Electric Drawing: UE

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Hi guyz! Note: You need the latest version of Flash Player (10) for some features (if not all) of this Flash.

** Electric Drawing: Ultimate Edition **

This is another useless creation and the 4th (and final) in what has to be the most unwanted 'series' in the world. I promise this is the last one, there's nothing more I could squeeze out of it I'm sure. I've completely rewritten everything (again) and the most important feature is.. dundundun... saving and loading (no wai!). You can save your drawing to a jpg and also to an "edf" format which can also be loaded by the Flash so you can see the creation in all it's shaky glory. If you want to send a drawing to a friend simply send them the .edf file of your drawing and a link to the flash and they can load it easily :) You can also use my websites uploader to upload the edf files and then just paste the URL of that file (ex: http://www.liammacdonald.
co.uk/Uploader/files/Hell o490224.edf) into the Load file name area, that will work just as well!

Please leave feedback if you have any, I do enjoy it.

** Note: Not to beg but I'd really appreciate reccomendations to the gadget section :p <3 **

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the only thing that made me not give you a 10 was the lack of an "UNDO" button that undoes the last line up to 3 lines ago, kind of like ms paint

Very good! but...

Why the black color?

Not bad

But i see bester games. But the work of you in this are awesome.
A good good game

umm something ive noticed

umm ive noticed unlike 3 this one when u change the intensity it changes them all idk i like to have certain lines intens and some not but this ver sems to not be able to do that other then that i love it


I really enojoy playing with this little electronic drawing gadget(: It's interesting how you can tweak it and change little things. I also like the background which is black. Most drawing programs (i.e. windows paint) the background is white. All in all, I love this game(:

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4.55 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2009
11:43 AM EST
Gadgets - Other