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SMB: The Mushroom Hero 2

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Metal Mario's next target is Hyrule! Can Link stop him?

This is part two of the Prelude to Terror saga of my Super Mario Bros. series. While the setting does move to Hyrule, this is the only saga that shows other kingdoms besides the Mushroom Kingdom. The rest of the sagas will be for Mario characters only. The movie is a little longer than the first and lasts about 3-4 minutes. There's a little bit more action in this one, and I tried to increase the sound quality a little bit. The menu works the same way as last time: click on the icons, not the words. Press space to advance dialogue. Enjoy!

Also, I have no intention of turning this into a crossover. Link will be involved in Mario's first adventure, and that's it. SMBZ is what it is, and I couldn't compare to it no matter how hard I tried. And if you hate sprite films... well... too bad. =P I can't draw for my life.

I'm going to try and make the next episode alot longer with more plot, so it's probably going to take longer than the first two. So if nothing comes up within the next month or two, you know why.

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This ep have some fails in the scenary, but in for me this still good

just a comment, what happened to toadstoal? or what's his name, you know the guy/mushroom on the ground in the first episode?

Good stuff

This was a great follow up episode,the story got a little more interesting with the involvement of Link also the fight between Link & Metal Mario was awesome,overall this was a great second episode and i will go check out episode three now. =)

well at least..

you don't use any piece of crap (like that orangemeat <or is it Meat orange or Orange hamburger i forget> he uses Jesus (With an edited head) and use a handjob and bad artwork and(if you can tell newgrounds founder)Make sperm all over the monitor at newgrounds homepage and an idiot fight


Like I Said Its Good but you just need to make it longer