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Colour my Heart

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Happy Valentines Day!
NOTE! This is not a "hardcore gaming experience"...its just simple and more artistic, so please don't get upset about this...
SUPER NOTE! Please See Edits Below!
Explore the monochromed world of B&W searching for your special emotions...

This was something I have been making over the past week, spending many hours on it. This game can be beaten in less than a minute, but then if you do that, you miss out on exploring the intricate world. Use arrows to move. There are many little hidden things in the world that can be interacted with, simply find them and click them, and in a few cases, you must do this to continue your journey.

The game is rather graphic intensive, despite its purposeful sketchy appearance. Reduce quality in the context (Right-Click) menu.

Anyways, happy Valentines Day!
(Oh, in Australia, we spell it Colour, its not a typo...)

EDIT// When you get to the Barrier, turn on the power, just in case you get stuck.
EDIT// Front-page and Collections!?! =D <3 You all!
EDIT// Score >4! and >9! AND >100k views! Thx! -^,,^-
SUPEREDIT!// WOW! Im really thrilled about the responses from all of you! Thank-you SO MUCH for all your great responses! I do read all of the reviews, but can no longer reply to all of them...I did update some things as requested by users. Oh, and PLEASE NOTE! To get past the barrier on the large vent, follow the cable and flip the switch by clicking it! Thanks. =)
-Removed a glitch in the ending scene.
-REMOVED LAG! (thanks Juice-Tin). The lag is now GREATLY reduced, so enjoi a much more free-flowing game!
-Increased jump height to make the pillar hoping easier (as requested).



OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME. Now, seriously, the scenery is so simple yet detailed, with those tiny windows and switches, the message in the end is lovely, but the best part for me is definitely the music. THIS. MUSIC. IS. ARRGHGRHRG I DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS

i probably told you this in some other review,but you truly never cease to amaze me.a simple yet beautiful game that tells a story even through all it's simplicity

This game is Simply Beautiful... I Colorless man wandering around a Colorless world looking for the girl that will make his life Colorfull... Simply Amazing...

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I now this game since you made it in 2009, it's been over 3 years, it still play it when I'm feeling down, and it still makes me cry.

The whole serie is amasing, and I mean it

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4.33 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2009
8:30 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other