2009 ? ~Chapter Two~

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Yeah yeah, the T.V is just a T.V don't even remember that shit.

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In some ways it is improved from chapter one and in other ways it hasn't for example, the graphics here seem a bit better, and the parts with text seem more well designed and professional than in chapter 1, However, the tiny size of the game screen for chapter two is a MAJOR drawback I think, not just because everything is smaller which can bother people, but because visually a larger screen area seems to be more stimulating especially in games. Your graphics were pretty strong overall though, which is good, and good choice of soundtrack as well. Gameplay was interesting, but may have been a little too linear for some players, so maybe on chapter three give players more options to wander around to look for things which makes the game more challenging. I have to admit though for how linear it was you did a good job of adding a bunch of cool details along the way that made the game enjoyable.


this game pretty short i mean only like 4 rooms to go through and your done? i mean make it a little bit longer. i beat this game in at least 3 minutes. I mean this game would have been a "decent" point and click adventure if you have added4-5 more rooms or make the combat scene with the ghost more dramatic or make more ghosts in the game other than that it was okay. Probably a pause screen would come in handy to look through the notes you have collected instead of copying them down in real life. If this game was longer probably would have given it a better score...

Call 5882357

It told me to write it down but I never needed it

Well its ok

its kinda hard to understand the game if u could put some indication or map that would be apreciated lol XD nice game thought

DevintheDinosaur responds:

Thanks, a map... good idea...

Thanks for the review :D

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3.63 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2009
9:15 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click