game I've just played. I certainly think that this has the sort of calling back to the days when I had an Amiga and played on Asteroids when I was about 10. This has a well developed interface, gameplay and offers a very realistic challenge to all who play it.

I think that the weapons and the upgrade system worked particularly well, with the fact that you don't necessarily need to buy the biggest best thing to kill off the fleets, but it helps to buy the smaller predecessors and work your way up quickly.

To upgrade this game, I would have had the capability of buying your own shipyards, giving rise to your own fleet of short range fighters to destroy the enemy fleets, which come in with increasing regularity in the survival modes.

Perhaps a little vocal comms between the people on the stations could be used to give a little more realism for the game, but other than that, you've given us a Stellar game, excuse the pun.

[Review Request Club]

I really liked this game man, maybe too many pirates sometimes but no matter. Great job and great game!

gave it a 10 after reading Author Comments

Very addicting and soothing in a way, yet you are occaisionaly rushing around the board, wondering "WHY DOESN'T THIS WORK! GAH!!!"Overall addicting, fun and entertaining.

Overall, it's a really great game, space pirates aren't TOO bad, but a few less would be better... Oh, and I HAVE command and conquer, Command and conquer zero hour, Command and conquer tiberium wars, starcraft, starcraft brood wars, warcraft 3 the reign of chaos, warcraft 3 the frozen throne, age of mythology, and many more, all similar to this is strategy type ^_^.. just thought i would put down some similar game names. I also heard mega-man161 talking about command&conquer, and starcraft, i thought noone knew about those kinds of games any more (old games with black&white manuals).

This game is very addicting. Even though I pass a stage and do well, I always replay the level several times to see if I can come up with better strategies to complete the leve. It's a very straight forward game that is lots of fun. Though, I do feel that this game deserves a better title than "The Space Game."

I've always been a big fan of this game style (Command and Conquer, Starcraft, etc.) and this game really reminds me of them.

fun and addictive

I love the fact that a flash lasts longer than five minutes.

Brilliant game, and sure to keep me occupied for a while to come yet.

I concur with the comments below, a save and sandbox feature would put the icing on the cake, and a ten on my review

A great game, its very addictive.
Suggestions - Save option would be lovely and a sandbox would be awesome :3

@BBI Maybe your too simple for the game?
Majority of people have rated 10, which must mean your alot more stupid than most people, for one how is this game complicated? I mean this reminds me of real time strategy games, with micro management and all.

I realy love this game. this reminds me of an old, old game that is on the pc. I realy like the whole idea of your own space empier. What is so fun, is that you dont have to command ships and all that, its like space tower defence, with a twist, you get what im saying.

anyway, 5/5, faved, 10/10. couldnt be any better. i hope for more from you!

brilliant game

Incredibly addictive.

I will have to play this later but I can already say with certainty that this is one of the best games on Newgrounds! (Space combat happens to be my favorite category, lol)

It was pretty cool-- It reminded me of the Starcraft games I used to play when I was a kid. For a flash, it was really fun.

Great game, great tutorial...5/5...10/10

add more violence

the last level was kinda hard...

My only problem is deciding whether or not to fave it....hmmmm maybey

Such a great game, simple yet challenging. Made for some decent strategical choices on platform placement.

Damn this is one of the best internet games ive ever played in my life. This was REALLY nice. Really challanging too, man it took me like 20 trys on the last level. Really, really nice job. I like this game alot.

Wow this game has actually done something that newgrounds hasnt for me in a long time... Nice job!

For a flash game, it is so complicated.

The game is ok If u like that kind of things

im impressed that a game with such shitty animation can b soooo amazing....rly wow great job, especially since its a flash project

Really great game, but i have to say that it is pretty much Harvest: Massive Encounter with less modes and no in-game save. NOTE: i did not say there was no save, i just said that you can't save DURING a match, which is really NBD to me. otherwise very good and VERY addicting. I am obsessed (sorta) with beating it.

i got sucked in and played for like 3 hours, but i cant beat lvl 9

Best flash game I've played.

level 10 is so dificult >_<

I was blown away by this game, hands down the best game on new grounds. I only want to see one thing added, ships. Maybe a fleet you can set a station for, the ships deploy when enemy ships approach, sort of like the repair drones.

this game is epic. i love it.

i cant beat level 9 though.

I like strategy games in general, so by using this in a flash got me interested. Besides some minor flaws, it was perfect! Keep it going!

The gameplay is great gameplay very addictive too but it lags a bit needs more eminies and I suggest a custom map maker It needs more map objects towers/units and I hope theres a part 2 but overall awesome!

this is like the bestest awesomest ever!!! :D

i just realized i've been on here for 4 hours. O.O

This game has something new. Its intresting to play. I skiped the tutorial. Its Not hard to get the hang of. Very Addicting.

Absolutely flawless. By far one of the better games i've played in a long time.

i played through the game and had a slight hiccup on the mothership level, but all was fine until i reached the last level, which to be frank, sucks cock

this is one great game, very addictive and very fun great idea. hope u make another

I was expecting an overly conplicated RTS, with mining just being the first part, then you get defenses, then you get attack oppurtunities, etc etc etc

I was glad to see that It never got too complicated, as My favorite part of any RTS is the start up, before defending and attacking is a problem. just building the ultamate kingdom.

Could have used a bit more replay-ability

its a great game i just dont want to take like half an hour to learn everything

The best defence game ever

This really is the quality of game that i would expect to see on the XBL Arcade downloadable content. Seriously, that wouldn't be a bad idea. I for one would definately spend my MS Points on it.

OH MY GOD.... WOW...!!!!1

Awesome idea, great graphics and a very well executed work!
This game got potential to be a real game, probably perfect for the Nintendo DS.

AMAIZING. And I hardly give a perfect 10. ever. grats

i cant say much else, honestly.

I really love the concept of this game, its very new, fresh and addicting. The only thing, if there will be a sequel, it would be awesome if there would be more defense turrets.
But keeping on the good work, this game is very good. :) Good Job.

Very easy to learn, but keeps you playing. Game is ill, won't get old any time soon.

But it would be cooler if you didn't have to pay to play Sandbox mode. Otherwise, the game was amazing.

That was really cool. I'd like to see a sequel sometime soon =D

The game is 'perfect' as it is in its first installment. The next obvious step is to make a sort of 'planning mode' or 'auto-build' either before or during a game is played. Thats the reason why I used the pause feature a bunch of times, so hot keys for the pause feature along with the 'slow' and 'fast forward' is nice to have if it havent been done so. While paused, I'm just tempted to just add as much miners and energy relays as my initial credit pool would allow. That's why in my 'planning' or 'autobuild mode' I would wanna be able to go beyond what the money pool allows and have a sort of 'do list' that the computer would do automatically as the money pool becomes available. A separate start and pause feature for the autobuild would be nice to.... As I see it, this is a purely defensive game. Would it be possible to have the option to create your own space armada like the ones the pirates kept pelting at ya....? Do I possibly see a truely great RTS flash game in the making...? To make coding easier, a separate window can be assigned for the enemy mining base. 16 arrows around the base can be used as options for the player to decide where to attack from... and vice versa if you go the next step making this a multiplayer game sometime in the third installment or so... I'll expect that the next installment would graduate from simple geometries though...

first: is game not weigth 16.7 HB, is more weigt (aprox. 2 M)
second: cool game and nice grafics

This could be the best game ever made. I stayed up playing this all night last night and suffered all day at work today for doing so... Thanks! I hope some new additions are coming our way. Woot!

Nice job you guys, hopefully a sequel is on it's way. One thing I'd like to see is the addition of mixed attacks, i.e. more than one ship type at a time.

Like every game its needs improvement. i voted 7/10. You need more enemies and like next wave settings, cuz i had huge mining thing and a rocket launcher and lasers, and my thing died. y is that? but still more weapons needed and more possibilities.

Awesome game, i just got the last level left and then the survival. The game does save your progress. It uses the cookies in your internet cache so as long as you keep them there your game will be saved. Some other players overlooked that small detail and gave you a lower rating that you do not deserve. keep these games coming!

No save feature, which sucks.

My favorite mission was definatly the mothership defense mission, there should be more missions where you have a set amount of resources to start, no asteroids, and you have to defend against enemies... Or you just have to deal with one 99 ton asteroid.

About the save feature: From their experience many people believe they have to actively do something for their status to be saved. In fact that's still the case in many cases, but for good reasons, too. In a game like this where progress is straight autosave comes in handy, and it's in, so it's good. Please check before the rant. :-D

About the game: It's truly excellent! Although the idea of having to connect certain structures with each other like this isn't brand new, the way it works out is quite fun. What I especially like, is that this is easy to learn in 5 minutes. You don't need weeks to understand the whole thing, and yet it is entertaining and starts to be really challenging and interesting after the first two missions.

dude it autosaves. now u cant tell me he doesnt have a save feature. oh and good game!

You need to add a save feature! Other than that the game is very good. and when you distory some thing make it not distroy everything else around it

This game is AWESOME

But tasks are going too hard in short time.

10/10 5/5

Uh... WHAT THE FUCK? No save feature? On a game like this? Goddamn, man, you better have a damn good excuse.

Other than that, awesome game. Really fun, love how everything has to be connected and all (though the ability to create entirely new power stations would be awesome). Nice difficulty.

Something like this needs to be released as a full PC game.

hay, great game but um how do u save on it i mean i went on again and i hav 2 start at the beginning which kinda sucks apart from that fun and original keep it up

but really good!

great game even without a save feature.

This game has a great strategy concept, is highly addicting, has decent graphics and is just plain fun to play. however as most people say, it lacks a save feature, which is the only gripe i have with this game.

it's all, too... defencive. to be blunt.

there's not much to unlock or anything either. my suggestion is that you make the levels a little larger, and instead of just defending your own base, eventually attacking an enemies on the other side of the map. however for the player to do this, you are going to have to make the player have ships too.

Also, on a couple of missions i had a very small complication. i wanted effectively a second base, purely for mining, but i had to get a load of connectors trailing where i wanted, build a solar satelite, and then recycle all the connectors as not to waste valuable resources. I would like to see a space ship that you can send out and make a satelite out of itself. even if it would require more resources to do so, or if you had to a have a set amount of reserve electricity for you to make one and send it off, or a balance of both.

Other than the above i think the game is awesome, but i really feel as if it could become an insanely good game, if just a couple of things were added.

Thank you for reading&uploading, and i hope you get back to me about this.

this is one of the best strategy games ive ever played, simple, and fluid design, good graphics and awesome gameplay! only there's the lack of a save feature, which makes the game a 9 for me, and not a 10

It is a great way to waste up time if ya just bored outta your skull. The way the waves seem to get bigger as you go along is really attractive and makes you think up more ways to win! Great Game!

It's fun as hell but there's only one thing that bugs me.
I don't have a lot of time to play these games at once so when I come back to play I always have to start from the beginning. It sux because I want it to save so I can finish this game. I gave it a 5 for the newgrounds score because the gameplay deserves it. but I'm dropping the score here because of the before mentioned annoyance. All in all though, I'll be looking forward to your next one great job.

This is a great game as the guy below said it needs a sandbox mode and more items to buy otherwise its a good game

it needs a sandbox mode

Looks very much like "Harvest: Massive Encounter", but a great game

i realy liked it, it would be better if you could have your own little fleet or somethin


I finished the story mode, And the 50 O rings the 33 swarmers were about to kill me but i won it :D. The game was great. Also i liked the humour in the difficulty desciption of Mining and suvival modes. Good work making this. Loved it 6/5 11/10.

This is an excellent way to spend the next hour of your life.


That about sums it up really. If you liked Harvest: Massive encounter then you'll have a bit of fun with this. If you were looking for a freeware version which has identacle core mechanics, then here's your game.

i like the newgrounds thing at the start. its an awesome game its kinda like starbaron but better.

motha ships evil tho XP

Great game, not too much thinking and not too much strategy involved but still a bit challenging. I like the way the interface works and the intuitive constructing.

Seems to be a bit buggy today though as my game had not saved my progress from yesterday. And it doesnt display the space anymore, only white background.

Superb game, I absolutely enjoy all the time I spend playing this game, and really, although I wish upgrades were more in depth and what not, entertaining for sure.

However, it seems that whenever I load it now, the background comes up as white, when really it should be black. Any idea why?

Very Nice. I'm thinking that the first round ought to be more of a "training" round rather than the long-drawn-out round that it is. Of course I didnt enjoy watching the mother ships destroy my work the first time I played... Anyway. It's a great game, and I'll be playing it again.

wait... it's sorta like sins of a solar empire, only free, you don't conquer planets and this is a whee bit faster!

Great Strategy game, I come back to play it every other day or so.

A great game, and I absolutely love the interactive music!

I really have nothing negative to say at all.

This game is just like a game that you can download at towerdefense dot net. The main difference is this one is free! well so is the other one but only to a point.

Some Ideas for sequals or updates.
Hope Ya Like some of them.
1. Make the energy relays upgradable, like make them able to upgrade and be able to handle upto like 10 links.
2. The Miners could use another upgrade, like make them so they can be upgraded to mine 2 asteroids at the same time, or just make it so they mine faster, or have a longer mining range.
3. Make the THEL laser upgrade have an upgrade of its own besides just upgrading its power, but keep the power upgrade, The upgrade should allow it the THEL laser to hit a target and richocet off to 1 other target nearby dealing like 10-15% less dmg
4. Make Energy relays update their links, like if I have 6 Lasers and since only 5 would be linked, if 1 of those 5 got destroyed the other one would then be linked.
5. Either make it an upgrade or something but make all buildings be able to link up with more buildings, It doesnt have to be alot of links just like 3 links, and if done make it so non energy relays , such as lasers only link up with buildings that are not already linked.
6. Make repair stations upgrade, Like allow it to increase how many repair bots can be stationed
7. Have Missle towers have another upgrade to have something like guided scatter rockets, basically it would shoot like 3 rockets at different targets if theres more than 1, but make each rocket deal like 100-200 dmg.
8. Add an Extra Fast Speed

This game was really good. ive played on oher sites like kongregate and casual collective. but beleive me your not missing on much with the whole sandbox mode so plz, dont waste your money on it

Once the ships motherships noise starts, if you restart, it keeps humming.
Otherwise, pretty good.

Ya so i played through pretty much everyting... well i didn't last long on the final survival lvl but... really who can.
I don't know what everyone is talking about with saving, I beat all the missions, and when i open the game again is still says I beat them...? You can't save mid-game, but unless it's survival or the last mining one, it's like 10 per lvl. *shrug* fun fun!

A very well designed game, if not for the inability to save (as of the end of Feb 19 2009), it definitely worth a 10.

Unfortunately theres some kind of white-screen glitch in all the missions, perhaps an update to patch it up?

The only things I found wrong with it were that it was too short and the basic turrent uprade #1 and 2 looked too similar. Other than that though; PERFECT!

there is a bug it makes the space all white and i can't see anything
but seriously i think u should make the units more realistic it looks like those old 70's game lolzz
i love the idea but the energy u should kinda put how much they take when they fire
because when i am under atk i lose so much energy

I expect to invest many hours of my time into this :)

This is definitely one of the better games I've played on newgrounds, but, there is room for improvement. The difficulty curve was good enough and the interface was quite intuitive that, unlike most TD games, didn't take up almost half of the screen. The enemies were relatively interesting and were easy enough to take down, assuming you had your defenses in place. The "slow", "normal" and "fast" buttons were helpful, though they seem to be standard issue with most recent TD games. A feature I did enjoy was the ability to build while the game was paused, I find other TD games tend to not allow this. It makes for a more casual game where 90% of your time isn't taken up rushing to get enough defenses in place before the next wave of enemies arrives.

This did sorely lack a few features it could have dearly used, however. I found the inability to save kind of annoying, somewhat reducing the casual feel of the game, where I couldn't beat a few levels then go do something else for a while. A group selection option would be nice, or possibly an "upgrade all" option for specific things.

When enemy ships are destroyed, why do they simply go away? Surely there could be some salvageable debris left over? Perhaps the repair ships could collect the valuable space minerals from the destroyed ships when not repairing damaged units? Also, some patrol fighters would be a very interesting addition to the turrets. Additionally, a short-medium range, medium damage unguided missile turret might be useful, assuming it had a half decent rate of fire and didn't take too many minerals per missile (1-2, depending on the damage?).

All in all a good game, however a sequel may very well be in order.

This is an excellent game first of all, new and well executed. I had a lot of fun building my bases, though there are some things you might want to consider in a sequel or update.
First of all the guns are boring, make them feel and look powerful, instead of a circle that shoots a little yellow beams. I want to see my THEL burn the ships in a firery explosion. That leads me to another point, all of the buildings and pirate ships are bland, consider making them more detailed.
Another suggestion, how about a little notice that tells you when your miners have run out of minerals, its a bit annoying to scoot around and find them to recycle them.
As for the building, it would be cool if for some buildings that you had to have a convoy of ships come out and build (A new solar base for example). It would take longer to build the bigger buildings, because most of them can be built withing seconds. Thats good and bad, good in an attack because I can quickly set up a defense. Bad because unless your severely outnumbered, it does make the game feel a little less challenging if you can set up a good defense within seconds.
Lastly, I would like to have my own ship builder so that I can strike before the ships get to my extensive base.
Except for those things, I enjoyed this game alot, I liked seeing my base expand and grow. I also liked seeing my base get overwhelmed then having to rebiuld. Great game overall!

the first time i pla it the backgrounds is totally with

Why'd it delete all of the missions i've done?!... and why did you ruin the background, is this just a glitch or an error?

great game btw.. & uhh get me back my memory i was on mission 8 >=[

Great game. When I played yesterday the background was fine but today the starfield background is a total wash of pure white, no stars, no space just bright white. Any suggestions?

This is one of the best flash games I've played in quite a while. The game play is an engaging mix of strategy, building and fighting, the selection of levels and missions goes from pleasantly easy to a serious challenge, and the free build levels let you play for longer when you feel like it. Buildings and enemies were varied enough to be interesting, but not so many as lose me in detail. The speed choices were a serious plus, meaning that you never had the boring waiting-for-cash-to-build-next-thing that a lot of defense games have, while being able to slow it down for some quick last minute defense bolstering.

I disagree with audiopulse - making complicated graphics additions won't add to the game play, which doesn't need the graphics to be fun, but would make for a very slow game. I actually enjoyed the retro feel of the graphics, and think that adding all those animations would just make you get lost in all the moving elements.

The only change I'd ask for, is make more levels, and more upgrades, so that I can carry on playing!
10/10, 5/5

nicely done my friend

This game is really very good. Reminds me alot of Homeworld, only more tower oriented rather than space ships. I loved Homeworld, and I thoroughly enjoyed your game. Cleanly made, with good music and good structure.

Needs a Free Play mode, to just keep playing, and building up, reaching out to new mines, fighting the enemy the whole time. Would be kick ass.

Its pretty cool. The enemys come very quick though, that gets very annoying.

Thats exactly what I was looking for. A game where youre - well - in some case primarly focused on mining and building up a functional ... Somewhat.
Not a Base, not an Empire - somewhat inbetween with several different working organs connected by infrastructure. So - 4/5 and 8/10.

Why not more?

Because there is still room for improvement. I always had trouble of tracking how my miningbases did. Any Meteor that ran out of ore? Dunno - I never had the time to check wheter there is still some left in them or not. Connecting Nodes to EACH other Node and Building in its diameter? No - already built ones didnt connect to any new nodes (To make your network more safe)

Also theres alot improvement possible regarding graphics:
How about having not just blue lines running from note to note? Id love to have those lines reduced to some kind of a suggestive dotted line - just to show which ones connected to where - but have small freighters travel among these lines. Also - how about having fighter-bases for yourself? Just like that other space-game I forgot the Name of. Those Cannons could be looking better as well: How about some actual Defense-stations like the MAC-cannons in Halo? I mean - a visible turret turning to the enemy - man that would look nice, wouldnt it?

You may ask "Whats the deal of having useless frighters traveling along some lines - or why fighters emerging from some kind of base when there are pulsers that do the job quite good already?
My Answer would be: To make it feel "alive". If there were fighters automatically launching from the base, scouting and patrolling the perimeter, returning for fueling up and replenish ammo or whatever... You could theoretically spend time just watching what youve build up so far. Same goes for Mining-bases: It would look quite nice if you had small shuttles emerging from the asteroids, travelling to the next Node/Oredump where theyd be transferred on bigger freighters that would from time to time start automatically towards the next node on a set journey to - dont know - a Mainbase? A refinery? Solarplant?

Something else you may want to try: Reduce the speed. Right now your game feels more like some kind of arcade-thingie. Spaceinvaders with more juice around. Yet I think that game got a high potential for a strategic game. Think of all those Browsergames - theyre quite the same and yet lack what you got there: Graphics.
Implement different Resources, Refineries, Ships, the ability to station them and maybe even some researches and you might win that Tankaward. Golden. Kissed by Tom himself and polished with velvet-lumps.

I know - those are far-flung Ideas, but they may be worth pursuing them ;)

I was at the mother ship round, and i noticed that the missile launcher wont fire anymore after the 2nd barrage was shot... so yeah, now im stuck at that level
other than that, it's a pretty good game!

It's an amazing game to be honest. Near perfect concepts, very smooth graphics without the high spec needs, and a great interface. I'll definately be looking forward to a second one.

P.s. Pretty addictive I must say.

great game, keep it up!

good game. I liked that it wasn't too complex. A few things I wish it had

1) Upgrade all button
2) Ability to save progress in the missions

ENglish: very adictive, easy to learn, not required a super Pc, nice graphics.
Español: juego muy adictivo, facil de aprender, no se nesecita una super computadore, buenas graficas con la calidad al maximo. en siii

UN BUEN JUEGO, a really good GAME!!

I've never seen such a game as an online game yet...
P.S.: Keep on doing such great games

A great game for knocking out an hour or two. The entire game's concept is outstanding. The games features could not be any better. All the way from hot-keys to base defences, its perfect.

Keep the great games running!

this game is a blast, almost flawless but for some reason ( i am not sure if it is my fault ) but i cant save the game

English - Its a briliant game! Very easy to learn and highly addictive!

Português - Um jogo brilhante! Muito fácil de aprender e altamente viciante!

Well i dont know what too say about it .. its nice

there seems to be some problems sometimes when loading up the game. me personally just felt like playing right now, and when loading up it didnt load up properly, then i reloaded the game and all my memory was wiped clean, and also the "space" background isnt even there anymore :/
seems to be some problems with the loading process
but all in all great game mate!!! one of my favorites :D

10 and 5 just for that ;D

the loading screen stays at grid 10 ........ and it lost the mission membery

This game has allot of potential and I cant wait to see it get better!

%u0130 like This Game ! SUPER ! 10/10

yea i have awhite backround on the first mission for some reason.

I love it, but you should make a level in witch you just need to mine as many ore in as least time as possible, withouth enemies

Well its very good game, but it could be better. Some new actions, weapons maybe some planets or something... with all that universe is yours! (my score is 8 and a half / 10)

good overall but a larger choice of weapons and equipment would boost the amount of fun
love the idea keep it going

only one problem all white background

Nothing wrong with it but more selection of weapons and equipment would be nice.

It was an great game but it got way to hard way to fast. The mother ship killed me over and over again. But overall it was a very good game, good concept and gameplay.

Hope to see another one.

I will start with the only thing I found frustrating about the game: the last stage is horribly difficult.

Nothing to say about the rest of the game. Wonderfully made and balanced. 10/10.

i expanded my base so i had every damn asteroid and the stupid motherships spawned BEHIND my defense towers and destroyed their energy relays.
besides that happening i'd say this is probably the best game i've ever played on newgrounds.

/high five!

After few fails on the last level yesterday I now figured that it can only be beaten with VERY effective mining. What I didn't like about the final level is that I can't see a chance to win it and keep you're base intact but atleast my final minute was the enemy ships just penetrating deeper to my base and I was already building a minor base further to play time at the end. The difficulty balance was a bit bad because the first five or six levels felt like it was a bit more advanced tutorial then some basic challenge on levels 6-8 and then the final battle which was very hard compared to the others.

I don't know why people complain about motherships (other then level 6 which is easy after figuring it). I was more concerned about the huge masses the small ship, o-rings and swarmers in particular because they were really effective attackers and it's impossible to get enough firepower/materials/energy against all that mass.

What I was missing from the game also was a bit of bonus mpm from the miners being in middle of multiple asteroids. Sure it saves a bit of materials to build only one miner that can take the 3 asteroids but because it's speed that counts in this game so having more miners is always better. Maybe there could also be some asteroids that have that "valuavble mineral" which gives more material when mined but the asteroids further from starting spot so it's risky to get them. I was actually waiting for a map where you have to start with few small asteroids and make a long link to a bigger asteroid field while defending that chain against small attacks but being in a rush to get to the big field because of an bigger attack or something.

It might work to have a sandbox option where you can decide what ships are coming, how much asteroids there are, the growth rate of enemy groups and so on.

All in all this was the best the asteroid games I've played so far and leaves really little for improving. I'll have to try the mining and survival mods now.

a bit hard (please don't bother to contradict me because you found it easy and waste everyone's time)
BUT... apart from that the pirates put an interesting spin on things and how there are different pirates and all of that (though the pirates looked like they were from space invaders i'm not sure if this was intentional but i think you could improve there) the mining and solar power combined to make you think strategically which makes it such a good game it would be nice if you could maybe make your central solar thing move and make more space to explore it would be great and i really also like the different upgrades for the basic laser (pulse or THEL) so well done congratulations on making a kick-ass game

First of all, the tutorial is exceptional.. It isn't boring as you get to play with the new skills you have just learnt. the actual gameplay is fantastic, simple interface but with a very god outcome... I for one look forward to any sequels of this game and hope to see more levels, weapons and asteroid type. 10 / 10. Chris

Very fun although the motherships wipe me out in no time

Very good game, difficult in some levels but yet still fun! Keep up the good work

Thats bloody awesome man well done wee bit on the hard side though

it got really hard all at once though. it was fun for about 15 minutes then i got wpied out by a massive cavalcade of exploder ships and others. nicely done

But you ruined it by making all other levels easy except the last level, which is almost impossible.

I don't think I've ever come across a game where I actually dreaded clicking on the next level.

One level that really stumped me was mission six
Going in there and finding no ores to mine had me quite confused
3 minutes later my boss got wrecked by a shit-ton of motherships >-<

Keep up the great work, I hope to see second edition soon!

Although I cannot be the 3rd level, it's still a good game.

cheerio mate, for making such a superb game. more than a trifle difficult, i tell you. i barely survived the 3rd mission. gave up after that, in fact. i do suck at rts games.

is that newgrounds loader from the downloads section or do u have to be like a good animator and game designer to get one? if any one knows hit me up yall with some information. ya dig? lolz.

Sweet game dude, Should keep me playing for a while. Not too complex that i wanna leave, nor too easy that i can just cruise by. Excellent

was good game rather interesting all the usual comments like good art work and ran nicly etc...but maybe makin the mother ships bit ezier i found that they had super range and my turrets never targeted them because they kept going after the little fighters. perhaps having a button that makes all turrets attack given/selected target. have to agree w/ mario man the abiltie to construct your own ships would be nice even if it was like another turret in which it built say 5 ships that hoveered around but went after any enimie ships on the screen.if you make a second be careful to not take every ones comments and use em. if you do you might accidently make the game either to complex or to ez..hope to see future progress but to be honest it only needs a little bit of work. although it sounds like a lot sometimes it is really quite good

Swarmers? KISS MY DICK.
I had but one problem the mothers were hard to kill, it's still a 10

Overall this game is very fun and addicting. However, I often felt helpless as there was nothing you could do to stop the pirate onslaught other than built turrets.

I would have really loved the ability to construct your own fleet with your minerals and attack the enemy's mining facilities, the result being a map-wide battle over control of the asteroid's resources. It could even have the potential for online play.

But for what it is, I've found myself playing this a lot. It's an excellent piece of work.

wow very nice, it was kidna hard at 1st but then u get used to it. great game!

good game

The mission where you have like 3 minutes then you are attacked by mother ships, and I remember thet it said you have 3 minutes to build a defense strong enough to take down 3 mother ships and you take down like 15!! Here's the trick I used to beat it put up a ton of solar systems upgrade them all get a battery thing then get a spot then upgrade it build like to rocket things then you build level 3 lasersthe ones thet are long and strong not to many, and if you did it right you still have enough energy, and materils to use them!

fun and simple to pick up but surprisingly tactical.

An excellent strategy/resource management game. The only reason I'm giving it 8 of 10 rather than higher is that I would have liked to have seen some kind of tech tree or advancement of your own base structures throughout the missions. More varied structures would have been a double-edged sword: adding complexity but more possibilities, but if you introduced, say 3-4 more types over the course of 5-6 missions, then I don't think it would have been overwhelming.

I can see myself playing this game a lot over the next week whenever I have a break during my classes. Good awesomeness all around. It brings an extra level to the majority of defense based games I like to play.

A little too much like Spore at the space age but other than that superb!

very imaginative. Hardcore!!!!!

Incredible gameplay,audio and graphics.Only thing I see that would make it better would be a story line,but its a great game anyway.Very fun,was worth my time playing it.Looking forward to more games like this one.

this is just awsome and 2 make it better u should be able to do a Faster button fat button was slow

i like the way you put the anti-hack in, i couldnt hack it like i did with the other games. code this in as3 and nobody will hack it

Simple, but you can have tactic. For survival modes cannon fodder is an absolute must, I last 8:37 first try on the hardest survival mode by building long range weapons and making webs of low cost units all around them. Overall, there aren't really any major faults.

I abso-Spaceo-Loutley enjoyed very space a lot, this space game

This game is the classic addictive RTS. Outstanding job!

One of the best flash games I've seen, period. It reminds me of a game that came out about 10 years ago called Homeworld. Well done.

Very simple, very addictive. An excellent game overall. Make more.

Oh, and Ninja, on the level with the motherships the key is to buy missile bases to kill the motherships and surround them with Pulse Lasers to kill the swarmers that come out. A few repair bases wouldn't go amiss either, you'll take a lot of damage on that level. Build two solar bases and a two energy storage bases and fully upgrade them. If you use your time efficiently you should have about a minute after your base is done to charge the battery, and you'll have more than enough energy to outlast the motherships.

I really like this game. It offers variety and keeps you from getting bored unlike some other defense games. I especially like the level of the fleet of mother ships. It not only kept me on my toes but showed how difficult this game could be if done incorrectly. Keep up the good work, now lets see another.

That last level...wtf

@xmrsmoothx: The game you are lookin for is probably 'Star Baron'. I also think both have some things in common.

@Game: It's great, but some weapon AI as already stated would be handy. If for example missiles don't damage rings, then missile launchers should not even fire at them or at least choose to attack motherships, swarmers or other targets if they are in range too. Other than that it was really nice (maybe except for the big shift in difficulty from the penultimate to the final level).

you could have added more units, and expanded on the gameplay, but otherwise awesome

One where you go from star to star wit ships and stuff and set up rocket stations and such-Could anyone tell me what that was called?

But it does need a little fine tuning, like what urbanninja said. At least make the destroyed ships one mineral each. And I had about 5 solar stations and they didn't make things build fast(all of them were maxed out)

liked it alot but ii don't fell like finishing the last one =/

First off, it was entertaining. Good enough to keep filling up my break time. Unlike most games of this type, it didn't get boring too quickly.

Now to criticize.

It was way too easy. Even easier if you took into account that buildings which were not upgraded could be resold for the original price. That made my defensive lines very mobile and very effective (I never bothered with fixing a single building to a single point).

I got annoyed when my missiles attacked those ringers and THELs kept firing at those fighters instead of motherships. A change in priorities?

I envied the enemy for being the only ones with ships... a spaceport building producing a directable flying force would be a nice addition.

I had also found a desire to play the attacking side. Sure, such a mode would probably require remaking half of the game but it would be worth it (for me that is - since you would be the one doing all the work).

Again, good work. I hope you had no less fun implementing it than I had playing.

I really enjoyed this. Very addictive, incredibly fun, and amazingly easy.

I've always enjoyed defensive style tower games such as these. However I found myself becoming bored with the consistant sameness of most of them. But this one takes you to another level combining outerspace-style/civilization type/defensive gaming with good graphics and replayability. Im always a sucker for the more original games such as this one. So if you're like me and you enjoy defense-style games but also prefer more original game design, this one's for you. This one will for sure go in the all time best for defense games on New Grounds, with out a doubt.

TO the comment below, im pretty sure you didnt even give a try to understand why the game wasnt loading. Im also pretty sure you have flash player version 3 on your 233Mhz pc.

@author now, perfect 10. tbh i was looking for a game like this, and you mate made this happen. Keep up the good work.

This game is amazing. Wow


Maybe you need to update your flash version.

Unique and fun !!

I love these kinds of games and this one is well done. Not enough strategy/base building games being produced of this quality. Interesting concept - make more !

How laoded the game in FF and IE and it gets to the laod screen and i can click but the game wont start ther eis no play button or anything was looking foward to playing this :(

on the level with all the motherships i try to use all missile launchers with upgrades and they wont fire at all. they just sit there and get owned! they work great on other levels except this one, which means i cant progress to the end of the game! plz fix this as soon as possible and thank for making an otherwise awesome game!

yeah its cool

Great game..... the only fault is its a little too hard... mabey make the buldings cost a little less or make the ships give u like 1 mineral each or somthing its just a little too hard

but great game.... 9/10

I found this game to be very well made. it was balanced well but became boring fairly quickly the fact that this game shares a staggering resemblance to 'Harvest:massive encounter' made the game that much more boring. It cannot compare to the original(as long as its a flash game) and offers no real new features. Great job remaking it anyway. This is a great alternative to those who do not want to buy the real game yet still seek what it has to offer.

You should make a full version or something and sell it. im serious! if an uptated and expanded version of this was available on the xbox live arcade, i would buy it! great idea, i beat all the levels (lots of missile launchers) but i cant beat the really hard mining mode. Too many motherships! lolz, great game, im looking forward to more good games.

very addicting, not too complex, and fun because you get to create and destroy! YAY! Go god-like powers!

This game is friggen awesome. Great idea with a somewhat full RTS experience, graphics are nice, music and sounds fit perfectly. One of the best flash games i've seen in a while.
Great job dude. 9/10 5/5
Only reason for that 9/10.. I can't beat the last fucking level, is it even possible? lol i made it to 3.51 and got screwed lol

This game kicks ass, just like a good RTS should be. Kudos!

Howere, you may want to review the difficulty as the lasers are absolutely useless against the motherships, and 500m is a pretty high price for high ranged defence towers..

Anyway this is a nice remake of Harvest Massive Encounter :)

Awesome game, beautiful creativity, perfect coding, amazing effort, brilliant graphics. Shame i couldn't do the level with all the mother ships, i just kept on running out of energy :( advice please. And also the bonus levels dont work, is there a reason for this - members only, or something.

I hope you dont but you should make this a pay for game.

One of the most out of this world games I've seen on NG literally and figuratively. I would have to say that it took a different change in defense games out there. Even though it does have some few flaws it is worthy to be put on the homepage of NG and from all of those flaws it still pulled together with a good storyline, even better graphics, and awesome sci-fi awareness.

i loved it XD it fulfulled all of my strategic needs in a game and the extra intracacy of the energy distributer things was amazing and the ability to halt mining operations! you HAVE to make a sequal with more options in it!!!! i told all my friends about it!

but I bailed on the last lvl, lol, made it ten minutes out of twenty on my last try. That was just to insane for me though. Great game at any rate, it's a lot of fun.

its very good yet on the sixth mission when you get 10 mother ships on you

the thel lazers take so much energy its hardly possible for all of your weapons to work

This game is so good that my dad (who hates internet games for some reason) even liked it

I got as much fun out of this game as I would from a full retail-sold strategy game. The 2D graphics are simple, yet clean and professional. The background music is appropriate. The gameplay is intricate, yet easy to pick up and use. This is going on my favourites, for sure.

ps... I hate those big purple pirates..

1 of my favorit game's awsome cool sweet (and more)

Great game in some times its hard!
Thats makes it fun!

Really good simple strategy game and also very addictive. Add some more levels and a few more upgrades for the buildings and this would be sick man. 10.10

Fantastic gameplay, however in the campaign, i felt as though as soon as i was doing well, i had to move on. I understand that the levels would have gotten too long, but maybe an unlimited mode would be better.

P.S. I realise that you provided a semi - unlimited mode, but all i wanted to do was make an awesome base, and that's not possible in either mode

but its great. its something a little different then i'm used to and i like it. i recommend the tutorial though. i was bit confused before trying that. but great game. love it.

first off, the concept and execution were excellent and all my 5 are belong to this
BUT it was too easy until the last lvl, which was too hard. aside from the difficulty curve (or lack there of) it was brilliant.

Flesh out the graphics and story, put a little more building options here and there and you have a rts I would gladly pay for. This really shows what can be done with the power of good design.

dude if you turn this into a full game and get multiplayer that would rock, id buy.

Man nice game.

If your looking for a simple strategy game to kill some time. You've found it right here. This game plays like a tower defense so prepare your towers and mine those asteroid fields!

The only draw back to this game is that when an asteroid is completely depleted of it's resource, it still hangs around. While this isn't a terrible idea and of course there could be countless reasons why they are still there, it definitely does get in the way of making an uber looking power base. heh.

Cheers on your success.

Easy to learn gameplay and a very fun game overall. The campaign was fun and all of the other gameplay options were interesting. Would have like to see a slightly longer campaign though but other than that I can't complain too much. For a sequel would like to see more offensive weapons that you can build like hangars for fighters or something. Looking forward to more of your work!

Man, that was a great game. I think i played it for like 3 or 4 hours. Only think i could think of that would make it better is have a sandbox mode. I didnt see one if you already had one, but anyway 5/5 keep up the good work. This one will be added to my favorites.

that was one amazing game. Amazing how you got so much into such a small file size.

Overall, everything was pretty good. Quite enjoyable and still maintained a good level of difficulty.

There are a few things that could be improved:
- The arrow keys mapscroll I found was a bit bulky. Make the screen move in smaller intervals.
- I found the models quite small and insignificant. Perhaps a minor upgrade to that but still keeping the game speed in perspective.

9/10. Goodjob.

great gameplay :)
test it its not at hard as it looks i just jumped over the tutorial =D

Though I can count many a game alike to this. I gotta say The Space Game definitely masters all aspects of strategy for mining and base defense.

The Space Game alot like the title might describe is simple enough to learn but with enough complexity to keep it interesting. There wasn't a time later on during the campaign missions where I was left doing nothing. Plenty of action, plenty of strategy, plenty of fun!

Overall great work, well balanced and no bugs I can recall.

This Is Prolly The Best Rts Brower Game Out There. But It Would be nice If You added More Unit Types, More upgrades And Def Towers, More Modes, A sandBox Would Be Nice.... Other Then That GOOD JOB*Thumbs Up*

Loved the gameplay and the sci fi atmosphere. RTS games are my favorite. I would have liked to see more attack units though. Makes me want to play starcraft 2 really bad.

Reminds of Homeworld, very cool.

Next time perhaps you could add longer missions, and maybe instead of simply starting us with a solar station, give us some kind of base-ship with cooler upgrades, maybe even the ability to deploy fighter-bombers for defense.

Hell, just turn this into a Flash version of Homeworld and i'd love it :D

I could find no fault, wonderful graphics, great gameplay.

this is the nice game i play


Game Design is pretty nice! You should add infinite asteroids and allow to achiev upgrades for experienced players ;)

simply a great game ! Dont let you fool by the start of the tutorial. Its really short and easy. gameplay is awesome.

One of the most balanced games on NG =) good job
would love to see a sequal with more defence turrets and maybe some nice sound effects

Woww WOWww and WOWwww...this game was awesome...at one point i forgot it was flash-based...i didnt it give it a 10 because there were points where i couldnt stand against so many waves of enemies...you can cut some down toward the end missions...some things cost too much...if i could i would give it a 9.5/10 but sadly i cant...AWESOME ANYWAY...uncomparable to Starbaron because concepts are somewhat different

This seemingly simple but actually very in-depth game came from nowhere and gets you hooked before you know it. It takes the best from Harvest: Massive Encounter and Vector TD and the mix works far better than one could expect. Simple, smooth graphics, suiting music and sound, helpful tutorial, smooth learning curve and challenging bonus modes for endless fun - what more can you want? Definitely one of the best real-time strategy games built on the Flash platform so far.

Simply put, this is the best RTS I've ever played in flash. Keep up the good work.

When i first saw this game i thought that it will be another boring strategy, but when i started playing - i liked it from the first minute!
I have already played "Harvest massive encounter" but this game has much more interesting gameplay! By the way - graphics and music are good too!
Thanks for this game!

its a great game with a few flaws, ex: the thels cost too much, when u NEED them, u 1. cant afford them, or 2, consume so much energy u cant do anything! on the board where u just have to set up to defend and u have 3 min. to do so, i had 4 thels, maxed, 2 missiles, and i needed SIX fully upgraded solar stations, and 2 upgraded energy storages to keep them running, and i was STILL running out of energy! by the end of the brawl, 1 energy storage was completely drained and the other had only 1/4 of a bar left. explain the logic behind that. later on i cant even use them! by the time i can get one out, i have 3 motherships on me. 1 non upgraded thel can take down 3 of those.
despite this problem i managed to beat this game. all in all, not bad. 8/10 cause of that prob i had with the thels

By far the best game I have ever played (flash based).

Its even better than BartonStar. 10/10 5/5/

but the sandbox mode isnt what i want it to be not open enough

Kinda like a better version of Starbaron, and very fun gameplay. The only issue was a few minor tweaks (the repair bay and energy reserves become worht 0 to recycle after you upgrade them), and the final level was a bit insane with getting hit by the huge wave of missile ships, tehn suicides, and then o-rings. cut the number of missile ships in half, so the player is just finished mopping the last of them up when teh suicides hit, rather than dealing with both at 75% force or better. It's just too much to deal with, even if you're very well defended.

its simple, fun and entertaining!
the concept is great, the weapons are awesome, and its just an overall great game
especially with the speed choice, the ability to turn the miners off, and the energy relays
this really is a great game with no flaws that I can see
keep up the good work!
the only thing I'd like to see in a sequal is maybe a sheild that requires energy on the mines so you can have a few miners on the asteroids far from your base and not have to worry about it as much

Very challenging but fun to play! The animations are smooth and game play flows nicely. The concept of creating your own space installation, harvesting minerals and fighting off enemy ships was executed very well. I would like to see a sequel to this game :D Might be cool to include being able to construct on asteroids, once all the minerals have been mined from an asteroid you can fortify it with guns/energy relays etc? Also taking the repair ship concept, maybe one building could send out fighters that patrol a given area? Once again, great job.

It's a very fun game but making people to go to your website for the full version and trying to charge for the sandbox mode never goes over well here so next time if you are going to submit a game enter the full game and make sure it's free.

Seriously, that "survive 20 minutes" level puts Starcraft to shame.

Great game men! I'm playing it really hard and is really fun, long gameplay and stuff!
The only thing is, if you do a "free sequel", do the sprites for the units a little dunno, high res. or something more, complex. Other than that is great :)
Oh, btw i found a "glitch" on it.

Well, the glicth happened while i was playing the "mining" thing. (The mine X in low time, because as you take longer more enemies come up).
And the thing is that 3 Mother Ships arrivde, well one was attacking a Miner, then i was going to place a miner but the Mother ship started attacking the Miner that i was going to place on stage. I haded it selected so i was going to place it but the Mother ship followed it to wherever it went. So this maked Mother Ships really easy to take. I just did this same thing over and over with them and i got 0 damage from them :).
I could upload a video for this if you want me to, pm or something. Thats it.

Great game :)

There really is a need for you to be strategic. I would love to see sequels to this and a little bit more. Better graphics and more controllable units would be a great addition. I could already think of a storyline for you if you want any help in developing the sequel to it. You've got something special here and people would certainly like it, no - love it.

The motion and playability was incredible, I liked how it had strategy, and that it was easy to get into.

It's really fun. But by the end of the third level I felt winded. I'm giving it a nine to keep you in check.

I feel adicted to it.

I couldnt get past the level with all of the motherships!! But it was a great game. Good job.

I love that there is a hint of strategy and action and plenty of units but it was hard to build more generators when you need more minerals!!!

man i got to tell you this is probly the best free RTS game i have ever played its in depth its got hours of gameplay and its in space so it instantly gets a five!!!

u got to make a sequel!!!!!!

honestly going into this i was thinking "wow, another conquer everything and set up cannons against AI's" but came out thinking "that was really fun".
i would have played this for hours if my feet hadnt fallen assleep. this is probably my favorite conquest style game ever (not countin age of empires/Mythology)

always die with around 8-9 minutes to go, and can only assume it gets harder from there, great game tho, been playing for 3 hours solid, if you make a sequel, make the o-ring ships a bit less powerful, oh, and make it so you can create ships of your own.

Looks like a lot of work went into this, and it payed off, but i think there is a problem with the minerals, you dont get what is says you are getting.

dude. tht was really good. but i dont like how u made the enemies tiny, but otherwise good job! : }

that was really good. reminded me of EVE online.

red ships: 4 to 7 basic turrets will take out 40 ships easy.

green ships: probably one of the easiest fleets to kill. a cluster of basic turrets will not only kill the green ships, but their missle as well, leaving them without an offense. easy picking.

Yellow ships: in my opinion, 2nd worst in the entire game. their shield destroy missles, so missle turrets are out of the question. basic turrets are your best bet. build them in clusters; THICK clusters.

Grey ships: weak, but good in numbers. Build thick walls of basic turrets to crush any chance of survivors. They might tear a hole in the wall, but theyll flock to finish off the rest of the wall instead of running into your inner undefended base.

motherships: hardest ship ever, but simplest tactic. build missle turrets behind your thick wall of basic turrets. 4 or 5 will suffice for 3 or 4 motherships. build energy relays out in the middle of nowhere in clusters to keep them at bay while your missile turrets take them out bit by bit. (rebuild the energy relays if they are almost gone)

build energy relays expanding into a cluster of asteroids, then build a solar post there. mass miners around the asteroids. repeat until you see your first threat. at this point, you should have no defensive posts at all. energy relay out a few points and cluster basic turrets into a tree shape. then make the tree a branch, repeat, and so on. after a few waves, youll have areas of defense around your base, but not around a few spots. reinforce these areas and keep your basic turret walls to a thickness of an inch (if youre zoomed in all the way). one your inner mineral deposits run out, its going to be hard, but recycle anything you dont need (useless miners, extra turrets (if needed), and sit back and watch the fireworks. by this time, the round is either over or almost over. if its almost over, theres no need to worry. the time limit will end before they destryo your entire base.

this game has everything you could want. the only thing i'd add would be a mode where you can be pirates and computer acts as miners.

here's my hint list:
%u2022 profit profit profit - even if that means using more than one miner on one asteroid. so long as you profit, youll beat most missions (since requirement is only to mind half of the board)
%u2022 energy sucks in beginning, so that needs upgrades right away. dont build energy storage until you have two solar stations
%u2022 use basic lasers to take out ring ships (without upgrade)
%u2022 missile launcher fully upgraded can beat most swarms in the beginning boards
%u2022 finally, dont forget about them repair units --- get more than one of them when you can, cuz that'll guarantee you distractions from enemy fire AND better repairs

i read many complaints about the last board. the trick for the last board is simple:
dont upgrade the basic lasers. they do 30 dmg per shot at low level and use hardly any energy. you'll need to wait til swarm comes, then concentrade basic lasers in that path. they'll make short work of even strong ring armies. also, get missile launcher and upgrade as soon as the first wave of rings are gone. you'll need fully powered missile launcher to take out those motherships!

basically, keep this going over and over. keep in mind that money will get tight later in game, so sell lasers that arent in path of swarms and concentrate that on upgrades for missile launcher OR more lasers in the path of the oncomng enemies.

that'll wipe out the enemies and take you to the end.

game was brilliant in every way! gameplay: addicting, music: sweet!

Wow... when I looked at this game i thought it would be another boring space game some idiot made in an evening. But playing this i can see you must have put a LOT of effort into this. The balance between mineral gathering and fighting off priates is well done, and the interdependancy is noticable (like when i forget to recycle my dead gatherers and i get hoarded). A great game i will bookmark and keep close!

Thing to add: More guns. More types of pulsers and missile launchers.
Many more upgrade paths for everything.

Things to change: Make the energy storage boost a bit smaller, a 250 or so boost is waay too much for only 300 minerals. Thats all!


and its so much fun!!! great game!

What more can i say, this one is almost to the same level of a professionally made game. sure graphics and such are not the same but still its fun and addicting and if a game can get me to stay glued to the compy screen, then its enough to get a 10 out of me!

i didnt like the waiting part much but it was fun,

I played this game for 3 hours on end... It was so addicting! It was amazing! Please make another just like it!

come rarley. VERY NICE GAME. though the only complaint is to add more structures such as more lazers and missle launchers. also another way to get energy. but thats just my opinion. 10/10 5/5 :]]]

i started making a game like this once, but i gave up because of the amount of work envoloved. Great job putting this thing together it must have took ages... ohh one thing, when you build a laser tower some ringships attack it before it is placed on the board, 'when it is still in drag mode'... it draws fire and when you build it, it immediately blows up...

great game, lots of different modes of play makes it really fun..

It's a pretty cool game, I like it a lot. The motherships seem a bit imbalanced imo, everything else about it was great. 8/10

I have an improvement blurb to say i think you should definetly add the capability in the second game if you make one. Very well done great game

there is one problem why does it say that I am getting 2400 minerals per minute it goes up by 10 a second insted of 40?

It's one of those games that is really really good, but the starting levels are too hard. If there was more of a difficulty curve, it would be more fun.

While it relies on several basic Ideas from different Genres, the way their combined creates an awsome and original game. While the storyline was good, the survival and bonus modes are what really made this a cool game, allowing play to continue well after the game is beaten. My only suggestions would be an increase in storyline missions and more stratigic depth to base construction.

This is a great and addicting game. Props 2 U Man, Props 2 U
As Borat would say "Very nice, Great sucess"

cant believe it didnt make front page.

whats a cc and whats about this upgraded version? good game ne way

I apologize in advance for the wall of text, but I prefer to give more than a sentence or two for my ratings.

Overall it was an excellent game; the AI was tough but not extremely so, it was well balanced, and it actually required me to think on the last few levels, rather than just spam a single tower all over the place. The graphics, while not astounding, were well done, and also ensure that it will run fine on just about any computer, especially considering how many enemies can be attacking at once. Ordinarily, this would easily rate a 10.

The main reason why it isn't getting one is due to it's striking similarity to another game I currently play, Harvest: Massive Encounter. At first glance I thought that your game was simply a Flash version of it, but after playing for a while the differences came out. Unfortunately, I really didn't see enough of a difference to justify giving it a top score; changing only a few things, however good those changes are, doesn't make it significantly different.

I applaud your efforts, however, as I know from experience how hard and time-consuming programming something like this can be. Just as a tip however, and I mean no offense by this, try to differentiate from existing games more in the future. The changes and additions I saw were good, but in my opinion, not enough.

Really fun game, but it isnt that hard till the last level which is pretty crazy insane hard

This space game is spacetastic with lots of space for spacious spaceicity. No space for no-spacers. I used space 31 times in this review!

reallly good dam i most fiish game yeahhh :DDD

is sad i cant save ohhh :(

I beat every level on the first try, but then I reached the last level... wtf?? I've tried to expand quickly, expand slowly, build lots of defense, missiles, etc etc etc and still end up dying like hell (specially because of those o-rings)

Any suggestions??

NICE work. In a word...KICKASS! Okay, technically two, but this deserves the once-a-review rule of word combination, Like fantabulous or amazeriffic. Never boring, good challenge, and and great balance, if you THINK your way through the missions, you'll survive. Well done, you get 10 stars, a 5 vote, and im adding you as a fave author and a fave game. :)

It's a pretty good RTS style game. I had lots of laughs watching hundreds of little pirates fly into my laser defense grid.

phenomenal game in every sense, constructive criticism none, absolutely brilliant

but at times the game was too easy.

I cant stop playing!!!!

Dude this game is freaking awsome

wasn't amazing but was good, just took sometime to get into blah blah but yh npt bad

Unlike what voter96 said below me, It doesnt get boring at all. It is very well put together and something that could be most definitely go on to become a classic! Keep up the great work!!

All my starts belong to this game!
Did not get boring at all, great music to go with the battles and stuff.
Grapphix where also very good. and also nice there where multiple game modes.
When i started playing i thought is whas like that startrek game.. you know. Well annyway, Good game!. =D

I wasn't expecting those mother ships..they obliterated my whole base from a mile away.

This game is just so cool! I'm definitely adding this one to my favorites. ^~^

The AI was perfect. The controls left absolutely nothing to be desired. The graphics were stunning. And the music fit the mood in every way. 10/10 no question.

great game. very well made. good music. great concept. wish there weren't such a large amount of pirates at once.

i adore it^^

the graphics were excellent, the gameplay was good, but it is incredibly dull. it would get VERY boring VERY quickly. if you going to make a game like this, test play it, or better yet get someone to test it for you. that way you KNOW if it would get boring quickly.
but you must have worked very hard on this.
but 4/5.

fantastic game just i dont know how to get past the first encounter with the mother ships ive tried almost every wepon i can buy and upgrade i just cant do. It if anyone has a stratergy plz mail me !!!i need to know!!! -,..,-

great game could just use some better graphics and mybe build your own ships?

This game is made perfectly! I could play on this game like any other pc game!

Just enough things to keep you interested without being overwhelming. I found some levels quite difficult.

Music/sounds good. Nice idea. Executed very well. Nice graphics. Tutorial gets you moving quickly. Such a bland name for a nice game though. Glad I stumbled across it! 10/10

I finished all the story levels in one sitting. Great game, seems simple but really drags you in. I liked the "horde" feeling to it.

I cant wait to see this on the front page, the miner levels where a little easy...
I beat the swarmer level without ever engaging in combat.

Great game! A few things: The last level seemed too hard compared to the previous levels. I definitely like the mine levels better than the timed levels. Ring ships seemed way too powerful even when you had lots of thels. The energy connetion code was buggy and a lot of times when I was working backward from mine back to the energy source the energy wouldn't get linked up and I've had to delete the whole chain and build it back in the "right" direction from the energy to the mines.


And possibly one of the funniest descriptions I've ever read. I really like how simple yet addicting it is. I would write a longer review but I have to be going now, however I might tomorrow. I really liked it and look forward to your future entries.


Anyone that can create such a high quality Flash RTS is amazing. You, sir, are therefore amazing. I'm not one for RTS, but hey, it's still fun. Well done!

This reminds me a lot of an old Atari ST game whose name i have long forgotten. Only went through the first four levels and i can imagine it getting repetitive in the long run, but nevertheless a great game which has plenty of room for a sequel.

Great stuff!

great concept, and wonderful execution!


good stuff, but more of a long game i like short fun thingie goes booom and stuff. this game has potential but i feel like i cant really review this 100% because of the time it takes to really play it throughly. all in all good stuff

this game just isnt for me

I actually like it :)

but better, the flash version is way faster and the graphicks are nicer. Nicely done!!!!

A few more upgrades and weapon types will make this ga e really great. nice graphics!

This game is great. Nice Graphics, nice gameplay nice sounds but theres one bug with the preloader! the first time i wanted to play it, the preloader did load the game 3 times and then nothing.

This is great!

How are the animations supposed to compete against this?

Ha ha ha I take my hat off to you.

This game was REALLY fun. The interaction of each part was creative, even how the pulse lasers can shoot the enemies' missiles. Great job and good luck on any others you might make in the future.

You're a Good Programmer. You deserve a reward! Too bad I can't give you one. Good Graphics, Smooth Gameplay, AND It's an RTS, So 10/10 & 5/5 From me!

Dude, I love this game so much!

It could use a few small improvements but for the most part it's very epic.

Nice graphics, good story, and wicked gameplay!


It's a really fine game!! I love it!!

incredible game, difficult but great. nice graphics and good design, i loved that video!! the gameplay is a bit confusing, maybe because of that "energy relays", but that doesn't matter.


this game is amazing! ive played a simalar game but thats a game u gotta pay 4 but anyways great game, great graphics possibly one of the best free online games of all time! good job keep up the good work!

This game made me feel stupid.

It's not the most user friendly.

But is was a well made game.

great gamme...a little difficult but we could definately see more upgrades and more weapon choices and maybe throw in a sandbox mode. just a free for all choosing when what and how many enemies attack you and how big of a feild your in giving you in theroy limitless resources. could be cool

I was pretty engrossed with it. The graphics are nice, not the greatest, but nice. It's just incredibly addicting! I kept wanting to finish the missions and go onto the next one. It does need more weapon types and upgrades though.

I like this game, very fun indeed! I was sitting here for the longest time like: OMG SO FUN... Hehe, yeah I'm addicted to it, that must mean something right? Maybe adding some more upgrades and stuff would make it even better :O. But I'm fine what with it has right now it is great.

great game but confusing!

Amazing game with such good imagination and graphics. i enjoyed it alot. 10/10 5/5!

I only had time for the tutorial, and it is still awesome, excellent game!


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4.31 / 5.00