Stick Challenge

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A Short Adventure Game!!


Fine, I guess

It's fun and all, but needs at least some sound in it, and dying should restart the level, not the game (or just add lives).
Also, make it longer, as this was extremely short.

Stickmaniac responds:

As in my Authors Comments. "A Short Adventure Game!!"

Potential to be ridiculously epic.

I'm sure you know you have to put music to this. %u266A
With a story, this can be more epic than it shows...Hehe. A lone stickman against...erm. ...Nevermind.
But especially with the Greek columns at the last level. The dynamite was REALLY well done and surprising to even be in the game. It makes it seem that the stickman is trapped in some bright and cheerful world when he wants to get back to reality...
And he is trapped in some Greek dungeon. ...Awesome.
Graphics fit perfectly...although scenery would always be nice.
Going back to the start adds...artifical length to the game, I guess. Level 2's key backtracking makes it by far the hardest level, especially due to no long land stretch cushioning you from endless abyss.
I definitely think you should make a sequel...:D

Stickmaniac responds:

I have many, many ideas to make this game longer and better.

I thought it was good but...

...would like to see some further developments.

-More interesting graphics
-Bigger variety of enemies

Still, a great game :)

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I liked the animation of the dude and how he ran and yes I agree with Routanne it was addictive you should just add sound and it would be flipping awesome!

it was. . . . .

wow maybe make it harder and a bit more fun?
not really that creative and it was made very simple.
so it could use some more work,

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3.08 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2009
2:33 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle