Happy Birthday Beautiful

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UPDATE!!!! So for some reason the audio is always perfectly in sync on my computer, and once I upload it to Newgrounds, it gets all jacked up. Have no idea why. So the end of this is totally out of sync. Sorry bout that, but I keep trying to mess w/it and I can get parts to be, and then others fall out of sync. It's like it plays at different speeds as a .swf on my desktop vs. streamed from the net. >-< !!

Last March (when my flash skills were still elementary), I was out of town on my girlfriends birthday and so that morning I decided it would be fun to write a song about her and animate it. She's in school for interior design, and unlike the decorating HGTV stuff that some people THINK it is, it has to do with architecture and building materials etc. I had a black pom dog named Joshua at the time as well. I'm only telling you this so you'll get the inside jokes. This more or less was done in a matter of hours so the little slip-ups are there simply from lack of time. Also, the song was tracked in one take, so there's a line about the countries of Europe, but I said coun"try", as if Europe was a single country. Yeah...realized that the next day. Oops. Anyways, I found this in a random place on my PC and thought I'd post it for fun. Hope you like this rapidly made fun animation cuz it was pretty fun to make. :D



Great birthday flash, probaly the best I've seen, especially considering the original song, well sung and played. Visuals could've used backgrounds at times, but still, this was pretty great for a birthday flash

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Feb 14, 2009
2:22 AM EST