Chandler the robot

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Hi guys,

this is a one week school project i had,
it has huge lack of sound effects, because we dindt had so much time to create theese movies,
anyways, my teachers pretty much liked the movie.

as you see im inspired by Wall-E and because im addicted to coca-cola, i made a movie with a robot looking for a coca cola :D, hope you enjoy


At first...

I thought this movie was going to make fun of WALL-E and would have forced me to flame SEVERELY!!! But, it turns out, it's just another flash animation INSPIRED by it. Which is cool. Animation wasn't the best, but that's understandable seeing since you only had a week to do this. Chandler sounded like a baby XD. And I can see why he wanted Coke, so it would color eveything so the world wouldn't be bleask and gray! All in all, I give it a 7 for my love for the movie WALL-E, (being it my FAVORITE movie) and that I also love Coke. So, instead of the 0, then the 6 I was going to give you, I've decided to go with 8. Ovarrated I know but still I love WALL-E and Coca Cola, so I'm gonna overrate it. Oh and a 5 for the other thing on the left.

Very sweet

I love Wall.E and I really like this new Wall.E. I find it a bit weird to think that the only thing that can make him happy is coke, but he is just so adorable and this cartoon is very well-made for a "one week school project." Keep going, maybe there could be a sequel!?


At the end when he finds the coke you could have added some sort of triumphant upbeat music to liven the whole thing up.

sNaPi responds:

yeah i know, but i only got a week to do this, in school, thats why it has a huge lack of sounds. :/ but well, i will try to do this more often in my spare time. :D


I luv this!! His voice is sooooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!

Whodoes the voice of the robot anyway

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sNaPi responds:

a baby named chandler :D


i like the animation but, pepsi is better

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Feb 15, 2009
5:41 PM EST