The College Years 19

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Episode 19: R.A.

This one is based on a true story. I did try to become an RA and didn't pass the first part of the interviewing process, which has three parts to it you'll see here. It's pretty accurate except for the second test, I made that up. This is a bit short but I like it. The twist at the end is also true.

I hope you enjoy it.

Season Finale next Friday

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i thought this was interessting and cool, the animation was ok, and the voice acting was ok (im not gonna say much on that as my movies arent any better xd) and the graphics were above average, and i liked the intro song, good work!

RandomFilms responds:

Yeah, most of the voice work was done by me, either because the persion it was based on either wasn't available or sucked and a voice acting club doesn't always seem interested in anything I've posted. I really hate doing all the voices. It's much better to get variations. Plus I really start to hate how my voice sounds.

And I take no credit for the theme song, I just made it shorter

Also, doesn't matter if your isn't any better. Since when has personal talent stopped anyone from blasting another's work?


Ah so I went through all of them. Yea, I was pretty bored.
Man, these sound like my old friends. Good times. I really like this series. And I can see major improvement from the beginning.
** I'd say take your time and make them longer and more detailed.
** I can't stand the intro song. It's unbelievably loud and the dialogue is very quiet. You can easily edit the song and turn it down.
** Bring back the subtitles. Yea I know some bitched. If you take 3 minutes to go over the spelling, it won't kill you lol. Plus the audio is distorted sometimes, so it helps to read it quickly.

Keep it up!

RandomFilms responds:

Wow, you must have been REALLY bored.

** I wanted the second season to be shorter, I'm in my last semester and I basically just want to finish these stories before I graduated so I wanted to make them faster. Sure I lose quality but I'd rather have a finished story rather than a half completed project I just give up on.
**I tried my best with optimizing the sound, I'll try lowering the sound on the theme in 21
**You're the only person who actually wanted them. Really it doesn't matter how many times I go over it I'll miss a ton. Spelling as always been a weakness of mine. If you get adobe to add spell checker in flash I may reconsider. But for now it just doesn't seem worth the effort.

But thanks for the support


Not that great. The 3 is for effort and attempt at style. I didn't find it to be funny in the least. Also I hope you dont wear a superman shirt to college man, I just see you as one of those weird little shits from my college who LARPed and hid away from the real college scene. The animations need to be more fluid, the jokes more thought out, and the character and dialogues more natural. Thats my two cents.
(there are 19 of these???)

RandomFilms responds:

And how did you get "LARP" from a shirt? And also what does have to do with anything? You assume I don't know the "college scene" because of a shirt that happens to be based on a superman design? Even though I said this based on a true story. Yeah I'm sorry your "two cents" is basically worthless considering you inherently mess up sense of relations and a very angry out look to those who either enjoy a different lifestyle or anything connection with the "geek culture".

Did your head explode when The Dark Knight made 500 billion dollars, thus signaling that the world is mainly made up of pimply-faced, fat, dungeon masters? Because that's TOTALLY what that means.

Was Ok

Its ok ... but the animation could be better.

RandomFilms responds:

Yeah I know

It was all right

Not that great... Your animation could be a little more fluid. I did like it, though. It was kind of funny.

RandomFilms responds:

Yeah, seems to be the big complaint I get. It apart of the trade on wanting this story faster rather than better.

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Feb 13, 2009
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