Super Mafia Land

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Run, jump, and throw your way across a land of mobsters. Not quite sure why they are there, but all they know is that trouble is afoot and they're here to save the day. Use your mafia friends to fight across three sprawling stages. Toss your enemies and use local vegetation in defense. Collect fruit to heal and spend in the bonus round! Save the world in the only way you know how... well you'll see.

Inspired by Super Mario Bros 2, we love this game to death and could not have honoured it in any other way.

Developed by Armor Games
Art by BoMToons - Programming by jmtb02
<---Music by many, check them out. Special shoutout to Kevin Macleod for his great off-Newgrounds work.
Props to Swain for his luscious terrific voice

Arrow Keys to move.
Up Key to Climb and Jump.
Down Key to Power Jump and duck.
A Key to pick up and run.



looks like you put some time into this. the ppl who wrote bad themes are lamers who cant appreciate a good mario remake fuggm

Well made

a little boring though, not enough mafia references

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good game... nice tribute

although it could be more maphia like, it was well animated and good.

It was.....okay, kind of

But I expected a mario game with more mafia references with it, not that I wanted a mario game with guns and stuff, that'll just ruin it,I am the first reviewer that dosen't like the music (just saying),the game was too slow paced, and what's with the turnips, you can still have that but what happened to jumping on your opponents, that is, I think what made mario cool, I mean you can jump on them in this game but you just stand on them, that sucks, why did the characters walk so slowly, and what's with the half assed "mafia theme", so they're wearing the clothes, couldn't you have made everything like that, the levels could have looked like Sicily and the opponents could have looked like mobsters and police, come on you just stuck a mafia character into a mario setting without the ability to eliminate the opponent by jumping on them just throwing turnips and bombs that when you, before you pull them out can't tell which is which, but hey thanks for butchering both themes

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Great Adaptation

I can't believe people wrote bad reviews. Yes, it says super mafia land but it is obviously a mario spoof. It wouldn't be natural for mario/giuseppe to submachine gun shy guys to death.
Yes, maria is supposed to float... just like peach did in SMB 2... where they pulled turnips from the ground to throw at enemies.
I do agree about the lack of saves being annoying and the game is kind of easy. However, this is a great game that deserves more credit than a 3.81 score and a front page of bad reviews.

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2009
4:29 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop